How I Deal With Winter

It’s wintertime in Michigan, and that means cold weather, snow, ice storms, freezing rain, and months and months of having to get all super bundled up to just go outside for ten minutes. And I love it. Well not dangerous driving weather, that scares me. I don’t like or love that. But I do love winter, I find the cold invigorating and I just feel so much more alive in the winter. I always tell people it’s because I was born in the middle of a snowstorm , on a night where the moon was surrounded by a halo of ice, which is true, but my brother was born in December and he is not a fan of the winter. He is all about the hotter the temp the better, which repulses me. I hate being hot and sweaty and avoid it at all costs. He jokes that my family is snow and moon people while his family is summer and sun. And there is truth to that.

I remember one week while I was attending Central Michigan as a freshman, the temps dipped so low that they cancelled classes. There were signs on the door telling us to stay inside and not go out unless we had to go out, so my roomies and I only left the our dorm room to venture downstairs to the cafeteria. The rest of the time my roommate Bethany Lopez read to us. For real. She read us young adult romance books and randomly changed the names to our names and those of a few more of our friends. My other roomie and long time bestie Lori and I were very content to sit and listen for hours. Now Beth writes young adult romances so go figure. Maybe that week had an impact on her as well.

I lean in to winter. I embrace it. I feel that is the only way to really get through it. When I learned about hygge, I felt like I had found my people and lifestyle ideal. Getting cozy in the winter is one way to combat the cold temps – I mean you can’t go wrong with hot drinks, warm soft blankets, books, and pastries. My family also enjoys hiking through the woods in the winter and in general being outside in the snow, which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea. Appropriate layering of the right clothes is the key to enjoying the cold outdoors. But.. we can’t always be outside. And in these pandemic times, we can’t always be inside crowded places or even sometimes with our nearest and dearest. So what have we been doing? Some of these ways are probably crazy, but we keep busy and happy.

One thing I have always done is create a culture of celebration in our home. I like to make a fuss over things that other people may not, like our tradition of takeout on the first snow. We wassail our apple tree, we try to make things fun. Next week is a great week for celebrations – the lunar new year, the new moon, and midwinter all fall on the same night, February 1st. I have a whole day and evening planned for us, one that includes just small little celebrations of cheer. Find things to enjoy and make a big deal over, even little small things. And your big deal can actually be quite small – warm soup and homemade bread eaten picnic style in your family room, hot chocolate pancakes for breakfast, making cards to mail to friends, dropping off baked goods (jeez I have a lot of food related ideas this morning). Whatever floats your boat, it’s up to you!

Maybe you have seen the meme that says people are like plants, we both need water and light to be happy. So make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough daylight – and even fifteen minutes of morning sun (before noon) is said to have great benefits, including sleeping better at night. And then, add plants to your home. Trust me the green in the middle of winter brings a smile to my face whenever I see my plants. Start small if you need to- one plant, or even a small pot of dill or basil or whatever on your kitchen counter, a succulent in the study. Or go big and crazy. Follow your heart on this. Make a wish list. Go crazy. As for me, I am a fan of the humble pothos. Easy to care for, and pretty inexpensive. They also can get very long! I have one I named Rapunzel, one named Sam Elliot, and one named Poppy. I also love naming them, and it has gotten to the point where Wyatt thinks all plants have names besides their species/type because all of ours do. When we see one somewhere he asks me its name. Lol.

I am a nurturer by nature. I think it is why having plants and animals and gardening and cooking makes me happy. I love to be surrounded by life as well, my reptiles and frogs (we are hoping to add to our menagerie this spring..), and also..sourdough starter. Ok this is weird and I know it. I have issues. I love to make and name sourdough starters. (If anyone wants one let me know..)

Frankenstarter is mine, I am making Mordough for my brother (can you guess where I got the name inspo from?), and Edgar Allan Dough is currently homeless. I have made the Grateful Bread for my stepmom and I feel like I need to make a Nostradoughmas… I am full of dad jokes and bread ideas.

Look at that aeration though- chef’s kiss.

We also love to create together. We put on some music, paint or draw, color, sew, whittle (Billy’s newest hobby). We are a content people over here. We plan our garden. We think about summer and the adventures we will have. I am already thinking about my butterflies in anticipation, of rearing them and recording them and tagging them this year.

