Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

This gift idea list is always my favorite to create! I have so many kiddos in my life and I love looking for fun, unique gifts for them all every year. I usually get them something I know they want, but also..a little something I want them to have too. I love the idea of potentially giving a gift that becomes an heirloom or is something they save forever. This list is made up of items I have added to a favorites list as ideas for my own family members and I love sharing these ideas with you too!

Pirate Rag Doll || Mermaid Doll || Pirate Map Making Kit

Yarr! Wyatt is OBSESSED with pirates right now and I know he is going to love this little pirate! I actually ordered this already, and it is in the process of being made. This shop, A Button and a Stitch, I included in last year’s gift idea guide and I love them so much I am including them again. There are all sorts of dolls, including special needs dolls and POC dolls. I emailed the shop owner to see if she could give this pirate AFO braces and she is! I am so excited, and I know he will be too. Update: it’s here and it’s perfect! I also immediately ordered two more dolls for my nieces.

And because I was looking for pirate stuff for Wyatt, I came across this pirate map making kit. I am thinking Santa might be delivering this as well to a certain little boy this year.

And since we are at sea, we can’t leave out mermaids. These dolls are so beautiful, the colors, the craftsmanship looks amazing, and that hair!! Dreamy.

Wooden Warrior Set || Sew Your Own Sock Dragon Kit || Marshmallow Catapult

This wooden warrior set looks so cool! All the kids in my life are huge into imaginative play and I love how well made these look! I would totally play with this if I were a kid! Perfect for little knights and shield-maidens! Note: These are from the Ukraine. All the reviews I read have said that the orders have arrived on time but it is something to consider.

I am in love with that cute colorful sock dragon!! I sort of want one – I mean it does say it is for kids and adults. It says it is for kids 8 and up but obviously use your judgement. I would consider this for a little bit older kid but I do know some 8 year olds capable of this project. It is just so happy looking, I love it!

Ok. This marshmallow catapult. We got a similar one for Wyatt at the Renaissance Festival over the summer and it is such a fun toy! Wyatt and Mermaid Girl both had fun playing with the display ones at the festival and Wyatt enjoys playing with it at home. You can use it with marshmallows, pompom balls, etc. Soft things in our house. Plus if you have cats and you shoot off pompom balls the cats love it… to chase! No shooting at actual animals please.

Wooden Bow and Arrow || Nature Satchel || Art Boxes

Another version of a Renaissance Festival purchase. My niece got a little archery set and she loves it so much. This shop has two sizes, small and large.

I had hoped to share Billy’s nature satchels here, but they just aren’t ready yet! He has been working on his own version of adventure bags made from leather, but it’s been slow going, as things made with love are. Anyway, I also really like this one! Most kids I know love to collect on their walks – acorns, leaves, rocks, twigs, chestnuts – anything of interest and this bag can hold more than their little pockets, or their parent’s pockets for that matter!

I am in love with this art box!! I 100% need it for my own little artist, although with his birthday in March, it might be a birthday gift. It comes with art supplies too!

Wooden Puzzle || Felt Merino Animal Slippers || Double Handle Rainbow Mug

I love this simple puzzle. You can buy one, or you can purchase one base and a set of the puzzles themselves. I love the bright colors and adorable illustrations.

Gah! I miss being able to dress Wyatt in sweet little clothes sometimes! I love these cute little slippers for toddlers. They come in other animals as well, but I of course love the foxes best.

You can never have too many rainbows around!! Perfect for hot cocoa season. I also like the double handle for a firmer grip – for Wyatt it would also be good OT!

I hope you enjoyed this list of ideas!! A few tips for Etsy shopping. Make sure to check country of origin and shipping dates, and shipping costs. If you have any questions message the shop owners – most are so quick to respond and if not, that could be a red flag. Also, if you install the Etsy app on your phone and allow notifications for this time of year, you will get notified when an item you have favorited has gone on sale!

