Brief Thoughts on Recent Reads

The Twenty-Ninth Day by Alex Messenger: This book completely blew me away. First Alex is seventeen years old, and in the Canadian Tundra with a group of friends, The Hommes, on a 600 mile canoe trip. Yep, 600 miles by canoe folks. And then on day 29, he is attacked by a grizzly, and survives. I have to admit, I felt like I was on this trip. We are treated as readers to the first twenty-eight days of the canoe trip – it’s ups and downs, ins and outs, the beauty and the physicality and fun that this trip was. The joy of the meals in the evening, the feeling of accomplishment – that is itself is an interesting read. (and reminds me of one of my favorite authors to read, Pam Houston) Then mix in the grizzly attack and the book becomes next level. The strength, mental and physical, that Messenger displays in this book is amazing and admirable and I would have been crying for my mom immediately, and wouldn’t shame anyone else for doing it either. I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t go into too much detail, but I was mighty impressed. And also by his friends, especially Dan, who was the leader of the group and a trained Wilderness First Responder, and had to treat Alex’s wounds in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies. Fantastic read! (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Dark Salt Clear by Lamorna Ash: Another stellar read. Ash feels herself drawn to the Cornish village and cove that she is named after and heads there to learn more about the people who earn their lives on the cold sea, fishing. I loved reading about a way of life that I knew really nothing about; I’ve sung along to sea shanties, I’ve watched The Deadliest Catch, I know every word to Billy Joel’s Downeaster Alexa, but really didn’t know what the lives of these men and women are like. And I loved learning through Ash’s eyes and experiences aboard the different ships, the different people she encountered. I was struck by one part in particular, where Ash works overnight in the fish sorting warehouse for the morning market – and the other workers talk about the monotony of the job, about how it is a way for fisherman to stay connected to their call of the sea even when they can no longer go out, how they sleep only a few hours in the day so that they don’t become shadow people. This is a beautifully written book about something that doesn’t maybe sound so interesting or beautiful on the outside. I loved it. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

My Sunday-Monday Post

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Hey all! So last week was a pretty good one, we had a week of getting back to our normal rhythm and routine, and kicked off our school studies again by venturing to the Arctic. I made lots of bread and soup, and got two new plants! So, a pretty low key week for us at home, although we all know that it wasn’t such a low key week for any American.

My friend Kelly took a trip to the nursery and shopped for herself and also for my sister-in-law Chrissy and me. It was hilarious – she was posting photos in a group chat and we were all chatting about them at the same time. It was cracking me up. I jokingly told her next time to just live stream it all for us, so we could choose our plants that way. She is a trooper for doing that for us and I love my new Rattlesnake plant and Baby Fiddle Leaf.

Read Last Week:

I am not quite finished with this but hope to be done soon (maybe even today if I get some good reading time in!) I am in disbelief that this 17 year old was taking a 42 day canoe trip (or some insane number like that) through the Canadian Tundra with some friends. I certainly was not doing anything like that at 17! Lol. It is a pretty fascinating book, and I keep reminding myself as I read that this is a kid doing this stuff! It is pretty amazing.

Reading this Week:

After I finish The Twenty-Ninth Day I am planning to start Murder on the Orient Express. My mom and I are reading this together this month as part of our own Agatha Christie Reading Challenge. (I had signed up for the official one but we opted to pick and choose off the list of challenges instead of going in order. We are rebels)

Posted Last Week:

Homeschool: The Arctic!

Winter Hikes


Watching and Listening:

Billy and I are currently watching His Dark Materials season 2 and it is so good! We want to binge it but make ourselves wait. We are also watching This Farming Life on Britbox, which I also enjoy – although we just finished the newest season! I am still listening to bunches of podcasts, all that I have mentioned here before – Ologies with Alie Ward, Redhanded, Morbid, and two new ones, What’s Her Name (the Tasha Tudor one was excellent!) and The Naturalist Kids Podcast. I am also listening to Taylor Swift’s albums Folklore and Evermore on repeat some days. I have never really listened to her before and I am enjoying this new more mellow sound she has going on.

And that is about it from my little corner! Stay safe everyone.