Winter Hikes

We are winter hikers; we wait all year to get back out there in the cold and snow. There is just something so invigorating about being in a winter wood, the chill temps, the quiet. On New Years Day, I walked the woods alone; Wyatt had fallen asleep in the car on the way to the trail, and Billy offered to stay back so that I could wander. The only sounds I heard were those of the birds, tweeting and chirping, birds of all kinds. Robins and cardinals and blue jays, various woodpeckers – a chipmunk ran in front of me, scampering into the undergrowth. I had my eyes scanning the trees, looking for the long – eared owl that has been spotted there, but didn’t see it unfortunately. When I headed back to the car, Billy told me that he had been watching all the birds as well, from his warm cozy seat. They were simply everywhere.

We took two more hikes that week, one at our favorite trail system, just to get outside and stretch our legs, get some fresh air. The woods were quiet that day, we didn’t see a single soul, nor see any signs of life at all. The birds and the animals must have been huddled up against the cold, wondering just what we were thinking, hiking around out there.

We also trekked out to Belle Isle one morning, and took a walk around the half frozen pond. It was like being in the Arctic, but not as cold and minus the polar bears. Although I did spy some tracks in the snow on the ice; can anyone identify them? I am thinking maybe fox, but identifying tracks is something I haven’t mastered.

It was a beautiful walk, almost magical near the marshy spots and the cattails.

And what better way to end a cold walk in the snow and ice than with hot chocolate and car snacks?


11 thoughts on “Winter Hikes

  1. Now that looks like fun. And I loved the photos. Do you all have bobcats there? I don’t know why but the paw prints reminded me of our cat’s prints when she sneaks out so I thought of a bobcat. I have to take my kid hiking or something tomorrow. Our driveway has been icy and my husband doesn’t want me to back out so we’ve been home bound all week. Little Miss has cabin fever, though, so we need to get out! Hopefully Saturday at the latest

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    1. Thanks!! We did have a lot of fun. 🙂 I was reminded of some sort of cat as well, they are so rounded! We do have bobcats in Michigan; I have never heard of them this far south but you never know. As long as those bears don’t start migrating down here…

      Maybe just a bundled up walk around your neighborhood might be good, just to get out for a bit? It is so hard to be inside! We have been inside all week as well, we are going a little nuts.

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    1. Thank you! It really is! That is one thing we do on our walks with Wyatt; we love to look for signs of the season, comparing it to other seasons. It is really fun in the spring, especially since we are pretty familiar with the winter landscape, so watching spring unfold is pretty cool.


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