A good morning for coffee

Buongiorno! This has been a long week! I have been immersed in different projects, mainly wrapping up our homeschool year and preparing for a little kindergarten graduation party for the kids. I am making the kids t-shirts with our “school” logo on it and I also put together little end of the year memory books too. I had them fill out some fun questions and draw pictures too – these two kiddos want to be a painter (Wyatt) and paleontologist (Dino Girl). I was not really surprised by either answer, unlike my friend whose daughter, at her public school graduation, said she wanted to be a compost worker. Lol. Wyatt and Dino Girl are also having a end of school beginning of summer pool party at my mother-in-law’s house. It will be fun!

My husband also printed all million (not really but it was like 1500) page curriculum for next year. I have been happily organizing it into binders and hope to start reading through it next week. It looks so cool! Billy works at a commercial printing company, they print things for companies, like fliers and hospital bills, as well as things for the government. Last March they printed all the fliers and mailers about COVID, including one from the White House administration about social distancing, etc. Billy is the network admin – and I am rambling. Anyway. The print room was out of hole punched paper so they printed it on regular paper, no big deal, I was grateful they were able to print it for me so quickly. They have a lunch on me coming soon! However, I sat down to hole punch it the other day and my hole punch is total crap obviously. I could do literally three pages at a time and it would still jam. I was growing increasingly frustrated – so I ordered an electric hole punch from Amazon. I have to admit, I was more excited than I should be to get it and hole punch everything. Like, this is what is fun for me now? It may be super nerdy of me but I flew through my pile in like 30 minutes. Totally worth it.

Speaking of fun, or lack of, I was telling my SIL about my hole punch and she said she had just listened to a podcast from Glennon Doyle about how women have lost the inability to play or have fun. Like, if it is work, it doesn’t count as fun. So since I was working, I couldn’t count it as fun. I was thinking about it, and it does seem really true. If I get an extra hour, I fill it with stuff like this. I only read or relax if I feel I have my work done. If Billy gets an extra hour, he plays video games. My mom is pretty similar. She is 74 years old and I have to tell her all the time that she is not being lazy if she wants to read or watch television during the day. She thinks she needs to work all day. I am curious if this is something in our genetic makeup, or a family culture trait, or true for a lot of women. I need to listen to that podcast! If you are interested here is the link.

Last night we watched the new Pixar movie Luca, and Billy and I loved it. Little man fell asleep, clutching his two little Luca Happy Meal toys. I could seriously watch it again – and we probably will since Wyatt didn’t get to finish it. It was like a buddy movie with little boys in it, which I don’t feel we see very much. They really explored the relationship between Luca and his friend Alberto, and I loved it. There were other themes as well, such as accepting people who are different, etc but I did love the friendship between Luca and Alberto. And Italy is beautiful even in cartoon form! I was excited about the timing of this movie, as our homeschool is finishing up oceans this month with mermaids, and we are beginning a month of Italy in July. We are planning on not only learning about Italy in our summer schooling, but Billy and I are going to make our month very Italian themed as well – movies, books, and of course, food. All that pasta! August will have to be a salad only month… We usually do lots of French themed things in July due to the Tour, but this year we are all about Italy. My mom and I are also learning Italian through the online program Mango, which is free through our library. I have always loved learning languages and have taken Latin ( 4 years in high school ), French in high school, and Russian in college. I seemed to be able to pick them up quickly when I was younger so we will see how I do as an older adult. I can’t say I remember much but the Latin background is helpful with Italian.

My little Luna is getting so big! Do you all remember how tiny she was when we got her? I still can’t get over her coloring, she is so pretty. All those baths we had to give her when she was a baby have made her so tame. She will just curl up in my hand and let me carry her around. Harry, the big lunker, will still race up my arm and hide in my hair on my shoulder. Geckos are so fun.

Anyway, I should wrap this up and get moving. I hope you all have a good day!