‘Tis the Season Cinema: A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong

‘Tis the season to watch movies..fa la la la la, la la la la. Or something like that. I got lost with all those las. September and October were all about the spooky – November and December are all about the holiday season, heartwarming and cozy. Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I have teamed up again to share our opinions on different movies and I am enjoying our foray into the holiday movie season! You can find Lisa’s impressions here.

Last week we watched The Man Who Invented Christmas – this week Lisa’s choice introduced me to the world of the Mischief Theatre Company and A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong.

I have to admit feeling a little lost at the beginning, because I missed the first few minutes due to my child, but basically it was just as the title states – A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong. Apparently an acting troop decides to hijack a television production, and replace all the professional actors with themselves. However, they have no idea what they are doing and things keep going very wrong for them. The actual actors who were supposed to be in the show keep popping back up (that is what was confusing me, I was like who are these people and why do they keep showing up), Bob Cratchit has to very obviously read all of his lines from any prop he can find, special effects keep going wrong.. the list goes on. The Bob Cratchit character was my favorite, and he made me laugh the most. Throughout the whole production, there is also a whole extra layer concerning the actual actors and their real lives. So for a short little show there is so much going on!

And quite frankly, I needed a laugh yesterday. The night before, Wyatt had woken up in the middle of the night with one of those quick random illnesses kids get, with a very slight fever (99) and throwing up. I was up all night, I talked to pediatric neurology at 1 am..it was just a long night. So yesterday morning we were all exhausted after our long night. And to boot, yesterday was my birthday! Needless to say, it was the most low key birthday I have ever had. By the time tv time rolled around for Billy and I, I was ready for something light and easy to watch. And A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong worked out very well for us!

It reminded Billy and I of the spoof type movies, with Leslie Nielsen, like Airplane and Naked Gun – just done in “the British way” (anyone watch Muppet Christmas Carol? It’s my favorite version of the Christmas Carol and it is on the list for later!) You can watch A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong free on YouTube, and it is a short little 50 minute production full of gags and pratfalls and silliness.

Up next for us is the classic White Christmas!

Homeschooling Journey: North Dakota, Edward Hicks, and Peace.

Last week was well, peaceful. I wanted to explore the concept of peace and mindfulness and home this month with Wyatt. It just felt like the right thing for November. It is an ongoing theme, so we started reading a few books on the topic of peace, talked about things that felt like peace to Wyatt, and made those cute peace dove hearts with his cousin one afternoon. Inside the kids had to write three things that peace is and they did a really good job.

When I learned that North Dakota was home to the International Peace Garden, which is situated on the border of the U.S. and Canada I knew it was the state we were going to work on in social studies. I mean, obviously. We didn’t get around to making our own mini peace gardens but maybe before the month is over we will.

We always cover the key facts of the state, talk about the state animals/trees/flowers etc, and then always pick the interesting facts that are most appealing to us. I am not expecting Wyatt to memorize the date of statehood or what number state they are, or even the capitol of the state right now. I want him to learn about the area the state is in, the region, what the landscape and climate are like, the flora and fauna, and those interesting things that stand out. I am always a little surprised by what he chooses! This time he chose as his favorites the W’eel Turtle, which is an 18 foot turtle built out of 2000 wheel rims, and that the National Buffalo Museum is there, and home to a rare white buffalo named White Cloud. I didn’t tell him that White Cloud passed away in 2016 so he is on display there, not actually living there. I kept that tidbit to myself.

We always have fun in art! This week Wyatt was a bit bored by the actual art and artist I had chosen – Edward Hicks and his work The Peaceable Kingdom. And from his perspective it probably wasn’t super exciting to look at, but it did give us the opportunity to talk about how the animals in the painting are usually animals that wouldn’t normally get along, which was the point of the painting, that they were a peaceable kingdom. He then picked an animal from the painting and then together we created one out of oil pastels. It was again an art lesson with Dad, which has been a fun trend! Wyatt chose a lion from the inspiration artwork, and then I helped him with the actual outline of the lion using hand over hand due to his motor control, although he is getting better and better everyday! Sometimes he just wants my hand over his wrist as a confidence boost while he does all the work. Anyway, we got the lion drawn, he made all the wild marks for the mane, and then Billy showed him how to blend the pastels to make it look smooth and soft. It turned out really well! And Wyatt did enjoy that part!

