Hello, December!

Hello December!! And it sure started off busy – it took me six whole days to even get to this post. It’s all been pretty good stuff though.

I also can’t believe it is December already – wasn’t it just December a minute ago? Where did this year disappear off to?

Around here, it feels like Christmas. We have our house all decorated, the tree is up, the calendar is full of fun things we hope to do, the gifts are piling up in my special secret storage area away from little eyes – all that is missing is the snow! However the latest news says that the snowfall prediction for Christmas in our area “screams” snow. Which is good, I am tired of gloomy rainy December days. Yuck.

I am reading an Advent book right now called All Creation Waits, and I am loving it. I read most of the introduction and part of day one out loud to my husband in bed last night before I realized he wasn’t quite as excited about it as I was. The author, Gayle Boss, combines advent and solstice and the rhythms of nature with faith. Each day is a different animal, and the author asks the reader to think about what catches their attention in the passages for each day. So far, day one has been the one that has spoken to me loudest, all about a little pond turtle. How at some point they know it is time to start their brumation, and dive to the bottom of the pond and start their transition. Their bodies and hearts slow down, they snuggle down in, and wait. Wait in a certainty that eventually the sun and the warmth and the spring will return, and they will end their sleep and rejoin the world. I was also sort of tickled to learn that the author is a fellow Michigander!

I do feel like the winter is the same for humans, if you live in a snowy cold area. We sit in our snug homes, looking out at the darkness. We know that in a few months we will be rewarded with the longer days again, flowers will be blooming, birds will be singing in joy again, butterflies will be floating in and out dreamily. It doesn’t mean we have to simply endure the winter like turtles though. We can find joy in winter – in shared hearty meals, frosty adventures in the chill and the snow, quiet moments with your books and tea and cats (and lizards?) Family nights and nights with friends. The crunch of snow underfoot, the silence of the night.

I have some fun things ahead for Wyatt – a visit to Santa (will this be the last year?), Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village, an afternoon at the Immersive Nutcracker Experience, afternoons of baking and then eating what we made, making special gifts for loved ones.

The full moon is tomorrow night, the Full Cold Moon. When Wyatt was really young, I signed up for the Kids Moon Club. I thought it would be a fun way to learn about nature and the moon cycles and do it with a virtual community of like-minded families. He was really a bit too young to do a lot of it, but he did develop a love for the night sky, which was fine. He said one of his first words, snow, because of the moon club. When the year ended, the creator of the group offered lifetime memberships to our group as one of the first groups to go through the club. I signed up and really haven’t participated since. I think this year though, we will. Wyatt is at a good age to really do a lot of the activities and be interested and it will be fun to return. And I think we will start with this month, the cold moon. This moon is about quiet and peace, about shifting into a different season. I love the quietness of December’s moon, as it is followed up in January with the Wolf Moon. (incidentally if you ask Wyatt what the full moon of January is called he will tell you. It’s his favorite) I think finding this space of peace and solitude is important this month especially, when we can get lost in all of the commotion of Christmas. We need the balance. Have our fun but also take the time to find some quiet.


18 thoughts on “Hello, December!

  1. debby9972

    Glad you decorations are up. I just started working on . I have to do the trees still and they take me time because I have hundreds of Hallmark ornaments. Have to get gifts ready to ship out of town to family members. Your plans for Wyatt sound like fun. I love a full moon, thanks for reminding me.

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  2. You really need to write a book, Erin! You have such a lovely way with words. I love winter…it’s my second favorite season at the beginning anyway! And, I love snow!!! I just can’t wait for a big snowfall. Our second married winter was the Blizzard of 78! Our house is just about as decorated as it’s going to get. I finally got the tree up in the master bedroom. I have some gifts in boxes waiting to be wrapped. I’m way ahead of schedule on that one! And, now, as you say, we wait! And, that is one of the best things about Advent…


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    1. Aw that is so nice of you to say! Thanks Marsha!

      It is my second favorite season, at the beginning, as well! I am so over it by February but I love it Nov-Jan. Lol. And snow is awesome!!

      Oo I remember that snow! Kind of. Lol. My mom has a picture of me standing on the sidewalk that they had shoveled and the snow is piled taller than I stood! Lol.

      And yay!!! Sounds like you are just about there!! Now, we wait. πŸ™‚


  3. Winter does have its own joy- there’s something about a cold, frosty night. πŸ™‚ I often think I’d like to live somewhere warmer but part of me would also miss it! And I’m a big fan of turtles!

    Our tree is up but no ornaments yet- just the lights! But at least we have lights! πŸ™‚

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  5. Wyatt looks like a little cardinal in the photo on your header. He is adorable in red. We are looking for a red cardi for my grandson – 12 months. Hope we can find one as festive and perfect as Wyatt’s.
    My 12 year old granddaughter is, for the first time, not getting Santa gifts. I am sure she has KNOWN for a long time but this is the first year that Santa won’t visit her. Makes me sad. I think we did Santa with my daughters til they were in college!! Ha!! Hope you have another year or two of the magic with your baby.


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