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Hey all! Today I am writing this up as fast as I can – I have little boy here who has an appointment with Santa this morning! And trust me, he is very excited. So I have to move quickly this morning!

Read Last Week/This Week:

I am still working on the same books I was last week. All Creation Waits is a book you read everyday, a few pages, and I am loving it. Midwinter Murder is a collection of Agatha Christie short stories, which frankly is all I have the attention span for these days! My December reading is always so slowpokey! And then when I need a break from murder, I have this one!

My mom gave me a bunch of these back in the 90s. Every Christmas I had a new Regency Christmas romance in my stocking and I still have most of them, although they are tattered from being so well read. They are such delightful little stories – and what is happier than Christmas and romance together?

Posted Last Week:

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Hello December!

Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up: Embracing the Imperfect

‘Tis the Season Cinema: Holiday Inn

10 on the 10th!


I’ve fallen into Grantchester and seem to be stuck there! It is so good! So much drama mixed in with crime in this one – and Sidney Chambers is a bit different as a vicar, eh? Sidney Chambers is also pretty nice to look at as well. I did see that he eventually leaves the show, but I will deal with that as it happens.

We are also watching Rings of Power, when I can separate myself from the angsty drama of Grantchester, and Three Pines.

In movies, it is Emmet Otter night everyone! I absolutely can’t wait! I am having my mom over tonight for homemade chicken pot pie (cross your fingers for me everyone, it is my first attempt). Then we will take a drive to look at lights before dropping her back off at home, and we will come home to watch Emmet. It is my favorite holiday movie so I am super excited.

And that is it from my corner of the mitten state! How are you all?


28 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Yeah for Emmet. He’s cued up on our Amazon account for us to watch.

    I still want to find some of those regency Christmas books and I marked that Agatha Christie book down. I think it would be nice to read when gloomy January comes.

    Sorry if I was the one who broke it to you about Sidney. I just got hooked on him too and then found out and felt betrayed!! My eye candy! Noooo! Don’t take him from me! 😩😂

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  2. Katherine

    I hope Wyatt had a fantastic visit with Santa! We watched the first few seasons of Grantchester and really enjoyed it. Sidney is definitely easy on the eyes but he makes such bad decisions when it comes to women! Have a wonderful week!

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  3. It sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful day! And, homemade chicken pot pie sounds so yummy! We just finished Wednesday…kinda different but good. Then we had to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and then Black Adam. Can you tell whose turn it was to pick? I’m reading Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman, one of my very favorite authors. I have a stack of honest to goodness books from the library! I usually read on Libby on my iPad, but Mike had some medical tests last week so I knew I needed actual books! Have a wonderful week!

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    1. It was very nice! And my cheater version of chicken pot pie turned out fantastic! My tiny mom even ate two pieces!

      I’m excited to watch Wednesday! It looks excellent, and I have always loved The Addams Family. And we loved the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special!

      Oh no! I hope everything is ok!!

      Alice Hoffman is one of my very favorites too!


    1. He was overjoyed!! Like the biggest smile on his face!! I put some pictures up on my post today, the coffee catch up one. 🙂

      I am glad that you are enjoying it! Some days, I feel like I find the thing that really captures my attention right away, other days, I think about it all day. Like the white tailed deer. Lol.

      Emmet Otter is awesome. It is from the 70s and that shows in the effects, but I still love it.


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