Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

We are still waiting for snow around here! The mornings are chilly, the skies are gray, but… still no snow. However, our Christmas still marches on, despite the lack of white stuff on the ground.

This past week Wyatt and I talked a bit about Hanukkah. I always want to make sure I introduce him to different cultures without being appropriational, and one of the ways I feel we can achieve that is through books, discussion, and food. Latkes featured prominently in the books we read (Hanukkah in Alaska and Little Red Ruthie) so, Saturday night I attempted making latkes. I didn’t do too terribly, I don’t think? They were not super attractive, but they tasted ok. I wasn’t sure what to have them with (other than sour cream) so we ordered pierogi from the Little Pierogi and Crepe Cafe downtown. Billy and I had pierogi, Wyatt had a cheese crepe, and everything was delicious. I had a bacon blue cheese pierogi, loaded potato, and a jalapeno popper one which was so good but also my mouth was on fire.

In fact, it was so good and we were so full, we needed a walk after we ate. We bundled up, tucked Wyatt into the wagon with three blankets, and headed off into the night and cold. We looked at Christmas lights and I played Christmas music on my phone as we walked – we had a ton of fun!

Sunday was round two of Christmas cheer and food.

In the morning Billy and I barely had time to drink a cup of coffee before it was time to leave for Wyatt’s appointment with Santa. Our favorite nature center hosts a a few different Santa events, with a small sing-a-long, a story, snacks, crafts, and a visit with the big man himself. Santa sits in his own little room, and families get called in one by one. It is really neat, and Wyatt had a blast. He was really into singing Jingle Bells and shaking the bells they gave us all.

I try to keep Wyatt’s childhood as innocent and magical as I can, knowing he will grow up way too soon. Childhood and it’s magic is just not long enough, so I try with all my might to make his as wonderful as possible. As I watched him with Santa, and saw the joy on his face, I knew for now he was living what I wanted for him. I also knew in my momma’s heart that this might be the last year we experience this particular moment, as he gets older and maybe loses the belief in Santa. So for now, I enjoy it while I can.

We continued on with our cozy little happy day all day. My mom came over for dinner, and I made a chicken pot pie for the first time. The recipe was for a “French inspired” version, and was sort of a semi-homemade variety. I felt like it was a good place for me to start, and it was freaking delicious. My tiny mom even ate two pieces! It was easy and the hardest part was waiting for it to rest ten minutes. Mine was not as artfully arranged or pretty, but dang it tasted good. I’ll nail the presentation next time maybe.

And after dinner – more lights! This time we drove though, my mom would have been an icicle if we had walked again. We saw some pretty cool displays – one was even in multiple yards and had music!

It was a really nice weekend, full of good food and holiday cheer.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. That IS a cozy, happy little day! I love the Santa visit and yes, hold onto that while you can. And also exposing him to different faiths and traditions is so wise and so lovely. Your dinner sounded great, too. Have you been/are near Heinz Drive? I heard they do a lot but we’ve never seen it and I wondered if it was worth the hype!


    1. Thank you Jeanie!

      We are pretty close to the light display there, about 20 minutes? We went one time before Wyatt was born and it was really cool! However, we didn’t plan well and went on a Saturday night when it is busiest. It took us maybe 3 hours to get in, and that was mostly the wait in line in our cars to get in. I have heard going during the week is easier and quicker. I was actually thinking about driving out to see the lights in downtown Rochester though!


  2. We got a little snow on Friday. I had to go back to the kids’ school in the late morning, and it looked like a blizzard. It was 34F then, and the temperature rose to 36-38 later in the day, so even by the evening , almost all of it was gone. There was another serious accident on the state highway by us. There’s really nothing outwardly dangerous about the road, a tiny bit of curve here and there, a tiny bit of hill… It’s very much in the way that people drive it. There was mist in the air most of the morning yesterday, and though it turns out the driver at fault was drunk (and also from Illinois) add that to a little frozen mist on the ground and you get stuff like what happened yesterday.

    Slowly, we’re working on getting Christmas stuff up. I feel like I’m playing whack-a-mole with being able to get things done, but hopefully by tonight or tomorrow, we will *finally* have the tree up. (And it will be up through at least 7 January, so it will still have some time to be up.)

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    1. That is the only thing I don’t like about snow! The accidents that happen because of it – and the drivers. My husband was rear ended last year on the freeway during rush hour because someone was in a hurry and not adjusting her driving to the conditions. 😦 Everyone was ok thankfully, but our car did need repairs which was a pain.

      Yay! As long as you are having fun doing it, the timing doesn’t matter. πŸ™‚


  3. When my kids were little, their teachers did a unit on Christmas around the world even though it wasn’t technically Christmas in all of the countries. Some of the teachers where I taught did the same thing, but they made it so tedious for the students…having to complete packets instead of just enjoying the lessons and the food! I think you do such a wonderful job enriching Wyatt’s cultural life. You truly do amaze me!

    Now, let’s talk about those lights! I love the skeletons in the first picture…at least, I think they’re skeletons. One of my favorite Christmas/Halloween? movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas. In fact, our Westie was born on Christmas Day so his name is Jack Skellington Banks! And, Carol of the Bells is my all time favorite song. I play handbells so when I hear it, I’m always counting it instead of enjoying the music!!

    Thanks for another peek into your life! And, come visit for a link party on Thursday!



    1. Aw man it sounds like they sucked the life right out of that! I feel like right now at his age and abilities, if he is getting the idea that there are other cultures, other religions, different foods, then I am happy. He doesn’t need to necessarily know all of the small details at this point in his life. Like, I talked about the importance of using oil to make the latkes, about how it is was representative of the oil that lasted 8 nights when they didn’t think it would last even one, but I didn’t go too in depth on it. After germ season calms down we are going to visit some museums again as well. πŸ™‚

      Aren’t those skeletons hilarious! I thought that was so clever of them! I love the Nightmare Before Christmas too! What a great name for your Westie!!

      And how cool! When I was a little girl, like Wyatt’s age, I was in the children’s bell choir at church. I was the littlest and I had the littlest bell and when I got to do two bells I thought I was super cool. I couldn’t get over the adults who did more than two!


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