Date Night: Ragtime Street Fair and Motor Muster

It was a spur of the moment type thing, this date night, and sometimes those are the very best kind. Greenfield Village was having its annual Ragtime Street Fair and we were having dinner with my mom who lives nearby, so it was so easy to ask her to watch the little man for us for just a quick few hours out.

I have always wanted to go to the Ragtime Street Fair and this was the first time we managed to get there for it. It was super cool to see people dressed in period clothing for the 20s, strolling in and out of the street fair tents full of food and drink. It was another motor muster, with old cars lining the streets but this time, the ages of the cars were limited from early 1900 to the ’30s, and nothing “newer” than that. The village was open late for this event, and we got there just as people were leaving, probably having been there for hours already during the day. My brother had gone earlier in the day and said that it was packed, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We had a little bit of a hard time finding a parking spot, but once inside it wasn’t bad at all.

It was one of my favorite weather nights – cool, moody, clouds in the distance threatening rain, yet still summery with no humidity. We were able to walk around comfortably, checking out all the cars and chatting with the owners. We ambled a bit, bought drinks, and noticed everyone lining up on the curbs to watch the twilight parade of cars, so took our own seat on the side and peacefully watched the cars drive by for a little bit, sipping our drinks, comparing favorites, just existing side by side for a bit, easily. When we finished our beverages, we scrambled across the street between cars to check this one out – we had never seen anything like it before!

This car is so cool! It can drive in thirty feet of snow, and the owner said that he had taken it out in the snow many times – why not, he said, and really, if I had this I would take it out too! He couldn’t drive it in to the village like that but brought it in on a truck. It is a 1929 Closed Cab Model A Ford Pickup with a super Snow Bird Snowmobile attachment. According to the guy, and his sign. It was used for mail delivery, and I am assuming lots of other purposes too. I think I need one of these to handle our Michigan winters! Lol. And of course the buffalo plaid clothing hanging there – I am a sucker for buffalo plaid anything.

We chatted with the owner for a bit then wandered off to the garden, one of my favorite spots in the village. It was a great time to go, and now at the end of the year the blooms are fading but there were some plants bearing fruit, like tiny ornamental eggplants that looked like pumpkins! I am definitely adding that to my garden next year! We were on a slow roll tour of the village, so we took a seat in the garden watching the sun begin to set.

We sat for a few minutes, taking it all in, chatting with other people strolling through the garden, guessing what the different plants were, before setting off and catching up with the parade on the other side of the village. A man in an old Ford truck offered us a lift to sit on his hay bales in back, and we almost took it, but chose to keep walking, although, it would have been fun. The clouds started to really roll in and we had a feeling it was going to start to rain and wanting to beat the crowd out, we started heading toward the exit, slowly making our way there.

I had my head in the clouds, the sky was so dramatic and beautiful. It was one of those times I itched for my camera, not just my cell phone camera. I put my camera away a few years ago, as I felt I was missing moments, trying to capture them. I wanted to be fully present and not just the person behind the lens. I will probably pick it up again at some point, but not just yet, unless I go out and solo shoot.

The night was low key, mellow, and last minute. And we had a wonderful time together; we were able to talk and listen to each other, something that we don’t actually always get to do, with Wyatt around. Lol. It was one of those nights that was easy and simple and didn’t need to be a big thing to have fun.

It’s Wednesday! What are you listening to?

So, this is obviously a little riff on Monday’s What Are You Reading post that is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date. I don’t really intend for this to be a weekly feature, but I thought this would be pretty fun, maybe once a month or three. And I would really really love to know what you guys are listening to!

Let’s start with podcasts.. I am in love with them. I have some that I listen to when I am sans child, since they are not appropriate for his little ears, but we have a few that we listen to together too.

Family Podcasts

Storynory – This is a great storytelling podcast! They share classic stories, fairytales, myths, even poems and all told in a fun, easy listening way for kids. Stories have great sound effects too, to make it more of an experience! Our favorite episode: The Owl and the Pussycat (super short, but I LOVED this poem as a kid and so does Wyatt now)

Circle Round – Another storytelling podcast, presented by NPR. This one is based mainly on folk tales, and some even are read by actual actors. I love the different range of stories that they present on this podcast, and they often pair with orchestras to add music as well. Our favorite episode: The Piper and the Pooka

Ear Snacks for Kids: This is a new one for us, we just found it, so no favorites yet but we are having fun discovering all of their quirky songs based around art and science and culture. We listened to one about teeth and teeth brushing this morning and it was so fun – who knew that topic could be so funny?

Classics for Kids: So, this one, I am pretty sure Wyatt is not paying too much attention to what the hosts are saying, but is just enjoying the music they play. Lol. However, I have learned from this one! Another one new to our lineup.

