Homeschooling: Interrupted

Last week started off well – we kicked off butterfly week with some great activities and the emerging of our butterflies, which was exciting! Wyatt strung together this great looking banner (I glued them to heavy paper and cut them out first) then we hung it in his window.

Then we were derailed. We had a neurologist appointment for Wyatt on Wednesday (video) and we ended up getting an overnight EEG for him the next day. This kid is something else, he is so strong and brave and undergoes so many things with such a good disposition. He is pretty amazing.

I was a mess honestly. Having to go to a last minute emergency overnight EEG during a pandemic was the last thing I wanted to do obviously. But the EEG did show that Wyatt has seizure activity occurring in his brain, and we were able to start him on medication immediately.

So our week took a different route than we had originally planned, but we are home now and together and have some answers on something that had been worrying us for months. He was originally supposed to get this EEG during the peak here in Michigan and it was obviously postponed, until it couldn’t be.

Anyway! For those interested, I did download many resources for butterfly week.


Butterflies – Little Pine Learners

All About Butterflies – Science for Little Learners

Butterfly Math – Linda’s Loft for Little Learners

Painted Lady Butterfly Unit – Stephanie Hathaway

Twig and Moth

Twig and Moth Butterflies and Moths

Books We Read:


Wild Republic Butterfly Nature Tube

Insect Lore Life Cycle Toy

A Day of New Life!

Yesterday was a big day around here! We had 6 of our 9 butterflies emerge from their chrysalis – and they couldn’t have had better timing.

It is butterfly week here this week, and Wyatt and I had just settled in to do some work after reading the book Butterfly Birthday. Butterfly Birthday celebrates the beginning of spring and also the birthday of all the butterflies that eclose in the book during the party. So, we read our book, got situated on Wyatt’s lesson, and I glanced down to see a butterfly! Our first butterfly made its appearance minutes after reading our book. Lol. We had to take a break to celebrate – with cake!

We just happened to have some left from Mother’s Day – strawberry with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Yum!

It’s so cool to us that you can see them as fully formed butterflies within the chrysalis before they emerge. Nature is so amazing! This was the first one born – the one in the chrysalis was the third.

It was a day for new life all around – my seeds are starting to sprout, also something to be excited about! I am most excited about my pumpkins today – I have always wanted to grow our own mini-pumpkin patch. I hope they make it!

My little sprouts! Pumpkins, watermelon, squash, lettuce, and basil all have made their appearances. Outside, the radishes are doing well! We are still waiting on some but this is a great start!

Spring was certainly making itself felt around here yesterday, and with it, a happy hopeful feeling as well.

Little Wanderings

It’s been some time since our family wandered around outside. We have been taking neighborhood walks but we haven’t been out in the world in two months. Our favorite places are sort of crowded these days with everyone else attempting to get out of the house too, so we have been avoiding our usual stomping grounds. Then this weekend, we remembered a few places that we thought might be less busy – and our hunches paid off!

So Sunday after a bellyful of chocolate chip pancakes and a virtual chat over tea with my mom, we pulled on our boots and headed out in search of whatever adventures we could find. Our first stop was a centennial farm and nursery. It was too cold for them to have many flowers out so we made plans to go back in warmer weather (hopefully this upcoming weekend!) and wandered about their beautiful grounds. We spotted fiddlehead ferns, a favorite of mine, so many birds including a cardinal that followed us around, and beautiful trees and plants. It was a brisk morning, cool and overcast and it even rained on us a few times, but that was ok. We don’t mind a little rain.

We also used the opportunity to practice mask wearing with Wyatt. We figured it was good to practice somewhere it wasn’t crowded or imperative to wear one for safety reasons – and where better but in the outdoors. We did encounter employees and the people that lived there, but we maintained social distancing and had masks on, so it was sort of a dress rehearsal for the weeks ahead. Wyatt did ok…. his face is so small though that it easily slips down off of his nose, so we need a plan for that. He likes to fiddle with it too, pulling it down – or up too high! He will get the hang of of it.

The grounds were beautiful but not big enough to satisfy our urge to be outside – so we decided to try a place nearby that we got to sometimes. We spent the short drive there crossing our fingers that it was not overcrowded and we were in luck! We had the place almost to ourselves, and there was more than enough trail for everyone.

It was so wonderful, and it was so good for me, for all of us, to be back outside again, and in nature. It is such a part of our family that we were really missing it. We headed home feeling refreshed, like someone had opened the windows to our souls and aired them out. Now that we know we can do this, we will be venturing out again, hopefully soon!

My Sunday-Monday Post!

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Today we are just having a quiet day at home…lol. We are going to have a virtual chat breakfast with my mom soon – and my husband is going to make me chocolate chip pancakes, yum! I do have that pancake obsession you know. Then since it is cold and rainy I think we will take a drive, then bake a cake and play some games with the boyo. I wanted to stop by and visit with my mom outside for a few minutes but it is too cold and I don’t want her to be outside in the rain. Last week was busy with zoom meetings for Wyatt – it makes me laugh that he now has meetings. We have been doing some therapy with his therapists online – let me tell you, that is pretty tough! They direct me and I have to do it for physical therapy and occupational. But I am learning!

Read Last Week:

So I wasn’t going to read another Witches of Palmetto Point book but then I realized this was the last one that is published so far and I felt like a quitter so.. I did. Then I started Reading Up a Storm and I am able to focus on it so yay! I’ve progressed in my quarantine reading!

Reading This Week:

I am rereading my favorite book Watership Down, like I do every spring, and I will probably also read (or try) Ever Faithful.

Posted Last Week:

Homeschooling: Snail Week!

