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Hi everyone! This past week Wyatt and I have been enjoying a break from homeschooling and maybe just all work in general and it has been awesome. Billy even took two days off work which made the time even better. We’ve been having little mini adventures, lazy days, and just plain having fun living life.

I am all over the place with reading right now. Like picking up books but skipping around from this one to that one, like a butterfly visiting flowers. I have been reading Watership Down most frequently, taking my time with my favorite book and not speeding through it, which when you have read a book this many times would be quite easy. It’s so familiar, every bit, and I want to take my time with it instead of flying through. I have a bit left in a few other books too, and I am planning on wrapping all of those up before moving on to my next read, Beauty From Ashes by Lisa Howeler! She blogs over at Boondock Ramblings about her life as a homeschool mom (her daughter and Wyatt are very close in age which is super awesome and I love sharing stories back and forth with her), avid British cozy watcher, random musings that make me laugh from her wry sense of humor that is so much like my own family’s sense of humor, and her faith. She is also a very talented writer! Her third book in the Spencer Valley Chronicles comes out on May 10th and as part of the launch team, I have a copy to read now!

I can’t say we are watching anything right now of note – we seem to have gotten sucked into Murdoch Mysteries. We are on Season 7 now and we have noticed that the show is seeming to take itself less seriously. This different sort of feel, a bit more humor, makes the show fun to watch. One of the last episodes we watched even got sort of meta on us. We have been playing hard during the day the past few weeks too, and it is pretty perfect to just unwind to at night.

We haven’t had much wake up music either! I think because we have been lazy in the mornings these days. Lol. We did have one the other day, and Wyatt was jamming out to it – Grateful Dead’s Touch of Grey, one of my faves. Apparently Wyatt is a fan as well.

I did manage to post a few times last week!

Making Things: Project Updates

My National Parks Bucket List

Easter Weekend

We Saw the Sun!

And.. that is about it from here! What is going on in your world? Reading anything good?

Making Things: Project Updates

I will preface this post by saying I am no artist. However, I don’t let that stop my joy in making things. I remember reading a long time ago in a Robert Fulghum book about how children love to sing and paint and draw and dance, and how as we get older, we lose that joy due to feeling that we are not “good enough” to do them. Well, who says you have to be good to have fun doing something? I guess if it is your job that is one thing, but as a hobby or a past time, let’s all just go for it!

So moving on. Project 1 – A little witch Hazel peg doll for Wyatt. He loves the book Little Witch Hazel. If you haven’t read it, it is about the sweetest little character named Hazel, who lives in the forest surrounded by animals and mushrooms and flowers and it is so adorable. It is is split into four stories, one for every season, and we first read it in the fall. Well, Wyatt had me check it out so many times from the library that the Easter Bunny brought him his own copy. And of course, I had to make him a little peg doll to go with it, gifted a few days later. He loves to re-enact the stories and for his favorites I make him characters. I thought Hazel turned out pretty cute!

I just used an unfinished wooden peg doll, acrylic paints, felt for the hat, and felted wool for her braids. My niece happened to see her at our house, thought it was so cute, and asked me to make her one as well, so I will be starting a new one soon.

And Project 2 – my Scrappy Hare!

This is such a challenge for me, but I am really enjoying it. I am so so very slow but that is ok. I can’t believe how long it takes me to cut the pattern pieces out! Why is that so hard for me?

So as a reminder, this is what the rabbit looks like finished. (pattern here)

I have a long ways to go before I get there though.

After much cursing and poking myself with pins I managed to get most of the pieces cut out.

Next, I pinned them together and Billy got me started on the sewing. I would never be able to do this project without him by the way. He is one of the most talented people I know!

After I sewed all the pieces on, Billy inserted the wire frame for me, and then we stuffed it. It looks like a little Egyptian sarcophagus right now, doesn’t it? Lol. The next step is making a round circle base out of wire, sewing the bottom up, and then actually sewing on scraps! I didn’t realize I was going to do that part so soon, I thought it would have be completely finished. I guess it makes sense though, as then I wouldn’t have to leave spaces for the other body parts?

While I have been sewing I have been considering what I want this scrappy hare to look like. The picture in my mind keeps going back to the character Blackavar from Watership Down, a rabbit with very dark fur. He is also pretty beat up from trying to escape Efrafa. I don’t feel I will include much in the way of wounds, but Blackavar is a pretty scrappy rabbit, and I feel like my scrappy rabbit might be a well. So this weekend I need to find scraps for my Blackavar! I am excited about this part!!