My List:

Lore by Aaron Mahnke: The first podcast I ever listened to, and I still love it. Mahnke has a way of unfolding a tale! I love his eerie, spooky tales that he slowly unwinds for us, bit by bit. So good! I actually listen to this if Wyatt is around, most of the time, unless the topic is too macabre. Lore is also a show on Amazon and Mahnke has a few books out too! Favorite episode: Black Stockings

America’s National Parks (L.L. Bean): I love this one!! Different stories about the history of our national parks, the people who have visited or worked there, and celebrates the wild nature of them all. I have so many favorite episodes, but here are three that I have made family members listen to because I wanted them to hear these tales: Favorite Episodes: 37 Days in Yellowstone, Alone on a Winter Island, and The Strange World of National Park Gift Stores.

My Favorite Murder: Another old favorite- Karen and Georgia and their quick witted banter lends a much needed mood lifter at times during this true crime podcast. However, this one is not safe for children to listen to, due to language and violence. Favorite Episode: The Live in Glasgow episode

Living Homegrown: A new one to my list, all good stuff about sustainability and how to live on the farm without actually living on the farm, tips on how to live closer to your food source while living somewhere you don’t really have access to land. The podcast was on a hiatus due to Theresa Loe’s cancer, but I think the podcast is starting back up again.

I usually use Spotify pretty exclusively, because I can listen to music and podcasts all in one place. Plus I have the app on my television now, so I can just play everything right from my tv, which has way better speakers. I have to be honest, my music lists are pretty bare! I could use some suggestions and help!

What we are listening to – music:

The National Parks – I had never heard of this band until I was searching for the National Parks podcast. Lol. They are pretty good, mellow for slow mornings or evenings, and coffee or wine.

Lord Huron: Sort of similar in sound to the National Parks, I discovered them for the first time while watching a vlogger on YouTube that we love, Trout and Coffee (jeez, I could do a post on vloggers too!)

The Okeedokee Brothers: So this one is Wyatt’s choice. They have so many albums for kids, and they are folky, bluegrass music, lots of nature imagery. We listen to them a lot! So much that now I actually am a fan too. Lol. Particular favorites here are Jamboree, Through the Woods, Evergreen, and Thousand Star Hotel, and Howl. Look them up on YouTube too, they have little movies!

And some people need no introduction – Tom Petty, Carol King, Van Morrison, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Luke Coombs. We also listen to a really cool playlist called Classical Nature – I found I love Gustav Holst’s The Planets! Wyatt loves Flight of the Bumblebee. There is of course other stuff that we listen to, but these get the most play. This list is so different from what I used to listen to! I had no idea musical taste could change, but ours seems to have. My husband was a Skinny Puppy, Misfits kind of guy- I listened to a lot of alternative stuff and wore a lot of black. But now? We are country music, folk music type of folk. Lol.

So… I would love to hear what you are listening to! I could always use more suggestions! Do you listen to any of these?

My Sunday-Monday Post

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Last week had a lot of little moments that were fun, just small but appreciated. I met my friends for coffee to celebrate my SIL Chrissy’s birthday one morning while Wyatt was at school, and it was a nice way to start the morning (well, after all the getting ready for school and drop off was done!), Wyatt and I went to the library on our weekly pilgrimage, and on Saturday we bopped around our city wide garage sale and then celebrated my MIL’s 70th birthday! The city wide was pretty neat – I love just poking through people’s sale items lol. We bought a few things but not much. It is Secondhand September so I am trying not to buy new things for myself this month, so this was a fun way to do it. I always run into so many friends and acquaintances too, doing the same thing.

Read Last Week:

My plans were disrupted by my Kindle acting up on me! I was having the hardest time with it all week, so I eventually I gave up. I really didn’t read much of anything! I did start a book of local ghost stories that I picked up at the library – one story even takes place in my hometown. It wasn’t a great book however, so I didn’t end up finishing it.

Reading This Week:

I am so excited to read this! I loved The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane so I am looking forward to reading on with these characters. I was going to save more supernatural books for October but I can’t wait. I am also still working on Foxes Unearthed, if I can get the Kindle to behave!

Posted Last Week:

Saying Goodbye to Summertime Snippets

A Few Mini-Reviews

Harvest Full Moon


We FINALLY watched Stranger Things Season 3!! And it was so so good! I admit I dragged my feet since I wasn’t a huge fan of Season 2, but 3 was amazing. After we binged that we decided to start Mindhunter Season 2 – which is freaking me out!

Saying goodbye to Summertime Snippets…

As summer is ending and falling into fall, school is back in session, and the easy breezy summer days are no more for this year. And that is ok, there is a season for everything. I can see the change of seasons in my photos, as summer images give way to autumn.

Late summer meant trips to the aquarium, summer music class, visits to Greenfield Village with grandparents. ..

Family nature hikes, surrounded by a canopy of green, the last of the water lilies dotting the water (they were gone the very next week!), Sandhill Cranes before they leave for warmer climates..even a woolly bear caterpillar spotted on a little leaf. Don’t worry though if you are not a fan of snow, this woolly bear says we are in for a mild winter!

Playing in the dirt everyday all day, ice cream on the lawn, ground cherries that we found growing in our back garden, and spontaneous hugs from my kiddo.. (those aren’t seasonal though!)

This week we are getting ready for the harvest moon! I feel we have officially reached fall!

