Wednesday ( I think) Coffee Catch Up- Part 2

Hey all. Soooooo…. poor Wyatt’s week went sideways again last week. All week following our return home, he was getting stronger and making improvements everyday, then Saturday he had a fantastic day, seemingly at 100% himself. Then Sunday morning happened. I woke up and Wyatt’s hair and shoulder were soaked and I was so confused at first. I woke Billy up to tell him something was wrong, and Billy mumbled something in his sleep about it just being slobber, but when I was adamant that it was not sleep drool (WAY too much) he became fully awake, looked, and was like yeah, this is no good. So, back to the ER we went.

Wyatt was leaking spinal fluid from his sutures. We both kind of knew that but it was still terrifying to hear. Wyatt on the other hand was acting completely normal and fine, his normal goofy charming self. Thank goodness, at least. They did an X-ray, and yep, this time the tubing for his VP shunt had broken off from his new valve, causing the fluid to not drain since the system was broken. And, as it built up, it sought the easiest way out – his sutures. This meant more surgery for little man. They moved very quickly, and got Wyatt right in. He came out of surgery pretty feisty as usual, and up to the room we went. We had them skip the morphine and narcotics this time, and he had a much much better recovery in that respect.

This next part is harder for me to type and might be hard to read.

Wyatt was not really seeming better. He threw up twice over night, and then the next morning was extremely lethargic and difficult to rouse. His heart rate was very low. They checked the X-ray they took after surgery the night before to see what his valve setting was at, and learned a terrible thing. The surgeon made a mistake and put his valve back in the day before backwards, so that it wasn’t working. I was in shock. I still am. This meant more surgery for my boy for it to be switched back the right way. Wyatt’s normal doctor was called in and he took over from here, which made me much more comfortable, although, I still wouldn’t say I was relaxed. This surgery was much quicker at least, and the anesthesiologist was the same as the day before, and so was his post-op nurse, which also was good because they were familiar with Wyatt. In fact, after surgery this time when we entered the room to see him, his nurse had her computer turned around so she was facing the hall, and had one hand on Wyatt’s shoulder, because Wyatt wakes up a bit grouchy and tries to escape the bed. She told us she knew his game! He was a bit happier honestly after this surgery, as he probably felt a lot better, despite having only tylenol as opposed to morphine or hycet.

From there it was back to our room, and amazing nurses, who watched him like a hawk. We had neurology popping in constantly all day, and the next day, his regular doctor came in to see us to give us the all clear to go home. By this point Wyatt was making the staff all laugh with his toot jokes and making them smell his “stinky” armpits and was in good spirits, eating and drinking. And so here we are, home again.

This kid teaches me daily how to keep smiling.

Billy and I are not ready to think about or discuss what happened in the hospital at this point in time, our focus right now is getting Wyatt back to Wyatt and we don’t need the distraction of that right now. I just want my boy to recover and heal and be back to normal. So if you all could send your continued prayers and good healing vibes, we welcome them, most definitely, my friends.


23 thoughts on “Wednesday ( I think) Coffee Catch Up- Part 2

  1. All the prayers, positive thoughts, and good vibes are being sent your way. What a scary exhausting stressful week. Definitely glad that you’re able to control Wyatt’s pain with Tylenol for multiple reasons. I hope you’re able to get plenty of rest and peace.

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  2. I didn’t know about the heart rate dropping. Lord, I’m glad I didn’t. I would have been in even worse shape. You know what I think about that hospital, or at least some of the staff there, but you also know that I think healing is the top priority right now. Some answers need to be given, but first — a healthy and happy boy. So glad he is home!!!

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  3. Ohmygod!!!!! Really!!!!! Wow… Well, thank God Wyatt came through the surgeries and the MISTAKE and seems to be doing well. I’m sure sorry you guys went through all that and I hope he continues to get better every day!!!

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  5. Wow, that is super scary! Thank God for a team of doctors who immediately set about to fix things. Also thankful you all knew things weren’t normal and had him looked at both times. I will be praying that you all have a normal, boring, uneventful week, where you all rest and heal. Sending virtual hugs because after an event like that, you need them!!

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