And that is where I am at with my projects! Hopefully I will have another rabbit update soon!

My National Parks Bucket List!

Happy National Park Week! If you are a regular reader here, then you already know that our family really enjoys the outdoors. We have been daydreaming about trips since the pandemic started, with National Parks at the top of our list. Billy and I have visited a few – Shenandoah (my favorite), Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Mackinac Island, Mammoth Cave, as well as a National Battlefield (Gettysburg), and a National Seashore (Chincoteague) Wyatt has yet to visit one; he has visited a National Lakeshore (Sleeping Bear Dunes), but not a National Park. Yet. And we have a few quick and easy National Park visits lined up for the summer – Cuyahoga Valley NP, Indiana Dunes NP, and a National Battlefield, River Raisin. But we have some pretty big bucket list parks on our list as well. This is my list – Billy and I have some crossover dream parks, but he has a few that are not on mine, and I have some not on his. But anyway, these are the parks on mine!

Acadia National Park, Maine:

Photo from

Why I want to go: Puffins and whales! I realize I have to get on a boat to do this, and honestly I am terrified of boats, but to see a puffin I will jump onboard one in a second. Also, seriously how beautiful does Acadia look? Mountains, rocky coastlines, forests, all of that calls my name. I took a trip to Maine and the East Coast as a kid and I loved it. I have never forgotten it and have always wanted to go back.

Carlsbad Cavern National Park, NM:

NPS / Nick Hristov

Why I want to go: The bat flight of course!!! I would love to see the bats leaving for the night! The caverns themselves are tricky for our family; they are not wheelchair accessible in a lot of areas due to the steepness of the grading, but there are a few parts that we could visit if Wyatt needs his wheelchair long term. The bat flight is accessible though, and that is my main motivation for going.

Congaree National Park, South Carolina:

Photo from

Why I want to go: Oo, the trees. So moody. So atmospheric. That old growth forest. The floodplains. And we can canoe right through it! As far as accessibility, canoeing is a good one. And there is a short boardwalk trail so bonus!

Zion National Park, Utah:

Photo from

Why I want to go: The beauty. The sunsets. The stargazing. And it seems to be a very disability friendly national park, with lots of opportunities and ways to view this park. Billy and I drove across the country one time (in a Uhaul truck, helping a friend move to Vegas) and we didn’t get to spend any quality time visiting the western states that we drove through. We have lots of crazy stories about that trip, and it was fun, but we need a proper visit.

Yellowstone (particularly in winter!)

Why I want to go: It’s Yellowstone!! I want to visit in summer, but if I had to pick just one time to go, I would choose a trip in the winter. First, bears are hibernating. I don’t need to see bears. Especially after listening to the podcast National Park After Dark and all the bear episodes.. no thank you. I also think it would be breathtakingly beautiful! All the snow, everything so pristine and sparkly and magical. Exploring during the day via warm snowcoach, then going back to the lodge at night and being all cozy, looking out at the wilderness. Seriously, this would be a dream trip for me. Huge. I need to do it. A bonus – far less people. And dang it, we want to see wolves!

I would love to visit as many National Parks as possible, but right now, these are the big ones on my list.

What about you? I would love to hear about your trips to any of these parks, or any national park! Or your own bucket list!

Easter Weekend

It was a busy busy weekend! I had to finish tying up so loose ends, buying a few more basket stuffers for Wyatt and my nieces, making sure I had all the ingredients for our offering at Easter dinner (mac and cheese), and cleaning our house which had become a bit neglected through the week.

Saturday after taking my mom shopping, I came home and Wyatt wanted to take a nap. I was all worn out from shopping (doesn’t take much lol) so while he slept I laid on the bed next to him, listening to a podcast with my headphones on. Billy headed down to his office where he played video games with his headphones on. Well, when Wyatt woke up I checked my phone and found I had missed a million calls from my family and my brother and sister-in-law were texting asking if we were ok, etc. I felt sort of like Rip Van Winkle. How long had we been relaxing? Apparently just an hour but in that time my brother had stopped by (Chrissy was going to shave Miso, more on that in a minute) and knocked a few times with no answer. They saw our cars in the drive, tried the door, yelled hello into the house, and even came in and walked around, while Wyatt, Billy, and I were totally oblivious. When we connected they were amazed and alarmed that we had had no idea they were in our house. Lol. Chrissy even commented that I was probably even listening to a true crime podcast (I was..). So just a reminder all to lock your doors! And Miso got her haircut too, poor thing. She had a huge mat that she just wouldn’t let me take care of, so Chrissy had to bring the clippers. Miso is so much happier and more comfortable now, although she was really quite upset with us for a bit.