Anyway, these are just some of the things we do that get us through these cold months. What are some things that you do?

Mini Post ~ Burrowed In

This weekend was cold and snowy – a proper winter weekend, in my opinion. It was a good weekend to stick close to home and burrow in, under blankets and with books, baking, and of course, some fun outside in the snow.

It has been a winter without snow around here, and even this snowfall was pretty minor compared to winters in the past. I had ordered Wyatt snow pants just the week before and Wyatt was excited to have the opportunity to use them though, despite the snow not being super deep. It was enough for us to play around in! Wyatt does have two matching gloves, but I am not sure what Billy was doing when he dressed Wyatt. Lol. Whatever works I guess!

We didn’t however have a sled. But no sled no problem around here! Because when it finally snows, you make do! Wyatt had a blast!

When we came in, Billy made fantastic hot chocolate on the stove. Because is there anything better than playing in the snow followed by hot chocolate when you are a kid?

I also spent Sunday making Vatrushka buns as part of the Russian study unit Wyatt and I are doing in school. I am not the best baker all the time, and these turned out ok! It was a bit to get them there though. The dough has to rise for two hours, and our house was just not warm enough to get a rise out of the dough. So Billy again came to the rescue with his improvisations. This time we put the oven on low, set the bowl with the dough on top covered per the instructions, and Billy arranged a cookie sheet shield at the front of the stove by standing it on edge, so that the heat coming from the back of the oven would be somewhat trapped. And it worked! I waited another two hours and this time it doubled, and I kept on with the directions.

They needed to stay in the oven a smidge longer, and I forgot to put the wash over the edges to brown them, but they turned out not too bad. I was excited to be able to use this china set my dad picked up in Russia when he went with his school years ago. He went on a school exchange trip with the high school he was the principal for while I was in college, and man, I was so bummed I couldn’t go too! He did bring back some awesome souvenirs though, like this little plate and cup and saucer. I used to have one of those big hats but it got lost in a move which is another bummer because Wyatt would have loved that. Anyway.. these turned out ok. We had a little tea party and read a book called The Bun by Marcia Brown, which is just like the gingerbread man story but with a bun, and is based on a Russian folktale. So now I want to know which story was the original!

How was your weekend?

My Sunday-Monday Post

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It’s snowing! I feel like I have been waiting all winter for some snow! We are planning on sticking close to home and baking today (Vatrushka buns and Dr. Bird Cake) but I am also thinking we will give Wyatt an opportunity to get outside in his new snow pants!

Read Last Week:

I am about halfway through this delightful middle grade story. I am hoping to finish it today during a certain someone’s quiet time (maybe after that time in the snow!). I had a weird week last week and didn’t get as much reading in.

Reading This Week:

Oo I am so excited to start this one! I read A Solitude of Wolverines last January and loved it. Maybe I will start this today instead…

Posted Last Week:

Homeschooling: Russian Unit Week One

Hanging in There on a Tough Week

Book Review: A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw


We are still hopscotching around depending on how we feel at night. If we are tired and need a laugh we watch Mr. & Mrs. Murder. Cobra Kai if we are feeling fairly happy. (even though at times it gives me secondhand angst) We watched Queens of Mystery Season 2 because we were excited that the new season was out. We finished Dalgleish which was awesome. Wyatt and I tried Masha and the Bear but he wasn’t into it. I thought it was cute though. Then for our Saturday night movie night we watched The Secret World of Arrietty and I 100% loved it! Can I just make my house look Arrietty’s? My brother has suggested that we watch the Studio Ghibli movies and also a cartoon called Maya and the Three so we put those on the list.

As for our morning listening Billy took over our morning wake up songs on Alexa and it’s been different. This week we have heard Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (took me way back), Whistling in the Dark by They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes (an old favorite band of mine), and Friday I’m in Love by The Cure. This week will be my takeover!

Homeschooling: Russian Unit Week 1

So this week was way more fun than I anticipated. Peter and the Wolf was a great way to kick off our Russian folklore and geography unit; Wyatt is such a music lover that he loved listening to the symphony (or symphonic folk tale as I have seen it referred to). And has kept listening to all week… lol.

