Homeschool: The Arctic!

This week we finished week 1 of our month long Arctic unit! We are venturing far north, learning about the different animals that live there, how they survive, how they live, why they are white, and all sorts of cool things. Unfortunately, it seems like the Arctic heard about our plans and decided to bring the Arctic weather to us, with a possible polar vortex on the horizon. We don’t really need that much authenticity, thank you.

To get back into the swing of school after our holiday break, I began with narwhals, because narwhals are just fun. I knew the kids would be excited about these unicorns of the sea, and they were! We read some cute books (although the kids (my son and niece) did think that narwhals were born in clam shells after reading the book Not Quite Narwhal – whoops! Lol.) We learned about their tusks, which is really a front left tooth that protrudes from their lip, not a tusk at all. We also learned that the tusks are like inside out teeth, with the nerves on the outside, so they definitely don’t use them for fighting. That would be a big ouch! I have to admit I was fascinated by these creatures as well!

We also painted the Northern Lights, using frozen paint cubes. This was actually hilarious – it was fun and then as it started to warm up, changed how the paint flowed onto the paper. But then when it finally thawed it just plunk! fell right off. It also became very messy. It was still a fun activity!

The kids also created salt dough narhwals, and narwhals out of spoons. My niece also made a unicorn spoon, but Wyatt wanted to just make two narwhals, which is fine. I like to do some directed art but also let them feel free to be expressive. Today we are finishing up the narwhals, painting them. I am betting we will end up with another set of blue and yellow narwhals over here…

It was a fun first week back! Next week we learn about Polar Bears, and a really interesting experiment about blubber is in the plans.. and some arctic animal yoga!

Resource Round Up!

Note: If printables include penguins, save those for a separate unit, as they live in the South Pole, not North

Little Spark Arctic Animals

Preschool Mom Arctic Animals

Arctic Animal Fun Pack

Arctic Animals Like Cold book

Arctic Animals Learning Pack

Books We Read

(This section contains Amazon affiliate links)

Wendell the Narwhal || Not Quite Narwhal (about a unicorn but still adorable)

Arts and Crafts

Clay Narwhal (we shaped them using the dough from this recipe)

Narwhal Spoon

Videos and Other Resources Used

(This section contains Amazon affiliate links)

Wild Republic Polar Animals Nature Tube (just don’t use the penguins, they are South Pole inhabitants!)

The Girl Who Went to the Arctic

A Walk in the Arctic

Narwhal: Unicorns of the Sea

As always we also use Blossom and Root for our regular curriculum as well.


7 thoughts on “Homeschool: The Arctic!

  1. Oh my gosh!! I love everything about this. Before I retired, narwhals were just becoming a thing. I had a few books in the library about them but penguins were still in their glory. I so appreciate how you make learning fun, engaging, hands-on. Makes me very nostalgic and a little sad that I am no longer working with children, and can’t even see my grandchildren right now.

    Learned something today…about the tooth. That is one giant tooth. Thank you!

    Thank you, too, for the links to the books. I would like to get the narwhal books for my grands.

    I used to do a blubber experiment with Crisco and baggies and ice, creating a mitt for the kids to wear using the Crisco in Ziplock baggies. They would then immerse their hands in the ice to experience how blubber keeps animals warm. Is that the experiment you are doing? Can’t wait to see.


    1. Aw thank you so much!! This time is so hard; I know my son misses his grandparents so much! (and so do I!) Hopefully very soon we will all be with our loved ones again, even if we still have to wear masks or something for a bit.

      That is crazy isn’t it! And they can get 10 feet long too!

      I love these narwhal books, they are so darn cute! I am sure you are like me, buying all the kids books. Lol.

      That is exactly what we are doing!!! LOLOL. I am curious to see how it goes, my son is not a fan of his hands being gross. It’ll be interesting..


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