What We Used:

This section contains Amazon Affiliate links. In addition to the curriculum I am creating for him, we also use curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful, The Waldock Way, and Blossom and Root for phonics, reading, science, and social studies.

P is for Peace Garden || Peaceful Pieces || Peace is an Offering || Peace Train || The Peace Book

For the peace dove heart craft

My Sunday-Monday Post

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Hey everyone!

It was a pretty good week around here! Wyatt had a good appointment with his epileptologist last Tuesday, which was an appointment I was pretty anxious about. But, it went really well! I also got the call that his actual wheelchair is being delivered the 21st, thank goodness! His loaner has been a blessing but it is also maybe been loaned out a few too many times, as the brakes work half the time, and now the armrests have both fallen off. I tied one on with one of Wyatt’s pirate scarves and the other we just push up out of the way. His therapists and I just sort of laugh at how it is like some sort of like the jalopy of wheelchairs. One more week!

Read Last Week:

I loved my return to the world of Mitford. I needed their kind of generosity and compassion in my life the past few weeks and it was a wonderfully gentle read. I had started another book, The Hills is Lonely, but I couldn’t get into it. I think it was more my mood than the book, so I will try again at a later date.

Reading This Week:

I guess I am more in the mood for light and fluffy or cozy and mysterious. Lol. And, if you have seen my last few posts I am early on the Christmas train this year, but well, I guess I need a little Christmas.

Posted Last Week:

10 on the 10th – Holiday Memories

Holiday Gift Guide for the Armchair Detective

‘Tis the Season Cinema: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Librarians Not to Mess With

Homeschool Journey: Wayne Thiebaud, Missouri, and desserts

Watching and Listening:

Billy and I have been watching Ghosts, The British Baking Show, and the past few nights we have watched Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence, which was excellent!! I loved it!

We also started watching holiday movies for the fun of it, and as part of the ‘Tis the Season Cinema series I am doing with Lisa from Boondock Ramblings. Next up is A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong, if anyone else wants to watch along with us.

As for listening, a lot of podcasts. With the recent developments and arrest in the Delphi case, I started the long series podcast Down the Hill by HLN.

Musically, we are listening to a lot of vintage music playlists on YouTube. And of course, Taylor Swift.

And that about sums it up for me this morning! How are things in your neighborhood?

10 on the 10th – I mean 12th. Holiday Memories!

This post took me a bit longer than normal – I wanted to make sure I put the right amount of thought in. 10 on the 10th is hosted by the lovely Marsha at Marsha in the Middle!

One of my earliest happy Christmas memories is the year my grandfather built me a dollhouse. I loved it so much – I was so charmed by the tiny details and rooms and I had it decades. I had such fun playing with it for so long, and even as a grown person I loved it. It sadly was destroyed when our basement flooded after a torrential rain that flooded the basements of everyone in our city.

I also remember going to every single parade with my dad as a kid. I loved them so much – whether it was the 4th of July or Christmas, hot or cold, I always loved going. My dad was all about “travelling fast and light” so we could get in and get out so no chairs or blankets for us as we got older, we just parked our bums on the concrete curbs. When I was little though, I did have a giant coat and hat, as well as blankets and cocoa.

I of course remember the first Christmas married to Billy, living in our tiny little apartment. We didn’t have room for a tree so we had a tiny tabletop one but it was a wonderful Christmas. I remember he bought me the softest, warmest robe that year since it was always freezing in our apartment.

When Billy and I were younger I used to work retail at an office supply store-gift store. A lot of our customers were elderly and alone and I was friendly with them. They would come in to visit and chat- I loved hearing their stories. One man was a volunteer for a local charitable organization and told me once he had been born on Christmas and his mom named him Harold Angel in honor of his birthday. Another woman, she told me her family lived far away and that she wanted her massive Christmas village but couldn’t do it herself. So, I volunteered Billy and I to do it for her. That is probably one of the moments I realized how much I loved Billy – most nineteen or twenty year old men would have laughed and refused. But not Billy. He went with me and helped set up this Christmas village for a complete stranger basically, in her home that was a million degrees. She was so happy to have us there. She had cookies and eggnog (which I hate, especially when I was absolutely sweating in her home) but I drank a glass anyway and so did Billy.