For the Love of Bugs

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I post lots of photos of bugs and talk about bugs. I am not sure how our family became so buggy about bugs but we did. I will still scream and run in fear from a centipede though. They just are so big and have so many legs and move so fast – ugh just thinking about them gives me the chills. But other bugs for the most part (I guess not ticks or mosquitoes either!) are fascinating. I dream of seeing the synchronous fireflies every year – maybe next year! This year though I will content myself with seeing the insects that visit the garden and also the ones that live with us – our Ghost Mantis Poe, and our five (so far) Black Swallowtail caterpillars. And I guess our luna moth cocoon too.

So far no monarchs. But my milkweed is just beginning to bloom so hopefully soon! And man caterpillars eat so much, it literally really is like the Very Hungry Caterpillar up in here. And also, they make a mess of frass – that is caterpillar speak for their poo.

Poe got out the other day and we didn’t know it until our cat Maggie spotted her – and tried to kill her! We knew we were having a hard time finding her in the terrarium, but she blends in so well that it is easy to overlook her. Well, Maggie found her crawling around the office and I had to dive into action, having a bit of a freak out as I did so. I had two cats in there with me and I was a little nervous to grab Poe, but I did it! They are super low maintenance if you are thinking about adding a small critter to your home, FYI. Lol.

This love of insects has started to worm its way into our lives in other ways too, as our likes tend to do. I find myself looking at different home decor items that are insect themed, or at educational items and toys and books for Wyatt. (which is always good no matter the topic!) I am sharing a few favorites here – and believe me when I say I could have added so much more!

Grasshopper hat || Pollinator Box || Ladybug Stapler ||

Great Ladybug Art Print from Janet Hill Studios || Wooden Snail Carving

I have always loved grasshoppers and that hat is so adorable! I can totally see myself or even Billy wearing it around. And I just added a pollinator box to my pollinator garden. Mine only has spaces for Mason bees though so I need to get another one that allows for different insects. And as I use my office more and more, I am personalizing it bit by bit – and this ladybug stapler and wooden snail would be perfect in there. I can’t resist a snail! It would fit right in with the rest of the crew that actually live in there – a snail, caterpillars, two lizards, a mantis, and a cocoon, at current count. And I seriously love Janet Hill. Her style of artwork is amazing. I love the vintage feel, the beauty, the colors. She has series of paintings too, that all go together, like the Kidnapping of Edward Pink, or the Miss Mink or Miss Moon collections. She has cards, books, so much. Sigh. There is an element of playfulness that I adore in all of her work. I can’t speak highly enough of her art! She does occasionally sell the original art prints but they sell for quite a bit and also sell in minutes. I can content myself with the prints and cards and books for now.

Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs || Wooden Bug Stampers || An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth ||

Bug and Insect Floor Puzzle || The Backyard Bug Book for Kids || Butterfly Pavilion

I could literally go on and on about different books that would fit here. I decided to narrow my list down to three, three of my favorites. Except now that I say that I can think of like ten more favorites. Anyway, these are also three that Wyatt loves to read and flip through over and over, so we will go with his choices. I love Extraordinary Ordinary Moth for focusing on some creatures that maybe are overlooked – plus we saw a hummingbird moth in our garden the other day, and have our own luna moth cocoon. And the Butterfly Pavilion kit makes getting started raising caterpillars and butterflies a little easier, if you are interested in trying it out first. I still have our mesh habitat, plus another one I ordered, that I use now with our wild caught caterpillars from the garden. I am still learning how to raise them and it has been a fun journey, finding their host plants and checking on them daily. So the butterfly kit is a great introduction to the whole thing. The stampers and puzzle are just fun!

When I started this post it was storming here – now the weather has changed and I can hear our cardinal friend outside singing. I am planning on finishing up some things in the house and then heading out back to check for new caterpillars. Who knows what Wyatt and I will find out there, we just need to look closely!

