Morning Coffee Catch Up

It’s been twelve days since Billy caught the ‘rona, and I am finally feeling like I can relax. He opted to quarantine for a full ten days – the recommendations all said after five days he could leave quarantine, but to wear a mask for five more days. We couldn’t see how that would work with Wyatt, so Billy made the choice to just stay locked up a few more days. It was a long long ten days for all of us. Beyond missing each other, Billy was lonely and I was working my butt off doing all the things, and with added Covid precautions that added multiple steps to things. It was worth doing, since Wyatt has an EEG next week that we did not want to have reschedule. We would have obviously, but we didn’t want to have to do that. And it seems like we made it through! Wyatt and I were cleared to take him back to therapy Wednesday, and Billy went back to work in the office, rather than his home office, on Wednesday as well. Then Wednesday when he came home from work, he came in the front door again and we all had a nice reunion! Wyatt was so excited to see his dad again! And so was I.

I tried to keep things as simple for myself as I could during that ten days – lots of sandwiches for dinner, soup for lunch. My brother dropped off Taco Bell one night for us, which we inhaled after a week of turkey and cheese and chicken noodle soup.

As an introvert who needs some quiet alone time to recharge, by the time Billy could rejoin the family I was craving some time to myself. I love my son beyond anything but phew, even I needed a break from his cute face and constant chatter. So, last night, I took a much needed trip to the library. Alone. It was quiet. Peaceful. And books! We had read all of our library books and I needed to resupply so I spent a happy half an hour there before heading home.

I am still feeling discombobulated. We are off track for school which I hate. I have an awesome farm unit lined up for the next few months and we are off to a crazy start. But it will get worked out. We are on our own timeline and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Wyatt and I spent a lot of time outside, which was awesome. Last Sunday I got us drive thru ice cream and we ate it in the park away from other people, just in case. It was so nice to be away from our house, even just for the small time.

I am looking forward to this long weekend!

Anyone have any plans?


19 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. How great to finally be past the isolation, although I am one who also loves time alone. Lockdowns didn’t bother me too much the past two years, especially since I had plenty of books and movies, LOL.

    Enjoy your weekend plans.


  2. We’ve been traveling, so I haven’t had a chance to visit my favorite blogs. I’m sorry to hear that Billy had Covid, but I’m glad you were able to stay well and keep Wyatt healthy, too. What a stressful (and exhausting) ten days that must have been.

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  4. Yay that Billy is out of isolation and didn’t share his germs. My husband had to quarantine for a week because he had a cold the week before we were going to go out of town for a cancer kid event and we really didn’t want Will to get sick. I can totally relate to needing a little quiet time as an introvert after that close of quarters. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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  5. Stefanie

    Warrior mama; straight up. Glad Billy is done w/’rona. I have some friends who live around the Bay Area who caught it because their kids got it from classmates; it is no joke.

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