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Happy Sunday! I am feeling grateful and thankful this morning – the sun is shining, I have good coffee in my cup, and a cat sitting next to me. My husband and son are sharing the couch across the room from me, unlike last Sunday, when my husband was on day 7 of quarantine with Covid. Billy spent ten days in his basement office, while Wyatt and I were upstairs. We are now all back together, Billy is feeling much better although still a bit tired at times, and all is back to our normal.

I didn’t have much time for reading last week, with all that I was doing by the time I made it to bed I was pretty exhausted. I did read one book though!

I LOVED this book! It is definitely one of my favorites so far this year. A family full of magic and secrets? Yes please! If you like magical realism or fantasy, make sure to pick this one up.

I am still reading the middle grade book Mystery in Rocky Mountain National Park, and I don’t know what I am going to read when I finish. This week is sort of weird, with the holiday and Wyatt has another 24 hour EEG as well. I have a few books checked out from the library, but now I don’t want to read them. I will be looking at everyone’s blogs for some new recommendations; I am not sure what sort of reading mood I am in!

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Well, when Billy was quarantining away from us, I didn’t want to watch anything that we may want to watch together. Then I remembered I was behind on When Calls the Heart! I started watching it again and found it just as calming and happy as I remembered, which is exactly what I needed. Now, I think we might start watching Stranger Things since the new season is out. And Lisa from Boondock Ramblings has suggested The Larkins to me and we are hoping to start that as well.


24 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Glad your husband is feeling better and you and your son were spared. My reading has been down as well. Glad the book you did read was a winner. When Calls the Heart is a great show that I need to catch up on. Have a good weekend!

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  2. I’m happy your husband is feeling better and that you were all able to get together again.

    I’m very curious about the middle-grade mystery series set in the national parks. I’m always on the lookout for books set in Yellowstone, so I’ll be watching for that book in the series.

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    1. He had a really hard time with it after he started to feel better. He toughed it out!

      I really love When Calls the Heart. It is a little campy and cheesy but I sometimes need a show where problems are solved by delivering someone a muffin or just a really heartfelt talk. Lol. If only life were so easy!


  3. Thanks to you and Lisa for telling us about The Larkins. I see it is a remake of The Darling Buds of May (both on Roku channel), which is based on a book! I have not seen either series and I have not read the book! The Larkins sounds like a series the 95-yo might enjoy so we shall check it out!

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    1. Thank you! He is doing really good. Just a bit more tired at night than usual. 🙂

      I am such a mood reader – a lot of times it is seasonal as well. I have a hard time reading wintry books in the summer, etc. Right now I am just sort of in reading limbo!


  4. Glad that your husband is feeling better! Those Covid quarantines are tough.

    I started Stranger Things (only two episodes in) and it’s fun to revisit the characters but the episodes are longgg….

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  5. I’ll bet those ten days were some of the longest of your life. So glad they’re over and Billy is back upstairs! If you want easy but fun reads, try Dorothea Benton Frank. I think all of her novels are set in South Carolina. Make sure you read her acknowledgements…some of them are almost as good as her novels! We are watching an old Star Trek series, but we’ll be watching Stranger Things soon. I may have to rewatch a couple of the last episodes from the last season to refresh my memory.

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    1. They were so long! We were prepared for the first five but then when we made the decision to go the full ten…that was tough.

      I love Dorothea Benton Frank!! I own all of her books – good suggestion!! I have not read the acknowledgements though, I need to do that!

      I feel that way too. Like where did we leave off?


  6. We’ve managed one episode of Stranger Things. Yesterday one of our local football (soccer) teams gained promotion to the top league (Premiership), so it was an afternoon of watching the match on TV.
    I love magical realism so will check out your book recommendation.

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  7. You’ve had a time of it so no wonder you didn’t get into reading. I am a bit of a mood reader too, something I thought I would like to read just doesn’t fit when I arrive at it. Hope you and Wyatt stay Covid free.

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