Later that night we dyed eggs with Wyatt. I had thought I messed up by buying brown eggs as I usually do, I didn’t even think about it when I bought them. But it worked!

Sunday morning, Wyatt was happy to see that the bunny had come.

After relaxing for a bit, it was time to get a move on! We had two stops – Billy’s parents and later my family gathering. First up was Billy’s parents, where my MIL gifted me with some of her plant babies!

After a nice time there, we headed home and Billy started the macaroni and cheese. He has a delicious recipe that he got from a coworker which was going to be our contribution. It was finished just on time to head out the door for Devin and Chrissy’s house. Where we will all just ate so much good food it was crazy. We had Billy’s macaroni, Devin and Chrissy made salmon, bean salad, and broccoli and Brussels sprouts. And deviled eggs! Everyone was going wild over the deviled eggs Chrissy made, and I realized I had never had one, like ever in my life. So I had one. Then another. And then another! Why did no one ever tell me deviled eggs were so good? For dessert we had ice cream and homemade carrot cake, because we apparently needed to eat even more food.

In between eating we laughed and chatted and the kids played and tried to eat all their candy in one sitting. We talked about our family trip we are taking up north in June, we talked about recipes, we just talked about everything. It has been a long few months inside and away from each other, but it was so much fun to finally see each other again, altogether in one room and sharing stories and good food. It was a fantastic day and we were all happy and full and relaxed when we all headed home. I am so thankful for my family!

I am also thankful that this week Wyatt and I are on break, since I don’t feel like doing much of anything this morning, other than drinking my coffee and apparently writing this post. I hope you all had a good weekend as well, whatever you were doing!

We Saw the Sun!

We had a pretty terrific weekend! I feel like we really kicked off the spring/summer/sunshine season the past few days and it has been awesome. Just the lift my spirits have needed.

First, Saturday was “name day” at our favorite ice cream parlor for Wyatt and Billy, so those two got free ice cream! We had been meaning to get ice cream since the parlor reopened for the season and that was the just the motivation we needed to stop in.

Wyatt chose mint chocolate chip, his favorite. Billy picked black cherry, his favorite. And I always mix it up! I got bear claw that time, which was delicious! We had to eat in the car since it was too wet out but it was still a good way to start the weekend.

Sunday the sun was out and shining its heart out. We couldn’t wait to get outside, so we had some breakfast and hit the road.

We wandered down near the river, where Billy and Wyatt chucked rocks into the water. Wyatt seriously had the best time and it was cracking me up. The bigger the rock, the bigger the plop, the bigger the laughs got.

Then we found a rock that could not be budged. So we played on it.

When we had explored all there was to explore, it was time to head home. Billy and I had an amazing dinner of Salmon Pesto Pasta, Wyatt had chicken and noodles, and by the time we all took showers we were more than ready for relaxing for the rest of the night.

The past two days have been beautiful as well. We have been spending our mornings homeschooling, then getting outside for a few hours before finishing up school for the day.

Now let’s just hope the weather is here to stay!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date

Last week was just a regular old week around here, which isn’t a bad thing. It was just one of those living my life kind of weeks, nothing too exciting. Wyatt and I are chugging along with school, and he had two appointments as well. One 7 year wellness visit with his pediatrician and then an Occupational therapy session/evaluation. Friday night tacos, ice cream on Saturday.. it was nice. Hopefully we get a hike in this afternoon. Then the week begins all over again with school. We are taking a break next week from school so that will be fun! I am trying to get some ideas together for our staycation!


I started both of these and I am enjoying them both! I am not done yet with either but I will be soon, probably later today (at least with Wild is the Witch). Then I will be picking up my annual reread of Watership Down! It is my favorite book, and has been since middle school and I have read it so so many times. I am on my 4th copy at least, and I am pretty sure I need to buy this one too – the 40th Anniversary Edition. I was toying with the idea of an actual read along event but I realized I have no idea what that entails!

Posted Last Week:

10 on the 10th: Diamond Edition

A Day in the Life

Hello April!