And speaking of decorations… let me tell you about my dog Penny. She was the most beautiful, craziest, sweetest English Setter ever. We had adopted her from a local shelter and a week later we had her in the emergency vet. She had gotten into the the basement, found our fake Christmas garland full of thick wire, and eaten it. Which we only discovered when she threw it up. She had also eaten part of a magazine which actually probably saved her as it wrapped around the wire. Anyway, they did emergency surgery and she was ok, but we didn’t want to take the chance of it ever happening again and so for the 13 years we had her we never put up anything other than a tabletop ceramic tree. Not a real tree, not a fake one. Just the ceramic one for years.

The year of Wyatt was actually our first year with a tree again. Penny had passed away a few months after Wyatt was born, but we didn’t think for a while we were going to have a tree at all. Things were tight that year financially, very tight. We were surprised when out of the blue we received a card in the mail from a family friend, a woman who had known me since I was born, who had a giant generous heart, and that card had $300 in it. We used it to buy an artificial tree and to make Wyatt’s first Christmas a good one. Faye is gone now, and I get teary every single year when we put the tree up. We have discussed getting a different tree, or a real tree, but I will never not put that one up somewhere in our house.

A photo of Wyatt from his second Christmas, with our favorite Santa.

Ok halfway through!

I have another dog story. We always had the craziest dogs! This was over twenty years ago, before I was married to Billy. It was Christmas Eve, and the church my family went to was right down the street from our house so after church services that night, my whole family, aunts and uncles and cousins came over as they always did. This time though, my dog Molly was waiting. Waiting to spring! We opened the door and she took off like a shot, racing down the snowy icy sidewalks and streets on a mission to find adventure. I was distraught, upset, crying, freaking out. Everyone in my family who was able to took off, all of us in our nice church clothes, running after her, looking for her, yelling down alleys in the cold night and darkness. We eventually found her about fifteen minutes later sniffing around someone’s yard and were able to grab her collar and bring her home. I was so grateful, but now we all laugh at the craziness of that night!

I have never been a New Year’s Eve person. It always makes me sad and morose, about another year gone. I rally pretty quickly and get excited about the hope of a new year, but that night, the passing of time weighs pretty heavy on me. One of the two best New Year Eve’s I have had, that were not as a child and when staying up late was exciting, or after Wyatt was born when things were totally different, were the New Years Eves’ I spent with my college friends. I have a friend from university who moved to Australia when he married a delightful Australian woman – Dan and Irma. They are so much fun! I actually missed visiting with them over the summer because Wyatt and I got COVID when they were in town! But, they have spent two NYE in Michigan since moving and both have been full of everything happy. And more than likely many drinks.

Now our NYE’s are much more sedate. Dinner with Devin and Chrissy and Mermaid Girl, music, the kids playing, a glass of wine or two, an earlyish night. They are perfection.

One of my very favorite holiday memories is the year Wyatt was born, my niece was born, and my best friend Kelly had a daughter that year too. Boom boom boom. Babies. One in March, one in August, one in September. That year Chrissy, Kelly, and I got together to make Christmas cookies. Our husbands stayed in the living room with our babies, while we baked. Kelly and I did an abysmal job while Chrissy’s we’re as always professional, but we had such a blast. And these babies!! Left to right is my friend Kelly’s daughter Eloise, then my niece Mermaid Girl, then big time Wyatt. These are some of my favorite photos of them ever.

And I don’t think I can top these three cuties so I am ending here.

