Wednesday (I think?) Coffee Catch Up

One thing about Wyatt – he keeps us on our toes. Saturday night he started throwing up, one thing that strikes fear in my heart instantly. It is a huge sign for us that Wyatt’s VP shunt has malfunctioned, and while he could just be normal kid throwing up we can’t blow it off or take it lightly. We have a three time rule – after three times we go to the ER. So, at 2 am on Sunday morning, we found ourselves en route with a little boy who did not feel good at all. We spent at least 12 hours in the ER which was in itself difficult. At least the Children’s Hospital ER has private rooms for all patients which makes it easier but still, my son was uncomfortable and miserable.

While in the ER they did a LOT of tests. One of the first things they do is a set of X-Rays and a CT scan, and they got right on that. The results showed a slight enlargement in the ventricles of Wyatt’s brain, but not anything to definitively say, “Let’s go to surgery”. So, we were in a waiting game. They admitted us for overnight observation, and to get a new CT in the am to compare to the Sunday morning one. They said 24 hours would give us what we needed and they were 100% correct. The next morning they got him down to CT first thing, then ten minutes later his doctor was flying in the door saying it was go time. And it was seriously go time. Our nurse for the day got Wyatt all ready and cleaned up and boom, we were on the way down to pre-op. My family at home receiving texts could not believe how quickly it all happened when it was time. The procedure took about an hour or so and then we got to see our sweet boy in post-op. Apparently he wakes up pretty feisty! Then they gave him morphine and it knocked him out, again and we were up to the room in no time at all.

He did fairly well throughout the day, sleeping for most of it as expected. He had a good night sleeping (and so did Billy) – I however found myself curled up like a cat at the foot of Wyatt’s bed, within arm’s reach if he needed anything. He wanted me to sleep next to him but I couldn’t see his monitors so once he fell asleep I moved to the foot instead to keep an eye on him and catch little cat naps here and there. I was up most of the night, but in the morning when he showed a big improvement I traded spots with Billy and absolutely passed out for an hour. I think I had been running on anxiety and adrenaline for 72 hours and I finally relaxed enough to fall asleep! When I woke up the doctors were on their way to see us and we got the all clear to go home.

Our doctors and nursing staff were absolutely amazing. Wyatt’s surgeon was the most compassionate surgeon I have ever met, as was his nurse Simon. Seriously. Before we went down to surgery I asked the doctor if I could give Wyatt a kiss and the doctor, put his arm around me and said “Every day for the rest of his life, all the time, anytime. Always.” Both the doctor and Simon were the kindest people, and I could not be more thankful. They were wonderful with Wyatt, and patient with me. And Wyatt was so funny. He was having a strong reaction to the anesthesia and narcotics they gave him so they set a little oxygen tube thing by him, which my respiratory therapist friend told me is called “blow by”. She said that they do that when patients have a reaction to the drugs but not anything “wrong” with them respiratory wise. However, Wyatt also really loved playing with so they left him to it and even let him bring it home. Lol.

We are home now as the hospital feels that kids do their best healing at home, and we have some ways to go for recovery but he is feeling ok. Singing and dancing and laughing, being silly like Wyatt is. He is a little more tired than usual but the kid has been through the works the last few days! We are accepting all prayers and good vibes for little man at this time.

Much love everyone –



26 thoughts on “Wednesday (I think?) Coffee Catch Up

  1. It’s always awful with the kids, even if they can get the help that they need right away. I am glad the doctors and staff were amazing – they definitely do make all the difference! I will say a prayer for all of you!

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  2. Oh, I knew as soon as I read the words throwing up where this was going. My oldest son’s godmother’s daughter was hydrocephalic at birth. She was always so vigilant about the throwing up and would rush her daughter to the ER as soon as possible because she was a single mother by that time. I’m so glad you had this surgeon and Simon to help you through this. I love that “Every day for the rest of his life, all the time, anytime. Always.” This man has a heart for children and parents.

    I hope you are all well on the way to recovery and have had lots of time to rest. Sending you prayers and virtual hugs…

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    1. Ah so you do know this drill!! Wyatt has hydrocephalus as well, I actually just never mention it because for the most part it is a non-issue. Until it is! That doctor was amazing. Seriously. I told Billy I might have a wee crush on him for being so kind and for making my son better. LOL. Billy said it was ok, he did too. And Simon too, honestly, he was so very kind and patient with all of my questions.

      Thanks Marsha. I probably won’t relax for a month but I am trying!


  3. Oh Erin, I can’t even imagine the terror you and Billy felt when this happened and I am so grateful you were able to recognize the signs and get there pronto. Having a wonderful medical team had to be a comfort and they sound great. I am so grateful for what you were able to see and act fast and that Wyatt has come through it all right. So grateful.

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  4. Oh, my goodness. My first thought was norovirus, which is everywhere right now. I’m sorry you all had to go through this, but am glad he’s doing well and that you have such good medical care! Take care of yourself!

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  5. Oh I’m so glad everything went as smoothly as possible and you had such a good medical team. And I’m so glad that Wyatt is feeling so much better. I hope you are getting some rest. Between all the stress and restless sleep and the being “on” when you’re at the hospital I’m sure you’re exhausted. I know when we had hospital stays I would want to just sit quietly without having to talk to anyone!

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