Simple Joys

Last weekend we didn’t do anything in particular at all. We had a list of things to do, and for the most part, we did them all. (including picking up an Iced Green Tea from Starbucks for me, I am addicted maybe) I always think of even our smallest outings as adventures though, because you never know when something will happen to make you smile.

Like a chance meeting at the garden center. I mentioned the other day that we ran into my SIL, her mom, and my niece at our favorite garden center randomly on Saturday, and it turned into a fun time for the kids. I had the kids piled in my cart, and I let them pick stuff out, whatever they thought was pretty, I added. I usually don’t have much of a plan for the garden anyway, I just choose what I think is pretty and find a place. This time I just let them do the picking.

Everything is still so little! I can’t wait for it all to grow and fill in and get wild. We have black-eyed susans, brown-eyed susans, forget-me-nots, bronze fennel, nettle, verbena, a butterfly bush, some strawberries and lambs ear, milkweed, rue, lovage, bee balm, and dill. Also some lantana, butterfly weed, sage, oregano, lemon balm, and dianthus. And some weeds. Phew. And that is just the wild and free pollinator garden. In front we have lavender (which looks so so pretty!) brunnera, raspberry bushes, butterfly weed, and yarrow. I love watching it all grow and take shape, and all the little creatures that come to visit.

Later that day, we had a friend offer up as many bricks as we wanted to take. He had removed a brick patio and had them free for the taking. So Billy took a ride out and loaded up the back up his Subaru, which was riding pretty low on the way home, he said. He is using them to build a firepit – I want him to make it so we can use it to grill too if we want. Half of the bricks were used here – the rest are going to be made into paths through some of our little gardens. (you can see our eggplant, kale, and tomatoes in the back)

The next morning my SIL called- an antique store near us is sadly going out of business so they were having a sale, and she asked if I wanted to meet her up there. Well, of course I did! And I found some small treasures too. A set of 4 nesting containers with snails on them I am going to use for art supplies, a wind up musical gnome thing, and these gazelle glasses. I love all of them, but the gnomes are my favorite. I actually went back later to grab the rest of the glasses too, I had left three behind but I didn’t have enough cash for all of it earlier.

Then we just kind of played about. Billy made some shelves and hung them in the office ( LOVE them!), I took some notecards I had bought from Alex Boon Art (I posted about them before, in my For the Love of Rabbits post) and framed them in an old frame I had, and then we had kitchen pantry nicoise salad for dinner. Hanging the art is the very last thing we need to do to finish the office – besides filling those shelves! I will do an office update when it is all finished.

So the weekend wasn’t full of big adventures, but we had a lot of very simple joys.

My Sunday-Monday Post!

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Hey all! It’s been a pretty good weekend, although I feel like all we did was shop. Which for us, is weird. Saturday we were out and about, stopping in at stores and picking stuff up that we needed, and some stuff that we didn’t need too. We went to my favorite garden center, I decided we needed more lupine (which they didn’t have), and ran into my SIL, her mom, and my niece there! I texted Billy and told him to come in with Wyatt to say hi. I stuck both kids in my cart and told them I would buy whatever plants they chose.. so I ended up with a few more than I anticipated. They had pretty good taste honestly. I did end up with a “ghost plant” better known as Dusty Miller that I had no idea where to plant it so I stuck it in with the lavender. They were having fun so it was all good.

Read Last Week:

Barbara Michaels is such a comfort read for me, and The Dancing Floor is my favorite. I was so happy reading it. I had a DNF too, The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels. It was just too out there for me. I really wanted to like it but couldn’t get past 10%.

Reading This Week:

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow- This book has been calling my name (lol sorry I couldn’t resist) and it’s high time I read it.

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World Ocean Day

10 on the 10th

Summertime Vibing


We just finished up Jonathan Creek – and it ended so abruptly. And kind of sad. And then we didn’t know what to watch! We started rewatching Death in Paradise for now. As for podcasts, I have been listening to a lot of Morbid (true crime) and The Wild with Chris Morgan (nature).

