Hello, April!

April! The month of the Full Pink Moon, Easter, my mom’s birthday. Also, hopefully a month of sunshine and breezes and warmer weather.

Last year was another Easter that we spent just the three of us – this year, I think we will be able to get together with family. Finally! I missed everyone, the crazy talking all at once, the kids being silly together, the sharing of food and stories. We never do a big Easter basket for Wyatt, we usually give him a book and some fun outside things, like sidewalk chalk or a bug catcher to observe insects in, before releasing them back to where they belong. Art supplies, candy, and that is usually about it. This year I am making little peg dolls as well, to match the book we are giving him, since he likes to act out the stories with toys. So far, so good on that project!

I also very ambitiously decided to begin a sewing project, a pretty big one. I am not the greatest at this sort of thing but I will finish it, by hook or by crook, even if it takes me a year! Which it might judging by just how long it takes me to even cut the pattern and pieces out.

This is what I am making:

A Hendrick’s Scrappy Hare. I joined a Slow Stitch group on Facebook and someone made this dapper fellow and I fell in love with him. If you check it out on Etsy, there are so many different ways you can do this, unique to you, since you use scrap materials to finish him up. This one reminds me of an eccentric professor and I am going to use him as my own inspiration. Maybe I will be done by fall! I just love rabbits and hares so much! (Next week I start my yearly reread of Watership Down, if anyone wants to join me! I’m not sure what people do in read alongs but just throwing it out there)

Thankfully, there is also a series of YouTube videos that detail what to do, step by step. I am going slow but I am enjoying the process which is what it is all about. And hopefully by the end I have something somewhat resembling a rabbit.

It’s also Earth month! I try to do what I can, but I like to use April as a good time to see what we could be doing better to help our world and environment, so I am going to be looking at a few areas this month and trying to make improvements.

I’m also hoping for some picnics this month! More outside time would be fantastic. I am so so done with winter. Can I say that one more time? Probably. Wyatt and I are also starting a four week or longer pond unit study this month and it would be nice to actually see a springtime pond, rather than a frozen one. A friend of mine has the most beautiful backyard, just brimming and overflowing with plants and a greenhouse, and a pond! Her pond has frogs and turtles and birds and it is a wild oasis right in the middle of our suburban city. I lined up a “field trip” of sorts to her pond for one day this month – I am hoping to see tadpoles after our fruitless efforts last year. And hopefully we can get our garden started this month as well – I started a few seeds the other day and plan on starting a few more soon.

I’m excited for April and all the things we have lined up! Do you have anything in the works?


18 thoughts on “Hello, April!

  1. No way you’re making that fabulous bunny! WOW! I am seriously impressed — that’s a huge, fabulous project. Like you, I’m a sucker for bunnies/rabbits. I count them all year long (I saw Bunny Nine yesterday!). I can’t wait to see what you do.

    Our munchkins are in Florida for Easter so we might do an Easter Egg hunt when they come next weekend to drop off the dog for Charlie-sitting. Fingers crossed on good weather!

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    1. I’ll try and do updates along the way. Although, they might take a bit in between! I am both excited and intimidated by it. Lol. It is jumping right into the deep end of the pool when I don’t how to swim…

      That would be so fun!! I will for sure!!!


  2. You have such a positive and upbeat post! It was a pleasure to read all you shared about your family and their traditions. That rabbit will be awesome when done. I read Watership Down years and years ago but remember enjoying it. Happy April to you, and I hope your outdoor activities with the little guy are fun.

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    1. Thanks!! I am so unsure of myself with this rabbit project. LOL. But, I think if I go slow and take my time, bit by bit, I can do it. Hopefully. Lol.

      Watership Down is my favorite book of all time! I read it every spring.

      Thanks Mia!!


  3. Hi Erin! Oh I do love the look of that hare! I’m sure you are going to be able to nail it perfectly. Or do I rather say needle it perfectly? Do keep us posted!

    I am tempted to say yes for the Watership Down readalong, but next week is going to be crazy with another readalong and a few reviews coming up. When do you plan to finish with your reread? Maybe I can join you a bit later?

    Let me know and good luck with the sewing!

    Elza Reads

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    1. Aw thank you Mareli! I am super slow so far. LOL.

      I am not even sure how a readalong works! Maybe I will start it the week of Easter instead, it would be neat to share it with other people! And I am sure whatever happens with it, it will be super flexible because that is how I roll.


  4. My cousin makes peg people/dolls, too. I hope you’ll share a picture of yours along with the book you’ve chosen for Wyatt. Good luck with your sewing project. I took a sewing class in junior high and made a couple of wrap-around skirts and one top. That’s it. Not my cuppa!

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    1. Oh my gosh! My junior high sewing project was a stuffed animal. I was terrible and I asked my grandma to make it for me. I didn’t want my grade point messed up by sewing. LOL. I have gotten a little better….

      I will share but..don’t expect awesomeness. I make them for kiddo and he is happy with them but they are nothing like the ones people make and sell.


  5. Stefanie

    I can’t wait to see your bunny. I have already seen Easter egg dyeing kits at Target. I sometimes buy one for my girls to use although the eggs we get from Costco are usually brown. I finished a sweater and have been trying to cast on a vest; it uses a brioche stitch rhat I want to make sure I got it right as I’ve already restarted twice and need to start again.

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  6. What a fun idea…a scrappy hare! Will his personality match his title? I just finished two scrappy afghans (one was raffled off at church for $50) and the other is at my son’s home. I had a student who loved that book so much she completely wore it out! Your friend’s backyard sounds heavenly…such a fun place to explore nature! Let’s hope Mother Nature abides by the calendar!!


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