We started the week by reading the book Peter and the Wolf by Ian Beck. There are multiple versions out there but after flipping through a few this was the one I thought would work the best for us. We then retold the story using little stick puppets that we made together. Wyatt loves doing our retellings with puppets or figures and props – I think there is a bit of a drama kid in my son. Then Tuesday we listened to and watched a cartoon version of the symphony narrated by the one and only David Bowie. We talked about the different instruments, and how each character had a specific instrument to represent them. We played with the versions of each family of instruments that we have in our house (we did not have any brass family, we will have to fix that!), then did a listening exercise. We listened to just the parts for each character, one at a time, discussing the tempo, and how the music made us feel. Interestingly, Wyatt did not like the music for the duck. He loved the bird and the Peter music though. Then we did another retelling worksheet. And called it a day for Peter and the Wolf.

Wednesday we didn’t do much with Russia, and focused mainly on our basics that we are also working on -reading and math, and started our map reading lessons. But Thursday and Friday we jumped back in, this time focusing on Kandinsky. I can’t recommend the book The Noisy Paint Box enough. I had no idea honestly who Kandinsky was before this week, and now I feel like I am going to do some reading for my own self. He was fascinating! Kandinsky started the abstract art movement, and also had something called synthesia. When he heard music, he saw color; when he saw color, he heard music. Fascinating! Art for the week was inspired Kandinsky of course. In the book we read how Kandinsky took art lessons and was told what to paint, houses and trees and landscapes, but it didn’t fulfill him. It was only after a trip to the symphony that he allowed himself the freedom to quit his day job as a lawyer and create art full time. So for Wyatt’s art lesson this week, we had a directed art project (the circles) and then I put on classical music and told Wyatt to paint how it made him feel. (I have to admit I loved how we talked about the instruments and the music and feelings twice this week, both with Peter and the Wolf and with Kandinsky. I love when that crossover happens)

He created two paintings – one with watercolor that he called the sun and moon, and another painting using tempera paints.

What do you see in his abstract?

This week has been a blast. We are obviously not delving into the history of the Soviet Union, Russia, or current events, but focusing on art and music, traditions and stories. It is perfect for these cold wintry days. I even saved a project for tomorrow, since we have been baking on Sundays. We are going to read The Bun by Marcia Brown and then try our hand at making Vatrushka buns!

Resource Round-Up!

Books We Read:

(this section contains Amazon Affiliate links)

Me on the Map || The Bun || Peter and the Wolf || The Noisy Paint Box

Printables and Videos:

The Masterpiece Studio – Adventures in Russia Week One (I am breaking this up and doing it over a few weeks)

Winter Math Activities – Place Value

Peter and the Wolf Cut and Tell Worksheet

Peter and the Wolf Listening Journal and Fact Sheets

I am looking forward to next week already!

Hanging in there on a tough week

How you all doing? Hanging in there I hope! It’s been a rough week around here for me personally. There were some things that were causing me a great deal of stress with my extended family and I was struggling a bit this week. I couldn’t read, which I hate when I can’t settle down with a book. I pushed through and got things done, with a lot of pep talks from friends and family. So this week was an odd one. We didn’t get too much besides what we needed to do done, but it was a week of small victories, which are just as good.

Harry had a recheck this week and the vet said he looks awesome! His surgical area healed perfectly, and he is looking good and did not require any further medication, although we still have to give him his appetite stimulant because he lost weight, poor guy. But otherwise he is doing well. He has the world’s tiniest carrier and everyone at the vet thought it was adorable – as did I. It has a little strap that cracks me up, like I can carry him around with me on walks or in stores or something. I had to send Harry into the vet alone per COVID rules and I do wonder if they wore him for a minute because I would have, had I been them.

I also started a new skin care routine this week. I don’t usually do much, just wash and moisturize but it has been so cold and I am over 40 so I thought I should up my game. I ordered a few different oils from Good Molecules then had to call my friend to ask her how to use them. I took notes even. So I now use squalane oil in the morning, and rose hip seed oil in the evening. I also have an ultra hydrating one that I am to use as needed, per my friend Kelly, my personal beauty guru. I am sort of a wash and go person, even with my hair so anytime I add in anything new it feels like such a big deal.