Summertime Vibing

Every morning this week while Wyatt has been eating breakfast, I’ve been ducking out to the garden to gather strawberries and check for caterpillars. (so far just Uno, Dos, Tres) Every morning I have returned with a handful of red, ripe strawberries, just the perfect amount to have with my own breakfast. When I planted my garden this year, my heart was heavy as I thought of my uncle, who always shared this joy with me. I texted my cousin about it, and he said that this year my garden would have a special protector in my uncle. And I think he was right. While we may not have a lot of berries everyday, we have more than we have had, and it is just the amount I need.

He would be tickled about the flowers that I have planted, the tomatoes that are growing, the little creatures I have spotted the past few days, which included a hummingbird moth last night, and then this morning, a hummingbird. I stumbled out of bed, my guys still lazing about sleeping, and plopped on the couch. I glanced out the window just at the the right time to catch a beautiful iridescent hummingbird buzzing around the lavender. I was so excited I ran back to the bedroom to tell Billy – I felt sort of like Snow White. Lol. I did manage to capture a blurryish photo of the hummingbird moth. I couldn’t believe I was seeing it! It is the second I have ever seen and they look like such weird little creatures, that at first you think what is that?

It’s been a pretty good week, despite the disgusting humidity and heat we have had. I am not a fan so we tried to make the most of our days in other ways – including an ice cream date with my cousin and his girls, whom we haven’t seen in person for months and months. I have missed them so!

I went with lavender ice cream. It got so melty so fast but it didn’t matter, it still tasted fabulous. I haven’t had it in two summers so I was so happy to be reunited with it.. and my family too of course. (Billy got black cherry and Wyatt mint chocolate chip with peanut butter cups. It’s called Grasshopper)

I also got my haircut. My hair was so long guys, down past the middle of my back that I can’t tell you enough how good this feels to have it shorter. Sure, it will be like a nimbus around my head during the heat of summer, but it feels so much lighter. So a cut for summertime. Wyatt is next. And he has asked for blue hair which threw me for a second, but, I agreed. Not all over blue, just a few streaks, and the stuff I bought washes out in one shampoo. I am waiting until the movie Luca is released next week, which is about a mermaid? merman? boy. We are going to do Wyatt’s hair and my niece’s hair as well.

This week was sea turtle and shark week for our homeschool science lessons. I talked a little about this on Tuesday in my World Ocean Day post so, I didn’t do a whole homeschool post this week. I think I will wrap it all up in two weeks instead, but I just love these turtles the kids made. I also surprised them with shark teeth I had bought downtown, which they were excited about. And then my kid almost swallowed his being funny and putting it in his mouth like it was his tooth. That kid. I tell you. If he had, it wouldn’t be the first tooth he swallowed this year, just the first that wasn’t his.

We have some running around to do today, some projects to wrap up, and I hope to pick up an iced green tea from Starbucks along the way. I also am hoping to make my dandelion lotion bars that I started way back in May!

What have you all been up to lately?

10 on the 10th!

10 Questions About Summer:
Today I am linking up with Leslie at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After and her 10 on the 10th for the first time. Check it out here!
  1. What will make summer successful for you this year?

I think for summer I want one that is relaxed and happy. That is what would make summer successful for me. Lots of bonfires, picnics, hanging out with friends and family over drinks in the yard, simple dinners, playing and learning and exploring during the day with Wyatt. And – at least one monarch to visit my yard and lay eggs!

  1. “500 Days of Summer,” “School’s Out for Summer,” somersault, “The Boys of Summer,” “Summertime Blues,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” dog days of summer, “Endless Summer,” “Summertime and the Living is Easy”…which of these phrases resonates most with you and your plans for the summer of ’21 and why?

Well, looking at my list from above, I am going to go with Summertime and the Living is Easy.