Watching and Listening:

Nothing new to report here. We are still watching Murdoch Mysteries and now I am all in, and keep watching because what the heck is going on with him and Julia!! We are on season 4 (or 5 I’m not sure) so we have many more episodes to go.

For Saturday night movie night we were going to watch Green Knight but it wasn’t available on any of our platforms. So instead of an hour trying to find a movie we went back to Studio Ghibli. This time we watched My Neighbor Totoro, which was so cute! I am going to rewatch it with Wyatt.

I have been listening a lot to the podcast National Park After Dark. I listened to one this week that was crazy scary! It was a two part pod called Night of the Grizzlies, about a night of Grizzly attacks at Denali National Park in the 60s. I guess prior to these attacks the park service and tourists all believed that the grizzly bears were harmless and not a threat. There is also a book about this tragic night, written by Jack Olsen and it is also called Night of the Grizzlies. They have a mix of terrifying tales but also inspiring tales of survival, all set within the National Parks.

And that is about it from our little refuge!

10 on the 10th : The Diamond Edition

 I love participating in 10 on the 10th which is hosted by Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After and Marsha in the Middle! 

This month pays homage to that most sparkly of birthstones, diamonds!

  1. Diamond’s are April’s birthstone. What is your birthstone? What do you like or dislike about it?

My birthstone is the topaz, November! From the Greek Topazios, a small island in the Red Sea. According to Era Gem, the topaz is symbolic of harmony and hospitality, is a gem for the artist, inspiring creativity and living life according to your own values. I love that, all of those things are qualities I wish to embody. I love its warm yellow color (although they can come in many colors). My mom bought me a topaz ring for my 16th birthday. I wasn’t sure how I felt about a topaz until then honestly, it seemed so boring compared to a diamond or an emerald. Then my mom bought me that ring and I loved it. I loved its individuality, which was something I very much valued then and now. And of course, that my mom bought me such a beautiful piece of “adult” jewelry, my birthstone from the woman who birthed me (and my mom’s birthstone is a diamond!)

2. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance found on Earth. What is something hard you have dealt with in the past year or so?

The past year or so has thrown lots at our family. It’s been crazy. Some of the issues are not mine to share, but one I can is Wyatt’s shunt revisions in September and October of 2020. We went six years without Wyatt needing his VP shunt revised and then boom boom, two in a row during the first six months of the pandemic. It was scary, it was hard. But we made it through – my kid is so tough and brave and strong.

3. Diamonds are also known as a girl’s best friend. Tell us a bit about your bestie!

I have three! Chrissy, who is also my sister-in-law, Kelly, and Jill. Chrissy I met when my brother started dating her a million years ago, and we hit it off immediately, despite a nine year age difference. (I am older) She is very logical, empathetic, and caring. She has a fantastic smile, a wry sense of humor, and is a fantastic mother. Chrissy can be very reserved but when she is comfortable she can bubble right over with happiness. She has a huge heart and the thought of anything and anyone being hurt, hurts her. I have seen her care to insects that other people wouldn’t even glance at – all life has meaning and is sacred to her, and I love that about her.

Kelly and I have been friends for…hmm. Almost 30 years? Yikes! I just did the math on that and phew. We were in each other’s weddings, and have passed from our 20s to our 30s to our 40s, through buying houses and miscarriages and having children and the loss of family members. We keep each other sane on a daily basis. She is super practical, where I am not as much. She keeps me grounded and I have the opposite effect on her sometimes. She’s the Grace to my Frankie. She is always super put together, where I am not. I don’t mind a mess, she can’t stand one. We have been there for each other through thick and thin.

Jill rounds out our group of four. Jill is a real nurturer, and seriously one of the hardest working people I know. She is a respiratory therapist and worked tirelessly during the first months of the pandemic, (and all the rest as well) at one of the first hot spots in Michigan. She worked extra hours and despite being in danger herself, she didn’t miss a beat. That’s just Jill. She will bend over backwards to help people. She also can get a wild hare and do something totally crazy, like fly to London to stay with a friend she had only met online, all by herself. She is so independent and brave.

All of these women are strong, have beautiful spirits, are independent, and just pretty all around amazing. They can make me laugh like only friends can. We have weathered many storms and rainbows together and I love them all so much.

