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Hey all! So last week was a pretty good one, we had a week of getting back to our normal rhythm and routine, and kicked off our school studies again by venturing to the Arctic. I made lots of bread and soup, and got two new plants! So, a pretty low key week for us at home, although we all know that it wasn’t such a low key week for any American.

My friend Kelly took a trip to the nursery and shopped for herself and also for my sister-in-law Chrissy and me. It was hilarious – she was posting photos in a group chat and we were all chatting about them at the same time. It was cracking me up. I jokingly told her next time to just live stream it all for us, so we could choose our plants that way. She is a trooper for doing that for us and I love my new Rattlesnake plant and Baby Fiddle Leaf.

Read Last Week:

I am not quite finished with this but hope to be done soon (maybe even today if I get some good reading time in!) I am in disbelief that this 17 year old was taking a 42 day canoe trip (or some insane number like that) through the Canadian Tundra with some friends. I certainly was not doing anything like that at 17! Lol. It is a pretty fascinating book, and I keep reminding myself as I read that this is a kid doing this stuff! It is pretty amazing.

Reading this Week:

After I finish The Twenty-Ninth Day I am planning to start Murder on the Orient Express. My mom and I are reading this together this month as part of our own Agatha Christie Reading Challenge. (I had signed up for the official one but we opted to pick and choose off the list of challenges instead of going in order. We are rebels)

Posted Last Week:

Homeschool: The Arctic!

Winter Hikes


Watching and Listening:

Billy and I are currently watching His Dark Materials season 2 and it is so good! We want to binge it but make ourselves wait. We are also watching This Farming Life on Britbox, which I also enjoy – although we just finished the newest season! I am still listening to bunches of podcasts, all that I have mentioned here before – Ologies with Alie Ward, Redhanded, Morbid, and two new ones, What’s Her Name (the Tasha Tudor one was excellent!) and The Naturalist Kids Podcast. I am also listening to Taylor Swift’s albums Folklore and Evermore on repeat some days. I have never really listened to her before and I am enjoying this new more mellow sound she has going on.

And that is about it from my little corner! Stay safe everyone.


17 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. The plants are gorgeous. I am terrible at keeping green things alive, although there was a brief time in the 70s when I did better. I had a house with lots of great windows back then. LOL.

    I keep meaning to read Agatha Christie’s books.

    Have a safe and sane week.

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    1. I am trying with my plants! I am not the greatest but I am working on it. So far, only my Persian Shield has been my only casualty so far, and I halfway blame one of my cats for eating it. Lol.

      I usually read one or two Agatha books a year. 🙂

      Thanks Laurel-Rain, you too!

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  2. My ivies that I have had for more than fifteen years are both suddenly and irredeemably dying, so I know that I need to get some new plants, too. I wonder if they do plant curbside delivery. Your new plants are beautiful. Maybe I will venture out and choose something new.

    The Twenty-Ninth Day sounds great. I remember reading one of the first Famous Five children’s book series, and in that story, the five children go to stay on an island alone for a month!

    I listened to the Ologies podcast for the first time last week, and I was completely delighted to find that the author of the book I’d just finished with my naturalist book group, Gathering Moss, was speaking.

    Have a good week!

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    1. I know you can order plants online, maybe that would work for you? I can’t do it here right now, it is too cold if they are in transit for too long, but where you are you might be able to get away with it, if there is not curbside near you.

      I listened to that one too!! Have you read Braiding Sweetgrass? She wrote that one as well. (I am sure you know that already) I am glad you liked it!


  3. Your plants are beautiful – so healthy! I need to give my rather elderly and exhausted-looking orchids some love. Have a great week and I love the idea that you are buddy reading a book with your mother:)). Take care.

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  4. Oh my gosh was Wednesday crazy? Unbelievable. Glad you had a good week though. I have to take breaks from the news and stay away a bit or I get nothing done! And yay for bread and soup. Those are perfect, especially in the winter.

    Your Christie challenge sounds fun! And that looks like a good one- always wanted to read it. I did watch the most recent movie adaptation and that wasn’t bad. Should read the book one of these here days. And that grizzly book looks intense!

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    1. I love that your mum does that! And that is definitely what my friend needs to do next time too. And thank you! I am learning about all sorts of new plants these days!

      I’ve been considering Vera! I will have to add it to my list.

      Thank you, you too!


  5. Kathy Martin

    Lovely plants! I wish I could keep them alive. I keep forgetting to water them. I really should read some Agatha Christie since I’m a mystery lover who never has. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  6. I love the plants. It is great to have more green and life especially in the winter. Soup sounds good! I’ve read everything Agatha Christie but now I’m picking up audiobooks when they are available as deals for rereading.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post


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