  1. What do you look forward to doing this summer that you couldn’t do last summer because of C-O-V-I-D? What plans did you have last summer that had to be postponed, altered or canceled all together?

I would LOVE to travel to northern Michigan this summer. I am not sure if that is in the cards but that would be a definite return to normal for us. Hmm. Maybe I will start looking into that. Also visiting our favorite places again, places like the zoo and Henry Ford Greenfield Village.

  1. Name something you will track this summer. Steps, calories, Weight Watcher points, money spent, books read, miles traveled, workout sessions, laps swam, miles run, gatherings with friends.  How will you track it?

At first I didn’t think I was going to track anything – but then I realized I am going to track the number of butterflies I raise and release! I think I will probably only have Black Swallowtail and hopefully Monarchs but you never know what little caterpillar will inch its way into the yard. I have my first three Black Swallowtails hanging out already, tiny caterpillars just eating their way through the dill and the rue. I have named these three Uno, Dos, and Tres.

  1. Is there something new you look forward to trying this season? New recipe, new ‘do, new restaurant, new vacation spot?

I just got my haircut today! It has been one length for so long. Today I had long layers cut into and I love it. My stylist always straightens my hair and I look in the mirror and can’t recognize myself. I think I am going to like this cut though! But I will think of another one too.. hmm. Well, I am eating meat for the first time in my adult life so I will definitely be trying new recipes. But a new restaurant would be fun too!

  1. Share something you do on repeat every summer. Why is this activity on repeat?  Were you able to do that familiar activity last year during the pandemic?

Breakfasts with Wyatt on the front porch, and evening drink on the porch with Billy. This is how we know it is summer! It’s not anything fancy but we love it. And we definitely did it last summer.

  1. Who will you connect with or reconnect with this summer?

My parents and my in-laws for sure! My brother and his family. And my bestie crew. We are going to resume book club even for this month, and just ease our way in- meaning we are just talking about our current reads.

  1. This season how will you manage screen time for yourself and your family?

The trick this year is to manage Wyatt’s screen time! With his health conditions he gets overheated really easily so summer is hard for us. I have to find shady places and different ways to keep him busy that are inside – so maybe one more summer of picnics in our tree grove and lots of art time and different ways to play at home. The fact that we are still going to be schooling some over the summer will help. July is all about Italy and I have some fun ideas up my sleeve. Billy and I only watch an hour of tv a night so that is not bad, and keep busy the rest of the time.

  1. What project are you hoping to tackle this summer?  Something around the house?  A craft?  A gardening or outdoor activity?

We are doing a bedroom refresh this month and probably into next month too. Then, that is it for big projects. I would love to can more this year, and make jam too.

  1. How do you want to feel at the end of the summer?

I want to feel like we soaked up the best of the summer, enjoying the times with friends and family, good fresh food from the garden and farm markets, lots of lazy days and busy days both, and that we are ready to slow down and be cozy again.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this summer? Any plans, big or small?

World Ocean Day!

It’s World Oceans Day! I actually didn’t know this existed until this morning and I saw it on Instagram. The things I learn from there. Anyway, how appropriate that we are having an ocean unit this month! Let’s pretend I totally knew and planned it.

Last week I posted about our first week of our study, which was pretty fun. We focused on smaller creatures, like seahorses and crabs and jellyfish. Yesterday we started with sea turtles, a favorite of mine. We did a bunch of stuff, but we also read a few picture books, one of which was very traumatic for all of us. Turtle Tide, which is a very good book, full of honest, truthful information – but too much for our sensitive crew. In the book the momma turtle makes her way toward land, digs her nest, lays her eggs, heads back to sea. The babies are born, and make their way to the ocean. Now most of us know that the majority of these babies never make it. And the book illustrated that for us, with them being attacked and killed and eaten on their journey. True facts but I guess our kiddos were not ready for it to be so in their faces. My mom and niece were watching the read aloud on YouTube and Dino Girl was very unhappy with it and started yelling for my mom to turn it off – while I was reading Wyatt got very anxious as well, so I skipped some pages. We are apparently very sensitive over here. I didn’t even want to read about these little babies getting plucked up or the eggs eaten. Nature does what nature needs to do though.

