Where I Have Been This Week

The last seven days have been rough. Full of anxiety and fear, yet shoving all those feelings to the back of my mind as much as I can so I can take care of kiddo. Well, let me tell you what has been happening over here.

Last Saturday night, around dinner, Wyatt started throwing up. When your child has a shunt (he has a VP shunt that runs from his head to his belly to shunt fluids away) and he starts throwing up, that could be a sign of shunt malfunction. So after the second time, we hurried down to Children’s Hospital, which was packed. Wyatt however threw up all over their hallway so they gave us a room within a few minutes. The possibility of intracranial brain pressure is triaged pretty emergent, so after we were in the room Wyatt was assessed quickly. However, there were two code blues while we were there, and after assessing Wyatt we then waited a few hours for him to get X-Rays and a CT Scan.

At around midnight (also when the above picture was taken), Wyatt was feeling better, and the neurologist came in and told us that Wyatt’s scans and x-rays all looked good, so great news! Shortly after that, a nurse came in and told us that Wyatt’s Covid tests and flu tests all came back negative as well. So, we were discharged at about 12:30 in the morning, getting home about 1.

Sunday Wyatt and I took lots of naps, while Billy played video games in his basement office. It was an extremely low key day. Until Billy started coughing that evening. He took a Covid test at home, and .. it was positive. What I have been dreading and avoiding for two years was here, in our house. We still have no idea where he contracted it, but we are guessing work although he only works there three times a week, wears a mask, and is usually in his totally separate from the rest of the building office, behind two locked doors.

After that test we sprang into action, mainly because I had a panic attack and told him to get down to his basement office while we figured out what to do. He made a telephone visit with a doctor, who put him on medicine that was immediately sent to the pharmacy. We called each other and made plans – Billy wanted to isolate in the office so we worked out what to do. He ordered a cot. I deliver food fully masked to a table at the bottom of the stairs. And that is about it. When he has to shower, he opens the window, and disinfects behind him when he leaves. Then we leave the door shut, window open, and fan running for a few hours. I have also been able to leave all the windows open in the house as well.

Wyatt and I have been hanging out upstairs, taking it easier than normal. I called off school and we have watched a lot of tv, read a lot of picture books, played outside, and made lots of curbside pickups. We have strawberries growing in the garden, and the butterflies are back! I found black swallowtail eggs yesterday which made me smile. My last Mother’s Day Gift from Billy and Wyatt came this week, a little bunny hug ring. I have taken tests everyday. I am trying to remain positive in spirit, which is easier said than done for me this week. We have been keeping company with our menagerie, and made an ice cream cone countdown to when Billy can come out of quarantine, if universe and God willing things remain as they are and improve.

I did get bitten by my PacMan frog Freddie this week! It didn’t hurt, but his little mouth and jaw are surprisingly strong! I was more shocked and freaked out than anything, and had to fight the natural instinct to scream (it was 10 pm) and shake my hand to get him to let go. Instead I waited for him to just let go, which was just a few seconds. I had been trying to see if I could find out his (or her) gender – why I was doing this at ten at night, I don’t know.I think I scared him, which made me feel bad. So although it was sort of freaky, it wasn’t his fault. I did tell him that he is not my favorite, but I don’t think he cared.

TV has been a challenge! I usually only watch with Billy and I don’t want to watch anything we might want to watch together, so I rewatched a few episodes of The Durrells (I love that show so much) then finally figured out how to watch the seasons of When Calls the Heart that I haven’t watched. It is sort of a full circle thing, because When Calls the Heart was the show that helped me through the beginning of the pandemic, so it makes sense it provides the same calm for me now. I am a Heartie. Lol.

So that is it from here all. Stay safe – and if you don’t mind sending out some prayers and good vibes for our family I would appreciate it.


19 thoughts on “Where I Have Been This Week

  1. Sending all the good thoughts from over here in the middle of England. I have got through the panic of a good friend who is highly vulnerable (enduring eating disorder AND a lung disorder) getting Covid in the last few months and she came through it, so there is hope everywhere. Much love to you all.

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  2. Oh Erin, I’m so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine the worry and concern you had for Wyatt, only to be relieved until Billy’s news. I hope he’s soon testing negative and that you and Wyatt stay the same as well. So wish I could drop off dinner to your porch. Alas. Good wishes will have to do.

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  3. So I declare that this week will be a nice relaxing week with lots of self-care too. Deep breaths. It’s all going to be fine and I’m glad you’ve been distracted with things like sending me an entire step-by-step list of how to care for butterflies! Now, let’s see what else I can come up with that I want to do like you this summer so we can distract you even more from the anxiety! lol. You’ll just be so busy making me step-by-step lessons and plans, you won’t have time to worry! that’s the idea anyhow. 😉

    (Listen to me acting like I know how to be calm in a crisis. You know that is total crap! lol!)

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  4. Stefanie

    Stressful times for you and your family. I hope Billy gets well soon and good thing he has a basement office where he can isolate. I’m glad Wyatt’s scans and tests came back negative and glad the bite didn’t result in an injury. Keeping you in my thoughts. You’re doing good being strong.

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    1. It seems like the culprit for Wyatt was McDonald’s chicken nuggets…

      Thank you Marsha. He tells me he is at 90%, with just lingering fatigue keeping him from feeling like himself. One more day in quarantine and he can come back up and be with us. Wyatt has really been missing his dad! And me too. Lol. Thank you for the thoughts!


  5. I am so glad you have a calm spot with When Calls the Heart and so glad that Wyatt ended up being okay. I have some idea of that sprint to the ER at certain symptoms and it is definitely stressful. I’m sorry about Billy and hope that it doesn’t hit him too hard. My brother in law got Covid back in December of 2020 and my sister in law never did and she followed pretty similar precautions so I think you’ve got a pretty good chance of not catching it. I hope this week is proving to be much calmer and you’re getting lots of rest.

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    1. It really is! And it was jam packed and he couldn’t wear a mask since he was throwing up and I was a mess and trying not to be! But as soon as we were in a room I calmed down.

      We are on day 10 – Billy is off to work and is doing well, thank goodness. Wyatt and I never caught it or if we did it was so mild that we never had symptoms and it never showed on the home tests I kept giving myself. It was so stressful to navigate, especially since Billy was in isolation and I was on my own for ten days lol. I did relax a bit more than I normally would, so I didn’t get too run down. 🙂 When Calls the Heart helped with that. Lol.


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