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Phew last week was a doozy! I had a family member going through a rough patch and when I wasn’t homeschooling, Wyatt and I were over at this person’s house helping them out. Things seem to be looking up so that is good. I didn’t have anytime to read or really do much else, but family first.

So. That being said.

What I am Reading This Week:

I need some gardening in my life! The closest I can come right now though is reading about it. Wild is the Witch also sounds really good!

Posted Last Week:

Just one lonely post A Look at Last Week


We are still watching Murdoch Mysteries – it’s a lighthearted show to wind down with at night, which is what we need these days.

Updated to Add: Saturday night movie night! I posted early last night before we had picked our movie, and we stepped away from Studio Ghibli to watch Death on the Nile. I LOVED it. It was so visually stunning, and I am a sucker for the way a movie looks. It was gorgeous. And the music! I loved that as well! I haven’t read the books at all (sorry Agatha) and I was unprepared for such an emotional Poirot.

And gosh, that is about it! Slow news week around here! I hope all is well with all of you!

18 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Nothing wrong with family taking precedence in a week. Hang in there and hope you get some reading time in this week. Reading with a cup of tea or glass of wine and your feet up. Sounds like what you need!


  2. I hope everything is okay with your family member. I really want to see death on the Nile too! I liked the last Orient xpress movie and have been looking forward to this one ever since!


  3. Now you have me wanting to see Death on the Nile. I love beautiful cinematography and beautiful book covers! I hope your family is doing ok after some issues this week. I can’t wait for gardening either. I love my home-grown heirloom tomatoes every summer!


  4. Sorry to hear you had a rough week, but family first yes and our books are always waiting for us. Yea for that. I also loved Death on the Nile. I’ve actually enjoyed all the adaptations, but the book remains my favorite.

    I hope you will have a good week and lots of time for reading.

    Elza Reads


  5. Busy weeks are rough on your reading life! I like the sound of Seed to Dust.

    Death on the Nile was gorgeous. You were right in being surprised about how emotional Poirot was. The Poirot of the books is not quite like that. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Have a great week!

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  6. I’m so sorry that your family member has been going through so much. I’m glad you could be there for them.

    Seed to Dust sounds really good. So far I haven’t been able to find it.

    My husband is watching Murdock Mysteries while I’m gone. He seems to be able to figure these out better than I do.

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    1. Thanks Deb!!

      I am loving Seed to Dust! It has completely taken over. Lol.

      Oh Murdoch. I love how easy that series is to watch. I feel like I watch so much intense tv that Murdoch is a nice reprieve. I hope you are having a fantastic time!!


  7. Stefanie

    It’s been a while since I’ve read a good witch book. Did you read The Discovery of Witches before? See the series? I viewed the first season courtesy of the library which had the DVD; it was good. I wasn’t blown away but it was interesting to see it brought to life.

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  8. You’ve got me curious about the Death on the Nile! The book is one of my favorites and I did enjoy the adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. Curious to see how/why Poirot is emotional! Looking forward to watching it! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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