What We’ve Been Up To This Week

It’s been a week of projects around here. We always feel so energized this time of year, getting stuff done, or at least making a good attempt. Over the weekend my husband worked pretty tirelessly on getting my old office ready to painted. We moved stuff out and did some basic maintenance as this room was not being used by anyone other than our cats and boxes of books and odds and ends. It was sort of like a catch-all room, plus cats hanging out. So he worked on that. I was supposed to go through the closet in there and ditch or donate or pack up the stuff in there (mostly books..) but then Billy worked eleventy-billion hours this week and I never got the chance. So a project for this weekend- yay?

I also made a garden plan, and a list of seeds we have and what we need to order still. I have quite a few still from last year and the year before, so I probably don’t need too many! I just need to check their viability. I don’t know how to do that quite yet, but I plan on looking it up later today. We also got our elderberry root cuttings delivered, so we set those up in our fancy solo cups of dirt as our ground is not quite able to be dug into to plant them.

I also wanted to learn to sew this year. I literally could not thread a needle (I mean, I knew the mechanics of it but why so hard???) and I was texting my husband my step by step progress. And I couldn’t believe I even got that part wrong but hey life is about learning right? I started out pretty easy.. I wanted to make Wyatt a little hat for the Kids Moon Club thing we do. We did this two years ago, skipped last year, and I am excited to do it again this year. It is a really unique way to teach kids about the phases of the moon, folklore and history surrounding the different full moons each month, space, and nature. I am excited because before we just kind of focused on the more fun things, like the crafts and snacks, but this year we are really going to focus on the science part of it. But you know me, I have to have a little fun and whimsy in there too. Therefore, my very first sewing project, a little crown for my own wolf cub boy. It’s pretty basic and imperfect but I made it! We all start somewhere!

Wyatt has also had a huge week. As you may know, Wyatt has cerebral palsy and it affects his mobility and right side. This week he has been going up on “high knees” and learned that he can brace himself against the door frame with righty (his affected hand) and open doors with his left. This is huge! He has been really exploring and pushing his own limits which is just what we want, that motivation. We also had a televisit with his big doctor, his PMR who is like the quarterback of his care, which went really well. But, we also made the huge decision to send him back to physical therapy. We have been staying home for ten months and while homeschooling is going well, I just can’t replace his actual physical therapist, and he is getting behind. And since he is so motivated, it is time. I can’t hold him back although I am absolutely terrified. I tell myself though that these doctors and therapists have known Wyatt since he was six months old, and love him as well, and will do their best to keep him safe. (since I have to wait in the car!) So starting in February, Wyatt will be going once a week again.

We have also been doing our normal everyday things, homeschool, cleaning, all that jazz.

So while it is nothing too glamorous and exciting, that is where we are at this week! Stay safe everyone!


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