I have also been trying to organize a meal plan that is sustainable and easy to turn into a routine. In preparation for this I ordered meat from Trillium Woods Farm. We have ordered from there before and picked it up at the farm, but this time we had it delivered. It came today and it was sort of fun to go through when it came. The things that make me happy these days! Truth be told, I feel like it was a good price for the quality I know we are receiving, especially when the prices in the grocery store are pretty comparable these days. Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I are also planning on doing a recipe swap in February to sort of mix things up and try new things. I am excited about it!

Wyatt and I also had a great week of homeschooling, after I had one day of dragging my feet over it. I plan on sharing more on that tomorrow, but we are both loving the topics we are learning about this week.

It’s been so cold here too! Not much snow but single digits that go below freezing at times. We are winter hikers but I don’t like to take Wyatt out when it is that cold out. So this weekend we are sticking around the house, baking, and working on his Valentine’s! I am part of on online “cohort” group that all use the Blossom and Root curriculum for first grade, and one of the mothers organized a Valentine exchange. She grouped interested families into “classes” of 24 and sent out the lists! We are going to make a Valentine’s box that Wyatt can put them in as they arrive, and then open them all on Valentine’s Day. I think it will be fun! Especially since Wyatt loves anything to do with mail these days.

So how are you guys? Hope all is well in your world!

Book Review: A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw

I was so excited to read this book! When I saw that the Book of the Month Club was advertising this book for $5 as a special for the month of December, I jumped on it. I had been thinking about joining anyway and this was just the perfect enticement to pull the trigger.

Goodreads Summary:

Travis Wren has an unusual talent for locating missing people. Hired by families as a last resort, he requires only a single object to find the person who has vanished. When he takes on the case of Maggie St. James—a well-known author of dark, macabre children’s books—he’s led to a place many believed to be only a legend.

Called “Pastoral,” this reclusive community was founded in the 1970s by like-minded people searching for a simpler way of life. By all accounts, the commune shouldn’t exist anymore and soon after Travis stumbles upon it… he disappears. Just like Maggie St. James.

Years later, Theo, a lifelong member of Pastoral, discovers Travis’s abandoned truck beyond the border of the community. No one is allowed in or out, not when there’s a risk of bringing a disease—rot—into Pastoral. Unraveling the mystery of what happened reveals secrets that Theo, his wife, Calla, and her sister, Bee, keep from one another. Secrets that prove their perfect, isolated world isn’t as safe as they believed—and that darkness takes many forms.

Hauntingly beautiful, hypnotic, and bewitching, A History of Wild Places is a story about fairy tales, our fear of the dark, and losing yourself within the wilderness of your mind.

My Thoughts:

This book took me down so many roads. I never knew what was going to happen, I wanted to know the secrets, what is going on, what is happening..I had to just keep reading and reading until I finished and then I was so upset that it was over!

I love a commune story, and this was a spectacular one. Bee, Calla, the others in the community all have their purposes and roles. Theo stands guard at the gate, watching an empty road day after day, staring into the woods beyond, the woods that no one is allowed to enter. Another theme that I love..a do not go into the woods theme. I feel like these two ideas, communal living, the woods being a place of danger, speak to such instinctual feelings we carry around in our DNA for survival – gather together, work together, stay out of the woods and dark places. Theo however, dared to be curious and it sets off a chain of questions and has them all wondering if they really know anything about Pastoral and each other at all.

This book is beautifully told, full of layers. I absolutely recommend it!

As you can tell, I had fun taking photos of this book for Instagram. It was a cold weekend, we didn’t want to hike but wanted out of the house so we drove around and occasionally stopped so the book could have its picture taken. I froze my fingers off for the one above on the fence! And walked across a huge sheet of ice for the photo below!

Have you read this? What did you think? Also, tell me which photo you like the best! I would love to hear!

My Sunday-Monday Post

Last week pushed my limits a bit. Everything was just off, if you know what I mean. I like our little routine life, and I have a hard time recovering when things get off kilter. Who knew a sick gecko could throw such a wrench in things? But, this week is a new week!

Read Last Week:

This book did not disappoint. It was excellent. I actually got it when I joined the Book of the Month Club in December – it was the entire reason I joined, to be honest. This book was only $5 if I joined then, and I felt like it was the perfect enticement to pull the trigger on signing up. However, I promptly skipped the month of January. Lol. I hope to review this one later this week!

