Hello March!

Hello March!

February sure ended a lot differently than I had planned! We had planned to be on our wolf vacation in Indiana at the end of February but obviously that all had to be rescheduled due to Wyatt’s surgeries. I just want to say that the Airbnb rental owners, Airbnb, and Wolf Park were all wonderful to deal with and helped me reschedule very easily. We are now planning on going in May fingers crossed!

Today is Wyatt’s 8th birthday!! He shares it with Dr. Seuss which I thought was super cool the day he was born. It’s still a pretty cool day to be born. We will celebrate very small today, just him and Billy and I, and then hopefully next week have a very small party. He wanted a pirate party this year, but I have had no time to get anything together, except a few presents! We will have an easy day today – and he wants to paint so that will be happening this evening. My little artist. He was telling everyone at the hospital about how much he loves Bob Ross.

My new niece will be born sometime this month too! We are so excited. I actually went to a very small sprinkle shower right before Wyatt started showing symptoms the first time. It was a very nice wee shower for a wee little baby. This will be niece number 4 for us, and I can’t wait to meet her!

March is actually Cerebral Palsy Awareness month, and I had planned on blogging a bit about Wyatt and our experiences with his cerebral palsy, including his birth story. I know that my knowledge of CP was absolutely zero before Wyatt came into our lives and I hope that by sharing our story, to help break down barriers, to show you what a kid with cerebral palsy can do.

I had planned on reading all middle grade this month, as part of Middle Grade March, and I am so excited that I made that choice. I know that my soul needs the comfort of a middle grade book. There is just something about them. I read online that many adults enjoy reading middle grade fiction, and perhaps one reason is that elementary school is the time we fell in love with reading, and we get a cozy, nostalgic feeling by reading them. Plus, I just want to add that they are just fun and whimsical and full of imagination and wonder. Middle grade (and all books) can be used to help kids through difficult times and emotions as well, and I think by reading them as adults we can stay tuned in to what it is like to be a kid so we can better understand our own children.

We are also going to sort through our seeds, organize them by when we should plant, and then start our seeds that we can start. It is such a hopeful thing, isn’t it, to start a garden? Wyatt is super excited to plant the pumpkins and watermelon this summer; I am looking forward to the tomatoes. I am thinking we should be able to start some seeds this week, and that will be a fun activity to do while Wyatt is recovering.

And that’s where I am at today! How about you?


19 thoughts on “Hello March!

  1. Happy Birthday to Wyatt! Every birthday is special but probably all th emore so when you have dealt with surgeries and such. Here’s to a fabulous celebration! I’m glad you’re doing a pumpkin garden!


  2. I’m so happy he is home and so excited for him to have his birthday celebration! I can’t believe the new niece is coming already!! That seems so fast.

    I am actually thinking of jumping into the middle grade March but all of my books can’t be middle grade because I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring with The Boy.

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  3. Happy, happy birthday to Wyatt! And, how cool that he shares his birthday with Dr. Seuss! I hope you are well on your way to recovery as it looks like Wyatt has bounced back quite well! Is Wyatt the only boy in the family? How lucky for him to be able to grow up with his cousins. I was able to do that, and my kids did to an extent.

    I haven’t ever thought about reading middle grade literature. Maybe, I should give it a go. The book I’m reading now, The Diamond Eye, is a little grim. But, I am not giving up on it as I’m 1/2 way through now!

    I hope, if you have time, you’ll come visit for Traffic Jam Weekend!


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    1. Thank you Marsha!! I think it is a pretty cool birthday twin too!

      Wyatt is the only boy. Lol. My brother has two girls (well, one on the way), Billy’s brother has two girls, and then my cousin who is like a brother has two girls. Lol. My other cousins, who I don’t get to see nearly as often as I like, have boys though – five in total!

      I started reading them again when I worked as a para in an elementary schoo library. When I left to have Wyatt, I didn’t read it for a while, and then realized I actually missed them.

      Thanks Marsha!


  4. Happy birthday to Wyatt! I’m looking forward to learning more of his story. He’s such a trooper with such a fantastic positive attitude! That’s wonderful that the wolf trip was able to be rescheduled so easily. Such a relief. I will be crossing my fingers and sending all the positive vibes that it works out for May.

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  6. Happy birthday to Wyatt and I hope all the medical procedures have gone well. I have a holiday in Spain this month and looking forward to shaking off the virus I’ve had for a month now …


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