Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Today, I know what day it is! Lol. The sun is shining brightly, the sky is bue, the birds were singing, and I’ve already had to ask Wyatt to please stop yelling and it is only 8:15, so homeboy is feeling better. I don’t have tons of new things to talk about here, but I wanted to give an update since the last two coffee catch ups have been intense.

We are healing here. Wyatt has been doing lots of things he loves, drawing and playing and watching cartoons. He has talked to his grandparents on the phone, which always makes him happy. We had cupcakes and gifts for his birthday, just the three of us, and while on some level I felt like I was letting my kid down with such a small and low key night, I was also thankful that we were home and able to celebrate. We will celebrate again with family this weekend, just another small party but it will be something and he will love seeing everyone. And of course his big present from us is the wolf trip in May so he has to wait but he is practicing his howl so by then he should have it perfected.

Family members and friends were dropping off gifts or having them Amazoned here for the birthday boy. He really made out! He got a little lap harp since he is a music kid, these gigundo dice that are supposed to be for a yard game but because it was snowing we built a tower, books and games and clothes and a light up drawing easel. He is a happy kid, and the gifts came at a good time because we have been home recovering and helped occupy him. Plus the joy he got from receiving presents! He is a typical 8 year old when it comes to that. Lol.

Life is slowing coming back to normal. I am a jumpy crazy mess, but I am working on it and have supportive friends and family helping me through the emotional toll this took. Just so much up and down and uncertainty and fear – I am having a hard time getting out of the action mode and being on high alert. But texts and phone calls and comments here have been helping me, and I have people checking in with us all the time. One of my friends dropped off soup the other night before a big snowstorm and it was the perfect thing, cheesy corn chowder on a cold snowy night. Delicious!

Wyatt was cleared for therapy starting next week! We are easing back into his routines, starting with school today as a half day, then slowly building on and going by his own energy levels. Next week we will add in therapy as well, and the therapists know to sort of gauge what they do by Wyatt. Until then, we are doing some occupational therapy here at home, as part of play. Wyatt’s right side is his affected side, and is weaker than his left. We are always working on his motor skills and use of his right hand, and little activities like this are perfect. Look at how he is holding that corn with righty! He is also cracking me up with those goggles. He likes to just wear them around on his head like that. I love it.

And that is about it from here! Thank you everyone for all of your kind comments and wishes and prayers.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Sounds like a wonderful week! I love that dice tower…and corn chowder is one of my favorite soups. They serve it at a restaurant I enjoy (Mimi’s), but I should start making some of these favorites.

    So glad your week is better…and have a great party this weekend.

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    1. That soup was amazing! Kelly (my friend who made it) and I used to make it all the time together when our kids were little babies, laughing in the kitchen while the guys watched the kids. So lots of good memories around this particular soup. 🙂

      Thanks Laurel-Rain!

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  2. I’m so very glad that things are easing up for you all and that Wyatt is improving. Yes, sliding gently into routine sounds like a good plan. And I’m sure all the birthday excitement was good for his mood and happy recovery. Keep on keeping on!

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  3. Katherine

    So glad that Wyatt was feeling better for his birthday! A quiet low key birthday celebration sounds absolutely perfect and just what you guys needed. And it definitely sounds like he made out pretty well! I love the giant dice. You’ll have to post pics of the yard game but building towers and whatnot indoors looks pretty fun!


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