Backyards, Parks, and Birthday Cake

The weather this weekend has been beautiful, and we have been making the most of our days outside. Wyatt has been that kind of tired every night that comes from playing outdoors and honestly, so have Billy and I!

Saturday we tackled parts of the yard! I had a cola plant (that does smell exactly like cola!) that was getting too large and spreading too much in the butterfly garden, so we yanked. Like Monty Don says, if it doesn’t give you joy, get rid of it. So we did. Now I have an empty spot in there that I can fill with something that does make me smile. And Billy made a super cool discovery when pulling it out – an ootheca!

I tucked it into another plant but..I am seriously considering putting it in an aquarium and bringing it in to watch it hatch. I am still debating this though. It might be more up close nature observation than even I can do. (Also have I mentioned Wyatt wants a snake? I’m not sure about that either!) This ootheca is probably filled with hundred of baby mantis. We would release the babies of course, but can I handle seeing that many? It would sort of coincide with our current read aloud, Charlotte’s Web. I don’t have a spider egg sac handy and this would be sort of similar. So, I am debating it for educational purposes but it might be too much for me.

We also were inspired by a YouTube video to put in a tiny wildflower patch. Billy has wanted a cut flower garden for years but we just never have gotten around to it. But, we had space and seeds and the manpower so we put one in. Right now it is a weird little patch of dirt that is not too much to look at but hopefully we get some wildflowers soon!

After that I put on my headphones, switched on Going West, my current favorite true crime podcast, and started cleaning like a maniac while Billy took Wyatt to the park. It’s challenging to take kiddo to a park, especially if it is crowded. He has to scoot around and with kids just flying around it is dangerous. Billy found a park that was empty though and Wyatt had a blast!

We wound up the evening enjoying ice cream sandwiches on the porch, watching the birds… and rescuing them. A fledgling fell from the tree into our busy street, with two nearby cats on the prowl. I couldn’t let it just fend for itself, so Billy rescued it by scooping it up in a towel and putting it back in the crook of the tree, next to its nestmate. It was so super cute!!

Sunday was another beautiful and busy day! We celebrated my dad’s 75th birthday, and it was a great day filled with family and chatter and playing outside. It was the first time I think I have really relaxed in weeks!

When your family starts an inclusive game of catch – priceless.

After my dad’s party, my brother invited us over to his house for a fire, which was the perfect ending to the day. The kids continued playing until they both wanted a snack, then ran out of steam. Wyatt was a limp noodle of a boy when we finally loaded him into the car.

It was a wonderful two days, and today..we are just being lazy. Which is pretty wonderful too.


14 thoughts on “Backyards, Parks, and Birthday Cake

  1. I had to look up what an ootheca was. I’m not sure if we get them in the UK, if we do I’ve never seen one! I’m not sure I would want to bring it inside, even for educational purposes.
    Yay for rescuing the fledgling – those blue feathers it has are stunning. Your photos are so beautiful too. Have a great week and happy belated birthday to dad.

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    1. Lol! So I brought it in – and I am hoping that they stay in the container we put them in. I will totally freak out if they get loose!!

      That bird was so darn cute!! I wanted to cuddle it but, you know, wild animal and all. Plus it had to go back home. But it was so cool. I have never seen a baby blue jay that close before.

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  2. When I was in first grade, one of my classmates brought some kind of egg sac to school, put it in her desk, and completely forgot about it. Weeks, if not months, later, they hatched! Our teacher was definitely not into insects!!! I can’t wait to see Billy’s flower garden. We went for a drive today and saw a couple of wildflower patches along the road. Your weekend sounds wonderfully busy and tiring. I loved the photo of the inclusive game of catch.

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    1. Lol!!! I can’t even imagine that!! And yeah, I don’t want these to get loose in the house – I would 100% freak out. It was a great weekend, but phew we needed that break!

      And Wyatt was so so happy to be included in the game!


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  4. Stefanie

    Yay for fun! I’m glad you found a quiet park. Some kids can be rude at the playground; the ones that climb up the slide when others are trying to get down irritated me the most.

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