Do you have any memories of holidays you would like to share? I’d love to hear them.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Armchair Detective

I am an early shopper for the holidays – I start browsing around online during the summer and early fall, and start buying by October. I am not an in-person shopper, I much prefer to do my shopping online and I have lists and lists of things saved! Sometimes I go down little rabbit trails and this was one I had to share, as I myself am an armchair detective. So this holiday gift guide was a lot of fun to create! I hope you enjoy it as well, and maybe you will find that little something for the mystery lover in your life! (or if you are that mystery lover, maybe you will find something to add to your list! I know that I have sent most of these items to my husband as little suggestions…)

This post contains affiliate links from Etsy. All other links are not affiliate links. And these are all just suggestions for fun! Please do not feel obligated or like you have to buy this stuff. If you find something you like, cool. If not that’s cool too.

L to R: Mysteries in my Pajamas || Agatha Christie Character Shirt || British Mystery Writers Mug

I solve mysteries in my pajamas all the time – at least one a night. This shirt is awesome. This design is also available as a mug and a sticker which is nice for small gifts or stocking stuffers.

Who is your favorite Christie character? I have to stick with Miss Marple for now, she still reigns supreme for me. With this shirt your favorite armchair detective doesn’t even have to try to solve the mystery of which is their favorite, they can proudly wear them all.

The British Mystery Writers mug is actually top of my list. At one point I even had it in my cart, ready to buy, and I was like no no no – my birthday and Christmas are coming! But I made sure to send it to my husband. I love to drink tea and read and watch mysteries and this mug looks so lovely – and big!

L to R: Sherlock Holmes Whiskey Glass || Baker Street tie || Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Mont Blanc

Every year I add a literary whiskey glass to my cousin’s collection and I think this Sherlock Holmes glass is the winner for this year! I did consider getting him a tie instead though, because this one is really neat. It’s fun but also understated.

And the pen – well. I have a story about that. My stepmom asked me for pen suggestions for my dad for Christmas. My dad and I LOVE fine pens – I used to work at an office supply store and that was my area – and neither my dad nor I ever added a Mont Blanc to our collection. So I was browsing the Mont Blanc site looking for something appropriate, found this one, and sent it to my stepmom to be silly. It is a lovely pen, although a bit out of the price range she was looking at. But hey, if it is within yours more power to you! Because this pen would be a treasure to have!

L to R: Sassy Nancy Drew Sweatshirt || Hunt a Killer Board Game || The Great Mouse Detective Tee

I have always loved mysteries, even as a child! Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, The Great Mouse detective Basil, Scooby Doo – I could literally go on and on. I love a warm slouchy hoodie, and this one cracks me up. It definitely makes me think of the reboot Nancy Drew show, which I love.

These Hunt a Killer board games are so cool! I have always wanted to play one, and this Nancy Drew edition is really neat! (For a more family friendly version, I would check out this new Clue Board Game )

Pendant Magnifying Glass

Finally, every good detective needs a magnifying glass. Ever since watching Miss Marple and seeing her with her pendant magnifying glass, I have wanted one. I love how vintage this one looks!

A few Etsy tips! Make sure to always check shipping costs, country of origin, and shipping time. I also like to read about the timeliness of responses when people message the shop owners. Also – if you add an item to your favorites or cart, you might get a message from the shop owner offering a discount! Sometimes but not always, obviously. If you have the app and notifications turned on for the holiday season like I do, then you will see the notification straight away! Etsy also has their own favorites pages – I spent some time looking through the picks for him list!

‘Tis the Season Cinema: The Man Who Invented Christmas

It’s the holiday season!! And after a September and October filled with ghosts and other scary things, I am so ready for heartwarming, hopeful, and cozy.- although this was a bit of a ghost story too.. Lucky for me, our first movie of the season checked all of those boxes!

Where should I begin? Last night was my very first viewing of this movie, although I had heard about it. My good friend Jill is a mega Dan Stevens fan and so his work is always on my radar through her. It also is exactly the type of movie I am drawn to, so it was weird that I didn’t see it when it first came out. However, maybe then it wouldn’t have held the same magic for us as it did last night. Because last night, Billy and I were enchanted. It’s been a rough few weeks around here, and this week Billy has worked late every night, which means long days for me as well. When we flopped into bed to watch this, we were both feeling a little worn out and worn down. The world has been too much with us, you know what I mean?

