A Look at Last Week

Our house loves snails! It had been a few years since we participated in the Exploring Nature with Children, and when I saw that last week was snail week, I jumped in. We had such a great time revisiting these tiny little creatures as part of our science and nature studies! I loved so many of the books that we read – I mentioned in my post the other day that Wyatt loved Snail Brings the Mail, and we always love Escargot. The Snail with the Right Heart was a new addition to our reading, and I really enjoyed it. It’s about a snail (true story) that was born with his shell spiraling to the left rather than the right, which is a rarity.

Escar-dough, anyone?

Friday was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! We wore green in support, and read a few books, including This Girls Got Grit by Felicia Flewelling. I met Felicia on a mom’s retreat in Texas a few years ago, and she was delightful. She was working on her book when we met, and I was happy to be able to buy it this year for CP Awareness Day! We kind of spent the day doing all of Wyatt’s favorite things.

Saturday was so cold. I had wanted to pond exploring but we are going to have to wait a bit longer! We start a month long or so pond study so I wanted to kick off strong but .. we went for a drive in Detroit and walked around Belle Isle instead. And really, took a five minute walk around the garden. It was just so cold!

And that is about it! I’m looking forward to warmer weather and new adventures!


18 thoughts on “A Look at Last Week

  1. I wish spring would just decide to stick around for a bit. Do you get the feeling it will be 40 and 50 and then one day is is 70 and up — and no spring… sprinter-to-summer. Love the snail stuff. You have read the book about the sound of a wild snail eating, haven’t you? It’s lovely. And I’m glad you celebrated CP day. My friend Judy (who started the music therapy camp at MSU — applications open and some scholarships available too) was posting about it the other day. I think I’ve mentioned that before — Michigan State Community Music School Music therapy camp. Wyatt might like it. Happy week!

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    1. I do feel that way! Like fall has become a blip, spring will become one too. 😦 I have read that book and I absolutely love it! It is one of my favorite books ever.

      I remember us talking about that camp! I was considering it right before the pandemic hit – I should revisit that idea!! Wyatt would really love it.


      1. I think this year the camp is a combo of virtual and in-person. I’m not sure on the details but I do think there are scholarships, too. Not sure of the price otherwise. I may know of someone who is donating a scholarship NOT through the program, too. There is a feature film doc in that will be being done this year. Yesterday I learned it just was funded. Keep me posted if you are serious about it. I don’t know how quickly it fills up or if it will matter. But if you feel comfortable, the in person I think has more tactile elements for the kids.

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  2. Although those skies still look wintry and cold, there is evidence, it seems, that spring is fast approaching. We have already had highs in the upper 80s but March is our windiest month and it has been blowing a gale.
    Love your escar-dough!! So cute. And the books for your snail study. I have been subbing quite a bit and glad to be doing lessons and sharing picture books with kids again.

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    1. I am so over this cold weather!! I like winter, but I also like spring, so come on spring. Lol. I can’t even imagine an 80 degree day right now. Those exist? Lol.

      Thank you! And that is awesome you are subbing – I know you really enjoyed working with all the little kiddos and sharing books.


  3. When I was teaching, we had a unit that included African snails. We had to create their habitats and then observe the snails. They were so interesting, and the kids loved feeling their tongues on their skin! Unfortunately, they were dropped from that curriculum (I think they became an invasive species). I especially liked your escar-dough! That looks quite tasty!!


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    1. Oo those African Land Snails are so awesome!! You are right, they are considered invasive now and people can’t have them. I looked into it because I wanted one lol. And thank you! It was such a quick and easy way to make the kiddo smile during snail week.


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  5. Stefanie

    I think 🐌 are possibly a creature we can take for granted? Ive been trying out a Korean beauty regimen and the products I use have snail mucin; no 🐌 are harmed. It’s supposed to have benefits like damage repair and evening out skin tone.

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