Reading This Week:

Wyatt’s curriculum is starting geography/literature combined unit studies, and we are beginning with Russian folktales and stories. I found this one while perusing the list of stories out there, and thought this might be an interesting addition to the middle grade library I am building. I am looking forward to reading this myself first, then hopefully as a family read aloud.


The State of the Menagerie (my poor Harry!)

In Other News (and a small Harry update)


We finished up the Witcher, and I think we are getting pretty close to finishing Cobra Kai as well. In our quest for a new British mystery series, we tried a few and while they were good, they were not quite what we were in the mood for. Then we started Mr. and Mrs. Murder, and it was perfect! We wanted something a little funny and not as intense, and these two make us laugh. We are also getting ready to start All Creatures Great and Small. I can’t wait! Our movie night last night did not go so well. We started The Electric Life of Louis Wain and it was good and beautiful but also so sad! We ended up having to turn it off because I just kept crying and didn’t see that changing for me.

And that’s about it from around here! Hope you are doing well!

In Other News (and a small Harry update)

I had originally planned this post for earlier in the week but the week has gone a bit sideways! Just so hectic and crazy that I barely have had time to do the things I need to do. Oh who am I kidding? I haven’t had time to do those things and I have dishes piled up and library books that need to be returned and picked up and prescriptions waiting at the pharmacy, not to mention the groceries.. however, I have big plans for today after we finish school. I am going to knock it all out so that tomorrow we can just do fun things.

This past weekend was pretty relaxing at least! On Saturday Billy and I dropped Wyatt off at my mom’s for some grandma time and we went for a hike all by ourselves! We love our time with the kiddo, but it was also nice to be just the two of us for a change. And the hike was cold but lovely, and we saw deer! We were walking along and I caught this doe just laying down off the trail, looking at me very calmly. Then we saw three more near her. We looked at them, they looked at us. It was a peaceful moment. Why are deer so beautiful?

When we were leaving we saw a few more along the roadside, and then one standing among the trees, the branches framing her so perfectly that she looked like she had antlers.

Sunday was another easy going day. Billy made bread, and then later that night we went to my brother’s for soup night. We were hoping to have these every Sunday but decided to hold off for a few weeks until after Omicron peaks. But at least we had this one first! My brother made a vegan French Onion soup which was delicious, the kids had macaroni and cheese, the night was perfect. It was so nice to be together all cozy. The kids had a good time; my niece was having a blast with all of her dolls, and was very imaginative with her Elsa.. and all these plants! It made me so happy.

And Harry: he seems to be doing well! Billy and I have mastered how to do the meds; Billy holds him, I administer. Harry opens right up for me and I think it is because he used to me feeding him. But I have to tell you, it was so cute last night. We had just finished up with his meds, and Billy had set him back down. Well, I wanted to hold him too, which I hadn’t done since the vet’s office. We were kind of leaving him alone to recuperate. Well anyway, I picked him up and he had his eyes closed. I said to him “Hey Harry” and his eyes flew open and he turned around and raced up my arm and was preening and smiling at me. (Leopard geckos smile, it is so adorable. If you want a grin, google it)I think he was feeling good!

The State of the Menagerie

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my menagerie for weeks now. And today, well, was an absurdly crazy day. You will see why in a minute.

First up, the cats. All of my kitties are seniors now, how did that happen! I have Marlow, the gray tux, Maggie, the black and white tuxedo, and Miso, the poofy Himalayan. All three are rescues from different situations. Billy and I used to volunteer at the shelter quite a bit before we had Wyatt, and we ended up with three cats and a dog as a result. Penny, my sweet English Setter, passed away when Wyatt was born. But we still have our three cats, although they are now 17, 14, and 14. I’m having a hard time finding a photo of my flibbertigibbet Miso. She is too inquisitive when I go to take photos and gets up and comes to me. Lol. Maggie was a stray kitten, Marlow was abandoned in an apartment when his owners moved, and Miso was from a hoarding house. Now they are all here. And super spoiled.

And, we have the reptiles and lone amphibian. Harry and Luna, the leopard geckos, and Apple Jack the crested gecko.(L-R Luna, Apple Jack, and Harry)

And then finally Freddy.