We settled in, and were totally wowed. We were reminded of the magic and love and hope in the world. That people can be kind, that we need to let the spirit of Christmas and generosity and peace be with us all year.

Dan Stevens plays Charles Dickens, who quite frankly I didn’t know much about other than being familiar with his work. The movie begins with Dickens in a bit of a financial pickle, after having written three unsuccessful books in a row (which was unbelievable to me too). He is up to his eyeballs in debt, with his large new home, his growing family, and in addition he supports his father and mother. He’s a bit stressed to say the least, and tries very hard to not let the stress change who he is at heart. But who is he?

We learn through flashbacks that his father went to debtors prison and he himself went to work long, 12 hour days at a shoeshine factory as a young boy of 11. This has long hung over him, and over his opinion of himself, his work, and his relationship with his father.

All of this is going on in the background of his life as he writes his new book, about what some characters in the movie referred to a minor holiday – Christmas. And oh, the scenes of him writing the book is so clever and brilliant. The characters bounding to life, hounding him, haunting him, taunting him, leading him as he writes their stories. At times he is frustrated with them as they won’t do what he wants, and Stevens portrayal of Dickens in his frustration and desperation made me feel frustrated as well, it was so well acted. The movie is so clever, as I said. The characters are with him, there but not there, real to him in his mind at all times as he goes about his days and nights. His wife accuses him of caring more about his characters than his flesh and blood family, and the viewer has to wonder a little bit how much truth is in that statement. We see a wild, whimsical, sometimes reckless Dickens struggle with the part of him that has a bit of darkness, the demons from childhood that hover around him like ghosts, the parts that make up bits and pieces of Scrooge. Stevens is able to convey all of these emotions and I believe that this was his best role ever. I would give him an Oscar for it even.

It’s a race against time for Dickens – will he finish the book by the deadline? Will it get printed? Can he overcome his demons to write a masterpiece? Will his family be ok? And will Tiny Tim live??

This movie was fantastic. Billy and I just looked at each other when it was over, me wiping tears from my eyes at the beauty and love of it all. I had goosebumps. It is an absolutely wonderful movie, and if you have not seen it yet, I 100% recommend it for your holiday movie watching this season.

For Lisa’s rundown, click here!

Librarians Not to Mess With

I am not sure what possessed me to write this post – I only know that I really wanted to. Maybe it is nostalgia for the many years I spent watching Buffy, or hanging out in libraries in general. Librarians are pretty bad a** by nature, protecting freedoms and fighting censorship, as well as promoting reading to all ages, and making the library itself a hub of the community. I’m a fan! There have been so many really cool depictions of librarians on television and in movies, and Billy and I were talking about them other day, and well, now we have this post.

Should I start at the bottom? Or at the top of the list? Maybe random? We all know order is very important to librarians so I want to get this right! Hmm. For this post, I will start at the bottom and work my way up to my favorites.

The Librarian Ghost from Ghostbusters

This gray lady librarian takes her job so seriously that she is still working and keeping order in the library even after her death! Plus, this scene has a pretty terrifying jump scare!

Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen – The Librarian

Anyone else watch these? They were a little on the cheesy side but I enjoyed them. They had a bit of an Indiana Jones feel and I absolutely loved Indiana Jones as a kid, but even better, the main character is a librarian of a secret library full of fantastic treasures!

Dr. Abigail Chase – National Treasure

So, technically Dr. Chase was an archivist, but for our purposes, we will just say librarian. She is pretty fearless in her defense of the country’s national treasures!

Madame Pince – Librarian at Hogwarts

Feared and loathed by the students at Hogwarts, Madame Pince took her role extremely seriously and was quite fierce about her expectations for the library. You didn’t want to cross her, that is for sure! Even Dumbledore had an issue taking out a book from the library. She was very highly protective of the books but also did her job as a professional.

Batgirl AKA Barbara Gordon

I mean seriously. A librarian AND a crime fighting superhero? Batgirl was a favorite of mine as a kid, and I was just telling Billy my Batgirl costume was one of my top favorites. Although I didn’t get to wear super cool glittery boots! What the heck Mom!