(from L to R: Chrissy, me, Kelly, and Jill)

4. Marilyn Monroe is synonymous with that saying. Do you have a favorite Marilyn Monroe, saying, or picture?

Not really. So I looked up some photos for this post and found this photo gallery of candids, and I love them so much! This is my favorite.

5. The Queen’s Jubilee was in 2012. What were you doing in 2012 and would actually confess to?

I jumped back to my old blog to see! And well, I wasn’t doing too much. Reading, hanging out with friends, working at the library, hiking with Billy. I guess not too different from these days?

6. Name a song with diamond in the title and tell us why you picked that one.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is the first to come to mind. I remember thinking it was such a crazy song as a kid! I also want to give a shout to Neil Diamond, and Forever in Blue Jeans, which is a song I love.

7. Would you splurge on a large diamond, a grand experience, or a new car? Why?

Definitely the grand experience! Memories you have forever, to live and experience and see new things are so valued by our family!

8. Do you have a sentimental diamond gift or bequest?

I have a few! My own claddagh engagement/wedding ring, my grandmother’s engagement ring, and a ring my mom had made for me from the diamonds in her wedding ring that she got from my dad.

Um, not jewelry photographers over here. Best we can do is this jumble of rings.

9. Why do you think diamonds have become such a desired gemstone? Do you like diamonds?

This is going to sound cynical, sorry. My answer is they have become so desired because of marketing to the public. Through successful marketing the world views them as symbols of wealth, happiness, and even love. As for if I like them, I do! I love the ones that I have but are they something I would ever ask for or covet? No, not really. I do appreciate their beauty though, and I completely understand why others do want them! We like what we like!

10. Are you a traditionalist when it comes to diamonds, or do you like the colored stones? Why?

I am not. I recently discovered salt and pepper diamonds and prefer them! They are imperfect, unique, beautiful, conflict free. My husband bought me a salt and pepper diamond ring last year, and I love it. I think it is wonderfully symbolic of this time in our lives, these “salt and pepper” years, our midlife. We are imperfect and unique, and I think it represents us and our relationship.

And that is it! I had a great time doing this! Be sure to pop by Marsha and Lesley’s blogs to read all the others, if you enjoyed mine!

A Day in the Life

I love to read other people’s stories, about their lives, what they do, their routines, their day to day. Triumphs and sorrows. What people like, read, do, wear.. I am sure maybe a lot of bloggers are like this. A curious lot.

I get a lot of questions when I tell people we homeschool, or when people learn Wyatt has cerebral palsy. Maybe people in general are just a curious bunch. Inquisitive. Our lifestyle is a bit untraditional, but Wyatt has grown by leaps and bounds these past two years in many ways. In some ways, we have lost some ground due to the pandemic, but we will get there again and regain those triumphs. My biggest concern right now for Wyatt is having friends – and I am hoping this summer I can find some social interactions for him.

These things look different for us. Things people don’t think about or consider because, why would they? How can they understand our life unless they are in it, or experience similar situations? I am constantly learning and watching and evolving, trying to understand better the experiences of others, as they are all different.

Pre-pandemic, Wyatt went to preschool 4 days a week, half days, and therapy three times a week. It was a pretty grueling schedule for a three year old, in my opinion. Then in March 2020, things changed. I started homeschooling Wyatt myself, and have watched him thrive. He is talking non-stop, where before we were lucky if he said two words all day. Some of this is age and development, but I also think it is in part to being in an environment where he is able to express himself. I listen to him. He has a voice and is able to make us hear it here at home.

Wyatt is also doing things that we were told he probably wasn’t capable of. And I don’t blame the teachers – it was one teacher and one para for a classroom of fifteen kids all needing special help and attention. There was no way again, that they could do it all or fully understand Wyatt. They did the best they could, I believe that 100%. I come from a family of teachers and school administrators – I worked in a school for 15 years before Wyatt. I know just how hard teachers work, how much they care. Homeschooling just works for us right now. It might not be what we do forever, but now, it is perfect. I can focus on Wyatt’s strengths and particular learning styles. We can spend time on areas where he needs extra attention, and not stick to a schedule of how many days he needs to learn it within before we move on. I can work around his medicine that he takes for his epilepsy, that makes him a little tired mid-day. I can schedule his numerous specialist appointments without disrupting his schedule, and our open schedule allows us to get in places easier, like therapy, as we are not bound by certain times.