Quarantine Book Tag

Currently.. May

Rolling With It

Watched Last Week:

We are still working our way through When Calls the Heart, and we took the plunge and started Midsomer Murders. I wasn’t thrilled with our choices for movie night this week – we watched Doolittle which wasn’t bad, really, just silly (which I expected) but Billy and I couldn’t handle whatever voice RDJ was using in that. Then we watched The Lighthouse on Saturday, which I have to say I really really didn’t care for. It was not my kind of movie at all. I will say the cinematography and sound effects were awesome. But that is it. So those were bummers but hey you win some you lose some.

Stay safe everyone!

Homeschooling: Snail Week!

I was so excited about this week, since I love snails! Wyatt enjoyed this week as well if you can tell by his big smile!

I’ve been using the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum as a guide for thematic ideas, along with the seasons here in Michigan. We had to move different weeks around because it was really still winter here until like, well…hmm. It snowed yesterday but I am still calling it spring. We have been enjoying our weeks, and I have the next few weeks all planned already, which I don’t think is too bad for being kind of thrust into this role.

This week we focused on snails and the letter S as our theme and framework. I had to dig a little harder to find the resources I wanted but when I did find them I was super excited about them. We ended up with so many projects and lessons, and worked on many different ideas, including patterns, shapes, colors, comparing/contrasting, literary arts, numbers and counting activities, and of course, talking about snails and their habits and habitats.

And we have our own little snail to observe too, which made it more fun.

Meet Sampson, if you haven’t already.

I love watching our learning space fill up with Wyatt’s projects and work every week. On Monday mornings, the space is sort of bare but by the end of the week is overflowing with what we have worked on. And he is so proud of them, and he should be. He loves to show them off to his grandmas on his zoom chats with them.

I kind of really loved our art projects this week – a snail based on Matisses’ The Snail, and a cute project I found on Pinterest using one of our favorite books, Escargot!

Resources I used:

Snails and Slugs Printables from Family in Wanderland

Insect Centers for Preschool by Natalie Lynn (this is a huge bundle! 212 pages that I plan on using different activities from over the next few months)

Worms, Snails, and Slugs by Pre-K Printable Fun

Living Montessori Now Snail Do-a-Dot Printable

Chickie and Roo Snail Collection

Escargot Book and Craft from Raising Kinley

Escargot Story Hour Kit

and then this super cute song!!! The Snail Song

I do sort the resources and adapt and adjust as needed for Wyatt’s abilities.

Books Used:

Books linked to Usborne are part of my Usborne store; if purchased I receive a small commission that will be used for educational materials for Wyatt.

1001 Bugs to Spot Sticker Book || Snail and Worm Again || Bug Hotel || The Biggest House in the World || Escargot

Next week we start Butterflies! Our butterflies should be eclosing any moment now and we are really looking forward to seeing them.

Quarantine Book Tag

We are still under the Stay at Home Order here in Michigan, although some businesses are being reopened in phases again. And good news from my area – it is no longer considered a hotspot so the order is working! So while we sit tight a little longer and let the essential workers do their jobs as safely as possible, I thought it would be neat to do this book tag! I saw it on Woven From Words‘ blog and I thought it looked fun! She has some great answers so be sure to pop over there too! The Quarantine Book Tag was created by OurBookNook.

Must-Have: a book you *have* to have with you while quarantined:

Watership Down , 100%. My favorite book of all time and I never ever get bored with reading it. And now that spring is basically here (despite the winter snowstorm in our forecast) it is time for me to reread it again. I just love this band of courageous rabbits!

Isolation: a book where the MC spends most of their time alone

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating made a huge impact on me. It is now one of my favorites and honestly is almost made to be read right now. (Review)

Binge Read: a long book series you’d recommend to someone who has a lot more time on their hands

I love a good cozy mystery and Hamish Macbeth is one of the first I ever read! I love his quirky village of Lochdubh in the Scottish Highlands, and this book series is super long at over 30 books!

Toilet Paper — All the TP is gone! What book are you using?

Yeah it was between this and Twilight… and if I had to choose I would keep Twilight over this one.

Anti-viral: a book that went viral that you have avoided or not read… yet

This book seemed to be everywhere for a while! I haven’t read it yet though.

Super Binge: What book and TV series combo would you recommend?

Because Jamie Fraser…..

Those are all the questions! If you would like to take part, consider yourself tagged!


I am slightly late to the party – but I am linking up with Anne in Residence for her Currently post.

Today we are talking about making, missing, learning, loving, reading.

Making: Bread! This house is on the sourdough train and have been making so many things with our starter, Yukon Jack. I am also making lots of lesson plans and plans for activities with the kiddo.

Missing: Well, my family and friends – I miss them so much, as I am sure everyone misses their loved ones too. As for other things, I miss the library and the zoo. Going to Starbucks for a coffee, or out to a fun dinner. My book club with my friends.

An older photo from a past zoo trip..

Learning: How to plan a week ahead for groceries! Lol. I have to order my groceries a week out right now, and it feels weird to anticipate what I might need. I am also learning more about myself, and the things that I will no longer need when this is over.

Loving: When Calls the Heart for sure. This show has helped me through some sad moments! I am also loving Stephanie Hathaway Designs and Chickie and Roo for my homeschooling needs! I have found that I also really love homeschooling…

Reading: Reading has been tough for me lately. I found that the only thing I can focus on reading were ghost stories and witch stories! I have read the whole Wendy Wang Witches of Palmetto Point Series – it was pretty darn good!

And that’s about it for this month! I will be linking up again June 3rd when we will be talking about what we are feelingwearingbuyingcraving, and discussing.