Olivia Caliban – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sooooo.. since I am focusing on librarians of television and film I felt I could include Olivia Caliban. In the Netflix series, she was a lot cooler and heroic character. I mean, she was even eaten by lions!

So, we are down to my last two and I had a hard time deciding who I like better! I still am not sure so lets call it a tie.

Evelyn Carnahan O’ Connell  – The Mummy

One of my all time favorite characters EVER! She is like the perfect combo of awkward, quirky, brilliant, brave, and I love her clothes and style. I absolutely love this character and I feel like I need to rewatch these movies immediately now.

Rupert Giles – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I was such a huge Buffy fan! My friends and I would get together to watch it once a week, and Rupert Giles was always a favorite of mine from the start. I will never go back for a rewatch of this how, as I am sure it hasn’t aged well, but at one time I was obsessed and had a slight crush on Giles.

And…that wraps up my list of librarians you probably don’t want to mess with from television and film! Anyone you want to add?

Homeschool Journey: Wayne Thiebaud, Missouri, and desserts

We had a bit of a more laid back week last week – I think we both needed it! However, we still did some pretty cool stuff.

Missouri was a surprise! As part of our state studies, Wyatt has to choose a few interesting facts about every state. This time, his favorite facts were all about food – that the first ice cream cone was served at the World’s Fair in 1904, as well as tea with ice in it. We had to of course have ice cream to celebrate that first ice cream cone.

I kind of had to chuckle that his favorite fact was about the ice cream cone, as the artist I had chosen for the week was Wayne Thiebaud, a pop artist known for his paintings of desserts and food. Pies, ice cream, cakes, hot dogs – all done in really cool pastels.

We didn’t get to art until Saturday, which worked out because then Billy could participate. He actually led the lesson for him this time! Billy is an artist, and knows so much about art so I appreciated his help. I had never used oil pastels before, and they were part of the lesson, as was creating a resist, which was new to me. So I switched on some 50s music as it felt appropriate, and we got to work – in our pajamas even! Billy also came up with a genius idea to create templates for Wyatt to trace around to get the right perspective and proportions.

It worked perfectly! Then they added in the details, the color, and then traced over the lines with a black sharpie. Thiebaud uses oil pastels for the frosting to create a more luxurious, thicker look, then paints the rest in watercolor. So Wyatt and Billy did as well.

Billy did such a good job that I hung his up as well.

It was a low key week, but still very fun!

What We Used:

This section contains Amazon Affiliate links. In addition to the curriculum I am creating for him, we also use curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful, The Waldock Way, and Blossom and Root for phonics, reading, science, and social studies.

Missouri || Train of States || Counting With Wayne Thiebaud || S is for Show Me

Crayola Oil Pastels – these were really cool and fun to use! We are using them again this week.

Wayne Thiebaud Artist Handout – Teachers Pay Teachers – No Corner Suns

My Sunday-Monday Post

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Hello everybody!

I have spent the past week trying to get all comfy cozy but the weather is defeating me with its 70 degree days. Last night however we had some wild wind that felt like it was shaking the house – it was crazy! It was blowing in cooler temps, much more suitable to blankets and tea and books.

Billy and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary this weekend. We went out one night for dinner with Wyatt, and then the next night we left him with Grandma while we went for a hike and got tacos after. We ate them in the car,watching the sunset over the water. We are pretty simple people here.

And yeah, I totally spilled my beer. I am a bit of a klutz.

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I am still reading At Home in Mitford, taking my time and ambling along with Father Tim. When I am done I am starting The Hills in Lonely by Lillian Beckwith.

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Hello November!

Thursday Morning Coffee Catch Up


This week we have been watching Ghosts (both US and UK versions), and The British Baking Show, the latter of which has been making us crave all sorts of different baked goods.

As for listening, lots of Taylor Swift and The National Parks this week. I also put on a Vintage Autumn Playlist that Lisa at Boondock Ramblings recommended and it was really cool, so that is going into the rotation as well.

And that is about it from around here! Hope everyone is doing well!