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Last week was so cold..again! This weekend we have even had snow. I am so over it – I am ready for springtime! We didn’t get out as much as we wanted to, and we are all feeling restless. Wyatt and I did have a fun week revisiting snails in our Exploring Nature With Children snail week studies. Snails are always a favorite around here. I am behind on posting but I hope to get a homeschool post up this week! We did get out for a little bit yesterday – we took a little ride around Detroit, including Belle Isle. I took a stroll around the waiting garden, which is just starting to wake up. I can’t wait to see it in a few weeks, in its springtime glory!

Read Last Week:

This book was a crazy ride y’all. I liked it but it also sort of hurt my brain.

Reading This Week:

I didn’t intend to read two witchy witch books back to back, but here we are. I kind of love this cover. I loved the Nature of Witches so I am looking forward to this one.

Posted Last Week:

What Wyatt’s Reading – March Edition

Tigers and Lizards and Wolves, Oh My!


We have been pretty dedicated Murdoch Mysteries watchers again this week. Billy had some late night with work and it is an easy show to wind down with.

Last night for our movie night we watched Nausicaa, another Studio Ghibli. This one is Billy’s favorite and he warned me ahead of time that this one was different from the others that we have watched, more serious than cute and whimsical. I am glad I knew that going in because it was darker. Billy loves a dystopian story and Nausicaa takes place in a world that has turned toxic due to over pollution, where toxic spores infect the air, and kill you if you breathe them in. Nausicaa lives in the Valley of the Wind, where a constant breeze keeps the spores at bay. There are enormous insects that seem to want to just attack humans, humans that attack humans, and there is Nausicaa, who is about peace and love to all creatures. She has a connection to the world that others don’t; she communicates with the insects, she is kindly and good in a world that is pretty darn ugly. Overall it was a fantastic message but definitely did not embody the cozy cuteness of the other Studio Ghibli movies we have watched. (also I 100% thought she was not wearing pants but they are just flesh toned apparently) The music will also totally transport you directly back to the 80s – along with the use of quicksand…

And that is it from my cold corner of the Mitten state! What has been going on in your world?


12 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I have only visited Michigan through books and movies, but I do recognize names such as “Belle Isle” from books I’ve read. As for witches, I don’t read them often, but last week I read Hour of the Witch from Chris Bohjalian and surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it.

    Have a great week! Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES


  2. I’ll bet you’re tired of snowy weather! We’ve been lucky with some sunny days, which is nice, but it’s still chilly. I’m just thankful for the longer days now that I’ve recovered from the time change.


  3. This was always the toughest part of winter for me when we were in NY… I was so over it by this point and it never seemed to end. My mother says it’s snowing there again tonight. Hope spring comes soon for you!


  4. I bet it feels sometimes like winter will never end. This is the amazing time of the year here, along the Texas Gulf Coast, with brilliant blue skies and temps in the 70s. But it won’t stay that cool for long.

    Nausicaa is on the list of the 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read.

    I think I’m going to pass on a book that might “hurt my brain!” lol


  5. It’s starting to warm up nicely here but we are also heading into tornado season so that’s always an adventure. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with school! We are getting back on track thankfully but are mostly focusing on math at the moment. Have a wonderful week!


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