And we have so much fun, honestly. I know that we are making memories everyday, and I want them to be full of good moments, art and music and nature and just hanging out, feeling loved. I know we are lucky that we are able to do this. We sacrifice for this opportunity – we live on one income and feel blessed that we are able to do what we can with it. But we don’t have a ton of disposable income, which is ok. As long as we have money for food and books and the occasional treat, that we can pay our bills. Take a trip here and there, visit new places and have more experiences. That is more than a lot of people have, so I don’t worry about what other people are doing. I am happy and content in our quiet little life. (Except I do wish we had more trees in our yard. I will say that. And maybe some chickens and ducks and a goat.)

I guess I am just feeling..grateful today. Grateful for all that I have. Love for my family and friends.

What are you feeling grateful for today? No matter how big or small! It can be just a warm cup of tea, a ray of sunshine streaming through the window, anything at all. I would love to hear what you are feeling today!

Hello, April!

April! The month of the Full Pink Moon, Easter, my mom’s birthday. Also, hopefully a month of sunshine and breezes and warmer weather.

Last year was another Easter that we spent just the three of us – this year, I think we will be able to get together with family. Finally! I missed everyone, the crazy talking all at once, the kids being silly together, the sharing of food and stories. We never do a big Easter basket for Wyatt, we usually give him a book and some fun outside things, like sidewalk chalk or a bug catcher to observe insects in, before releasing them back to where they belong. Art supplies, candy, and that is usually about it. This year I am making little peg dolls as well, to match the book we are giving him, since he likes to act out the stories with toys. So far, so good on that project!

I also very ambitiously decided to begin a sewing project, a pretty big one. I am not the greatest at this sort of thing but I will finish it, by hook or by crook, even if it takes me a year! Which it might judging by just how long it takes me to even cut the pattern and pieces out.

This is what I am making:

A Hendrick’s Scrappy Hare. I joined a Slow Stitch group on Facebook and someone made this dapper fellow and I fell in love with him. If you check it out on Etsy, there are so many different ways you can do this, unique to you, since you use scrap materials to finish him up. This one reminds me of an eccentric professor and I am going to use him as my own inspiration. Maybe I will be done by fall! I just love rabbits and hares so much! (Next week I start my yearly reread of Watership Down, if anyone wants to join me! I’m not sure what people do in read alongs but just throwing it out there)

Thankfully, there is also a series of YouTube videos that detail what to do, step by step. I am going slow but I am enjoying the process which is what it is all about. And hopefully by the end I have something somewhat resembling a rabbit.

It’s also Earth month! I try to do what I can, but I like to use April as a good time to see what we could be doing better to help our world and environment, so I am going to be looking at a few areas this month and trying to make improvements.

I’m also hoping for some picnics this month! More outside time would be fantastic. I am so so done with winter. Can I say that one more time? Probably. Wyatt and I are also starting a four week or longer pond unit study this month and it would be nice to actually see a springtime pond, rather than a frozen one. A friend of mine has the most beautiful backyard, just brimming and overflowing with plants and a greenhouse, and a pond! Her pond has frogs and turtles and birds and it is a wild oasis right in the middle of our suburban city. I lined up a “field trip” of sorts to her pond for one day this month – I am hoping to see tadpoles after our fruitless efforts last year. And hopefully we can get our garden started this month as well – I started a few seeds the other day and plan on starting a few more soon.

I’m excited for April and all the things we have lined up! Do you have anything in the works?

My Sunday-Monday Post

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Phew last week was a doozy! I had a family member going through a rough patch and when I wasn’t homeschooling, Wyatt and I were over at this person’s house helping them out. Things seem to be looking up so that is good. I didn’t have anytime to read or really do much else, but family first.

So. That being said.

What I am Reading This Week:

I need some gardening in my life! The closest I can come right now though is reading about it. Wild is the Witch also sounds really good!

Posted Last Week:

Just one lonely post A Look at Last Week


We are still watching Murdoch Mysteries – it’s a lighthearted show to wind down with at night, which is what we need these days.

Updated to Add: Saturday night movie night! I posted early last night before we had picked our movie, and we stepped away from Studio Ghibli to watch Death on the Nile. I LOVED it. It was so visually stunning, and I am a sucker for the way a movie looks. It was gorgeous. And the music! I loved that as well! I haven’t read the books at all (sorry Agatha) and I was unprepared for such an emotional Poirot.

And gosh, that is about it! Slow news week around here! I hope all is well with all of you!