My Sunday-Monday Post

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First, my prayers for everyone that was in the path of Dorian. What a terrible tragic force that hurricane is, leaving so much devastation in its path. I read that Habitat for Humanity is planning on helping to rebuild housing that was lost, and I plan on donating to aid in this cause. I can’t do much but I want to do something.

Last week was all about finding our feet with our new schedule – pretty sure we haven’t figured out our routine quite yet…. I find it just as hard to transition to a new schedule as my son! It’ll take us a beat to find our new school year rhythm. We spent last week just getting used to it all again, and I have to say I am feeling all off. Hopefully this week is easier! Wyatt is enjoying being back though, which is great! Over the weekend we had our last summer Music Together class, and we won’t be joining again until spring. We all loved the class though, and recommend it if you have one in your area! We also went to a Family Fun Day at the center where Wyatt goes to therapy, then had dinner with my mom before leaving the kiddo with her for a few hours to have a short little date night at Greenfield Village. They were open late for a Ragtime fest and old car show (1900s-1930s cars only!) and the weather was perfect. It was a busy but good day. This morning, after I finish here, we are going on a family hike before coming home to do some home stuff that we need to do for the week. I think I am going to make Mushroom and Wild Rice soup and I am super excited for it!

Read Last Week:

I managed to read both of these books last week, and I loved them both. Leaving Time was phenomenal, and blew my mind honestly. Soo good!!

Reading This Week:

I started Foxes Unearthed last week and it is pretty interesting so far. I love foxes so this book is perfect for me. Although, who could loathe this beautiful clever animals! I am also starting A Little Hotel in Cornwall.


We binged on Carnival Row – it was so good!! We both loved it and were sad when it ended. I think we are going to start Stranger Things next and get that knocked off of our list. We have so much waiting for us – Mindhunter, Glow, Big Little Lies, and I will be able to catch up on some podcasts too while little man is at school.

So what is going on with you all?

Hello, September!

September!! I absolutely love fall – I wait every year patiently for my favorite season to roll around, and while I know the beginning of September is not quite fall yet technically, don’t we all associate it with fall? I think it is the whole back to school aspect of the month – kids go back in the fall, therefore, it is fall. While the weather is still sunny and warm there is now a breeze that is blowing through, crisp and cool that is making me long for fall to finally and totally arrive. Bonfires and apple picking await this month, there is cider to be drunk, flannels and boots and sweaters will be pulled out soon, and cozy meals are soon to be made. We have already started with a few of these, with a bonfire at my brother’s over Labor Day weekend, chili mac and cornbread served up at it’s glowing warmth and flames. The weather was perfect, the kids had a blast, and the adults just enjoyed the moment. One of those nights. The kids did not go to sleep in the tent as we had hoped, but it was ok – we were saying goodbye to summer and they were a part of that.

I am still reminded that it is more of a late summer right now, when I head outside. Some of my flowers are still blooming away, bees are hurriedly gathering all the pollen they can, but signs of fall are out there too. Leaves fallen into the garden, squirrels eating the apples from our tree, our family eating the apples too. It’s time to gather up the seeds for next year, harvest what we can. I am outside gathering and collecting, acorns and marigold seeds, lemon basil to make into salt, black walnuts for pesto, apples for pie and just eating. My sister-in-law and I are planning on a canning day at my uncles, while my mom watches our kiddos. It is a time to gather the bounty of nature and gather together as well.

We have some fun things planned for this month, from family art projects to hikes, field trips, and milestone birthday parties. Wyatt has started school again, and while he is busy learning I hope to do some home projects and personal art projects and write here more too. I always feel more creative and energized this time of year – it is my time, and I love it. My brother and I took our kids for ice cream together today, and he was wearing a flannel, and eating maple walnut ice cream, an echo of the change of season, right there in front of me. It was a day of small wonders and sights anyway, from a cuddly cat sleeping in a chair to the monarch caterpillar I watched shed into its chrysalis form, to the grasshoppers hopping about my yard, and finally to the magical white pumpkins that seem to have planted themselves in my front garden.

I am so ready for fall, so excited for this season. How about you? Is there a season or time of year that really resonates in your soul?

My Sunday-Monday Post

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This past week was the last week before school started, our very last week of summer vacation. Part of me wanted to fill it up with as much as I could, and another just wanted to slip out of summer right into school slowly. We ended up doing a lot of hanging out at home, getting geared up, and eating lots of ice cream outside. This weekend is a holiday weekend, so Billy has three days off, and we are so excited! We spent our last day of August hiking in the woods, where we saw signs of fall’s upcoming arrival all around us. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! And today, the first day of September, it is rainy. I love a rainy day so I am not too upset, although we are supposed to go to a BBQ this afternoon so…we shall see.

Read Last Week:

Wow, did I love this book! I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did! You can check out my review here.

Reading This Week:

I love foxes so I am looking forward to Foxes Unearthed! And Leaving Time is a book club read for me. So far it is really good!


We started watching Carnival Row on Amazon and are obsessed! I love Orlando Bloom though…

What is going on in your part of the world?