However, the kids were so upset and wanted to know what they could do to help. We don’t live near a beach with sea turtles so we can’t do anything hands on, so we decided to adopt a sea turtle from The Sea Turtle Conservancy. We decided to make it a little service project, one that is easily attainable. It’s pretty simple. The kids will have to do a daily chore that is picked out by mom and dad and for that they will earn a dollar. When each kid gets to seven dollars which would be almost half the price when put together, then we the parents will kick in the remaining money. It looks like they might get a tracking number as well, that allows them to check in on the turtles and see where in the world they are, which is really neat!

I made the kids these little trackers so they can see where they are with their goal. (and I see there is a typo but I had a cat licking my hand the whole time I was typing…lol)

Neither one of the kids have been to the ocean, something that all of us plan to rectify next spring. We are planning a family trip to Chincoteague Island for a week long visit, something that is long overdue for all of us. My brother and his family are big beach people, so I am sure they will spend a lot of their time in the water and on the beach. The three of us are more trails people so we will probably do some beach mornings followed up by trail hiking. And we will all do the sightseeing and of course, all the pony stuff! I remember visiting Chincoteague as a tween before it was called tween, and I loved it there. It made a huge impression on me, and on my brother as well and we have always talked about going back. I am so excited it is in the works! We are taking our mom and also my sister-in-law’s mother as well, and I think it will be a wonderful time. Living in the Great Lakes State, we have giant lakes that you can’t see across, the go on and on. But the ocean is something entirely different.

I plan on adding some fun additions to our lessons that I found on the World Ocean Day website! They have a whole searchable database of lessons and activities that makes it easy. You just plug in the age range, duration of lesson, and learning area that you want to concentrate on and they will supply the lesson. There is a lesson on music inspired by the ocean that looks interesting. Even if we don’t actually do the lesson part, I usually play music throughout the day and I didn’t even think to add any ocean inspired music. And now, my mind is going to sea shanties too… They also have book lists, which you know I love!

Let me know if you do anything for World Ocean Day, whether it is taking action (like choosing to use reusable straws from now on or signing a petition), listening to music inspired by the sea, reading a poem or a book – anything at all! I would love to hear. Maybe you will even get to walk along the beach today!

My Sunday-Monday Post

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Our library is back open for browsing! I went in the other day and was completely overwhelmed by all the book choices honestly, and left with one picture book for Wyatt (which was ok since I have 22 others checked out for him right now) and nothing for myself. Yesterday I attempted it again – and this time left with a nice little stack of books for myself! It was nice to chat with the staff, some of whom I have known since I was three years old! It was sort of strange as well – I was the only patron in there, there were two staff members, and that was it. No phones ringing, no kids chattering in the kids section, the copy machine wasn’t whirring – it was the most quiet the library has ever been. But I am so glad it is open again for browsing! They did a great job over the past year, filling holds, even choosing books for you if requested but for those of us who enjoy just going to the library, it wasn’t quite the same, so it was nice to be back.

Read Last Week:

I am almost done with this one, and while it is not bad, it is also not super gripping, at least for me. Not a slog, but also not one I feel like I HAVE to know what is going on. I will finish it up this week, hopefully tomorrow.

Reading This Week:

Updated: No sooner had I posted this than I remembered that I have a book I have to read this week for a NetGalley review! So my library books have to wait until I finish this one – which shouldn’t be a hardship, it sounds fantastic!!

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Homeschooling: Ocean Week 1


Hello June!


Jonathan Creek, although they switched it up again (S5) and it is maybe the fourth time so far? I’m not sure I like so much change! Wyatt is watching Molly of Denali, and Wild Kratts still. We haven’t watched any movies in a while! Maybe tonight, there are a few I want to see!