For the most part, the entire menagerie is fairly easy to manage. This weekend however, a situation arose with Harry. He was acting different, not eating, and when he shed he didn’t eat it, which is not really normal. Then Sunday night, I noticed some sore looking areas on his um..nether parts. Not good. Not good at all. Since Michigan is all arctic right now, with temps zero and below, I was hoping that we would not need to take him to the vet. So, Billy googled it. And google actually gave Billy the right diagnosis, clogged pores in his hemipene plugs. I could go into more detail on that but I will leave that up to you whether you want to google it or not, because TMI. We read we could try some things at home, which we did, but it wasn’t helping. So this morning, I called around to find a vet. And let me tell you, finding a vet for a reptile is not easy. But, I found one, and lucky us, they had a cancellation for today. Woohoo! However, then I had the challenge of figuring out how to transport a desert creature to the vet on a zero degree day in Michigan. I decided to put the carrier and a towel in front of our heat vents to warm up prior to leaving, then fifteen minutes before we left, I started the car to let it warm up. I wrapped the carrier in a blanket and towel, had a hand towel in the carrier, and turned on the heated seat for him. And crossed my fingers. It was only a 15 minute drive so not too bad, and we made it ok. Or rather, he was fine. When I got to the vet, due to Covid, the policy is to wait in your car until the vet calls you to come in. Ok, I can deal with that. However, with the heat at max by the time we got the call I was so hot and sweaty! Yay me. Harry was nice and toasty though and that is what mattered.

Poor Harry was such a trooper. The vet did his exam and he was so uncomfortable he squeaked! I have never heard him do that! The vet came to the conclusion that yes, he did have clogged pores. And that he would require slight sedation and perhaps even an incision. At the very least lanced. In case you are unfamiliar, leopard geckos can also drop their tails when scared or upset, so in order to prevent that from happening we decided that sedation was the right route.

In case you are wondering, I took that photo of the vet holding him so that we could mimic that hold later on. Not because I randomly snapped a photo during the exam like a weirdo. Lol.

Sedating him for his procedure, while not cheap and took part of my Christmas money from my dad I had been hoarding for books, was the absolute right call. The vet told me later when I picked him up that he had a lot of back up and that the procedure took a lot longer than she had anticipated. But it was successful! They also told me he was a popular guy while he was there. Before the surgery they gave him a little warm soak under warming lights and the tech told me that everyone kept popping by to see him and pet him. He was the BMOC.

And the after care, you ask? Well, we needed to move him from his bioactive tank to a tank with paper towel or paper anything, that would not get in his wounds. So Harry is temporarily living in my butterfly tank. You see, when you are a nerd you have lots of extra tanks, picked up from free sites and curbside garbage picking. So Harry returned home, a bit stoned, in some pain, but to a clean and sterile tank. Oh, and we have to give him two different medicines as well. We have not attempted this yet, but.. I am guessing it is not going to be easy. Cross your fingers for us!

Today has been a very big adventure for us both!

My Sunday-Monday Post!

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I can’t believe it has been a month since I have participated in any of these linkups! We have been having a lot of fun reading and creating and starting back to school, and hanging out in the woods for the most part; today we are doing more of the same and then we are going to my brother’s for soup night. It is the first one and it is his turn to host. I am excited about it, because soup and family – it really can’t get too much better than that in my world.

Read the last few weeks:

It’s been a good few weeks of reading! I have loved all of these books, each in their own way. We are still reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe together at night; we had taken a break for Christmas reads. I plan on reviewing The Lost Spells and Mistletoe and Mr. Right this week. I loved The Lost Words by McFarlane and this one is amazing too. The imagery the poems evoke, the beautiful stunning artwork, make this book such a treat to read through.

Reading this Week:

I was so excited to get this book! I loved both The Wicked Deep and Winterwood so I am anticipating that I will like this one as well.

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and…. done! I had no idea there were so many when I started typing that out. Lol.


We finished up Brokenwood Mysteries and I am bummed! I hate when we finish a mystery series because I miss the characters and also because I have to find a new one to watch! We are also watching The Witcher. The first episode of the second season was fire; however the rest of the season, while good, is not living up to that first episode. Although I am very much enjoying the Henry Caville scenes. I almost forgot! We are watching Cobra Kai too! We have also watched Encanto, which was fantastic, and last night we watched Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, which I loved. I could watch those movies with the sound off and still be happy, they are just so visually stunning and interesting. I enjoy the actual movies as well, but I love the look.

And that is it from our little burrow! How are you all doing? What is happening in your world?