10 on the 10th! – December

It’s time for 10 on the 10th again! 10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha at Marsha in the Middle.

  1. How many gifts do you usually purchase in the holiday season? Gosh, I am not sure! I always start with the kids in the family – so that is … 7 kids. Then I move on to Billy and parents. After that I finish everyone else up, from friends other family members, and therapists, etc.

2. Who is the hardest person for whom you buy presents? Ugh my dad! My dad loves to shop so he is always buying stuff he wants already. Plus he is picky. Not that he would ever say he didn’t like his gift, but I just want to make him happy with what I do pick out. He is always grateful, it’s more on my end, wanting to please him.

3. How do you respond to a gift you really don’t like? The same way I do to a gift I do like.

4. What gifts do you consider to be the best to give or receive? Books!!! I love getting books, I love giving books! Every kid I buy for gets things I know they want/like, but they all always get a book too. I also love to give handmade, unique gifts as well, or gifts that really hone in on a person’s interests.

5. What kind of gifts do you consider the worst to give or receive? I am not a fan of “joke” gifts. I feel it is sort of a waste of resources.

6. What gift would you never give ever? Hmm. A giant wall sized portrait of myself.

7. What is your process for selecting a gift? I am a list maker. I make a list of all the people I buy for, then think about who they are, what they like. Then I brainstorm different ideas and browse the internet, especially Etsy. Which is how I always end up with themed Etsy lists. LOL.

8. What is the best gift you have ever gotten? I have always loved my gifts, but a very special and memorable one was the dollhouse my grandpa made me. I loved that so much. I remember my cousin got the Barbie Dream House that year but I loved my dollhouse more.

9. What is the best gift you’ve ever given? I am not sure! Wyatt really loves his Henry (photo above). He also really loved his little toy kitchen. The day we got rid of that almost made me cry, that he had outgrown it.

10. Would you ever or have you ever re-gifted something? I have not. I might if I had a gift card that I had gotten and then realized I needed a last minute gift, then I might grab that to give.


13 thoughts on “10 on the 10th! – December

  1. rawsonjl

    That doll house is amazing; much better than Barbie dream house! πŸ™‚ I’m not a real fan of joke gifts either though I did think it was really funny that one year my brother found empty boxes that were made for gifting money but looked like joke gifts from the outside. All my boys were like “wow, thanks Uncle Mike…” even though they had gotten things like a light up toilet seat cover (according to the box). He had to tell them to open it and then they saw the money. That was pretty funny!

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  2. I love your answer for what you’d never give!!! I double dog dare you to get Billy one for his birthday!!! These are all wonderful answers. I wish I had more room in my house for books because I love books. Before we moved, I boxed up all of my picture books and sent them home with my oldest son. His daughter is a school psychologist and was able to pass them on to a new teacher with a very small classroom library. So, they will live on in another classroom!

    Thanks so much for participating, Erin!


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