Homeschooling: Ocean Week 1

We are in the last few weeks of Kindergarten! It’s hard to believe honestly. While we finish up our regular curriculum, we are also going to do a month long unit about the ocean! Last month my dad and stepmom went to Florida for a few weeks and brought my son and niece back a bunch of books, shells, posters, and sea glass to go along with their lessons. They have enjoyed exploring their discovery table this week!

We started Tuesday with an introduction to the ocean and ocean layers. We made an ocean layer jar – well I did while I explained to the kids, a little demo – and I had to improvise as I did not have Karo syrup. I subbed molasses which didn’t quite work and the bottom layers were a bit muddled. But the kids got the main point of what I wanted to illustrate, so I am calling it a win. My dad also brought the kids back stuffed animal sharks that I surprised them with on our kick off day.

We also started off with small creatures this week, crabs and jellyfish and seahorses. I have to admit, I was pretty fascinated by some of the facts we learned about jellyfish. I can’t say I had read anything about them ever before, so it was kind of all new to me as well. Two things I learned – that jellyfish sort of float out of their mother’s mouths when they are born, and that they don’t have a brain. Since it was a short week and we had a lot to fit in, our craft project this week was a simple one, but both kids enjoyed it. Paper plate jellyfish! Well, my niece had a paper plate one, I yet again had to improvise. I apparently did not have my materials together this week! This time though, my improvisations turned out. I don’t have a picture of Dino Girl’s but it was super cute.

Resource Round Up:

Ocean Animals Mega Unit from Crystal McGinnis

Ocean Zones Jar

Books We Read:

This section contains affiliate links

Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha || Hello Ocean by Pam Munoz Ryan

I absolutely loved Night of the Moonjellies, and so did the kids and my mom. I think it is a new favorite for all of us. I couldn’t recommend it more!

And really this is it for this week! Next week is all about sea turtles (my favorite) and sharks!


It’s that time again! I’m joining up with Anne in Residence for her monthly Currently..post. This month we are talking about what we are celebrating, collecting, gifting, thinking, and trying!

Celebrating: This one is easy! We are celebrating the addition of our newest family member, born last Friday! My cousin and his wife had their third son on the 28th, named Francis (Frankie) Elias. Frankie is named for our grandfather, and I absolutely love it. He is so darn cute and I can’t wait to meet him! Mom and baby are doing great.

Collecting: Ideas and art for our bedroom refresh that we are starting this month. We loved how the office turned out so much that now we are eyeing other rooms. Our bedroom has not been repainted since we moved in twenty years ago!! It is high time to rectify that. Not only have our tastes changed it’s just been too long. I can’t wait! I already have a few pieces picked out that I want to get but I won’t let myself pull the trigger until we actually start. It will be my reward. This is one that I have in mind. If you follow me here regularly, you will know that I love all things nature and I dig this artist. I bought her fox print for the office, and I kind of like the idea of carrying that idea into another room.

(art by FainaLorah Luna Moth Art Print)

Gifting: Not too much right now? I do have my eyes open for Father’s Day gifts and ideas!

Thinking: About summer and what we want to accomplish – or not accomplish. We want to finish up the bedroom and then sort of spend the rest of the summer without projects except being together, exploring nature, having fires and drinks with family, going on picnics and visiting some of our favorite places. We want a relaxed summer, one that ends with everyday feeling that good kind of tired.

Trying: To encourage butterflies to our yard! Specifically, monarchs. The past few years my friends have all “raised” monarchs to give them more of a fighting chance at survival. This summer, I think Wyatt and I will be joining in. I planted milkweed and all sorts of different plants to entice butterflies, so hopefully we will see some monarch caterpillars hanging out in the garden soon. I am going to have my mom do it too, I think she will like it!

And that is it for this month! Check back next month where we will be discussing what we are currently eatingfeelinggoingordering, and realizing.