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The last eleven days have been a lot. Wyatt had three brain surgeries within seven days, with lots of recovering in between. He is sitting here now eating breakfast and talking like the chatterbox that he is, and I couldn’t be happier to hear it. I posted about his surgeries here and here if you want to read about this amazing kid of mine.


I am reading The House in the Cerulean Sea, although admittedly I haven’t had much opportunity to read lately. What I have read so far though I love. I am also reading The Wild Robot to Wyatt at night before bed.


Hello March!

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Wednesday (I think) Coffee Catch Up

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Wednesday (I think) Coffee Catch Up – Part 2


Not a lot. Billy and I haven’t been able to concentrate well lately so we are rewatching When Calls the Heart. It is just a really easy show to watch. Before the surgeries we had started Ted Lasso though and were loving it!

And that is it from our corner of the world! How is it going in your world?


40 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Three surgeries in seven days is a lot. I’m glad that Wyatt is recovering well from these. Talking up a storm is always a good sign!

    I know you haven’t had time to do much besides focus on your son. Sending good thoughts and prayers for Wyatt and your family.

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      1. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. And they never could tell me what was wrong with him. He finally just got better, without the drs. helpbut with a ton of praying!

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  2. Literary Feline

    I am so glad to hear Wyatt’s surgeries went well and he is doing better. I hope that continues to be the case! I can only imagine how frightening this all has been for you all.

    The House in the Cerulean Sea sounds so good! I have heard such good things about Klune’s books and hope to read them.

    I hope you have a good week! Take care.

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    1. Thank you. This has been extremely stressful and scary! But Wyatt is a wonder, and is doing better and better every day.

      I know! That is how I feel too. I have heard so much about Klune and I am glad I am finally getting to his books. I am enjoying Cerulean Sea so far!


  3. joyweesemoll

    Wow! That was a lot. I’m glad Wyatt is back on the mend and I’m sending him and you all the best wishes.

    My comfort show is Call the Midwife — which probably wouldn’t work for everyone. Watching strong women care for strong women works really well for me.

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  4. I hope Wyatt continues to improve every day. I really hope you and Billy can begin to wind down from such a traumatic time soon. I cannot begin to imagine your feelings. As for comfort shows, it would probably be a baking show because you just have to glance up every once in a while and at the end to see the finished product!

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    1. Thank you Marsha. It’s been intense. Wyatt is pretty much back to Wyatt but I am so jumpy and nerved up most of the time right now.

      And oh yes!! The British Baking Show is another one of my comfort shows!! I don’t watch many others but that one is a definite cozy hug.


  5. Oh my. Three brain surgeries in seven day! Bless your heart. I can’t imagine how stressful that would be as a mom. I’m happy to hear that Wyatt is awake and chattering away. It must be music to your ears.

    The House in the Cerulean Sea seems like the perfect read for a time like this. I described it to someone as a hug. I hope Wyatt continues to make good progress!

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    1. It is. While we were in the hospital and he was so still and quiet it was so hard, because he is a constant chatterbox, and so loud normally. It was terrifying. So I am happy to hear him!

      It is absolutely the perfect book right now! The book I needed. I love little Theodore!


  6. After the last week you and your family has had you need to do some rewatching and hiding under blankets! Between all the stress and people that’s just too much. I’m so glad Wyatt is doing better and hope you are all getting lots of rest and gentle days.

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