Tigers and Lizards and Wolves, Oh My!

Sunday was a gorgeous day! The first day of spring, our first outing in months, and world frog day! Our zoo was having some kid friendly activities surrounding frog day so of course we went. We got there early though, and had the zoo to ourselves for the most part. We had about an hour to explore before the frog day activities were to begin, so we headed immediately to the otters. Which isn’t too hard since they are among the first of the animals you encounter when walking through the Detroit Zoo. They are one of my favorites, with their little land gallop and ease in the water. And seriously they are just super cute too.

After squealing in glee (me) over their antics, we headed into the reptile house, where we were all super excited over the animals we saw in there. Usually it is jam packed and you can’t get close to the exhibits to really see anything, but we were the only ones in there for a while which was nice. We really were able to take our time.

That Green Ball Python is stunning! His color is gorgeous. And doesn’t he look just a little bit goofy?

We tried to see the tigers but there was only one out and she was off sunning herself in a distant corner. Billy and Wyatt still had fun though.

We had time for one more animal exhibit before we needed to head to Amphibiville. Wyatt chose the wolves – no surprise there! They have a really large enclosure and a lot of the time they are not visible but today they were fairly close. They are so big!! They were also catching some morning sun and it was hard to take a picture with my phone but I tried.

And then it was time! I’m going to be a little critical here and I apologize because I think what they did was an honest effort – but the activities were a bit lackluster and not well designed for families passing through. Two of them were math based and there would be one kid at a time able to participate, while no one else could approach the tables. And the poor kid had to do math under pressure! The best was the volunteer playing the different sounds that frogs make. I think I was hoping for more frog-centric science/nature activities. They tried but it needed a little honing. Maybe next year. We ended up skipping the activities to just look at the different frogs.

It was really cool, although it was funny since we have two very different frogs at our house (a Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frog and a Pac-Man) and my friends also have interesting amphibians – bullfrogs, toads, axolotl. Apparently we could open our own reptile and amphibian houses! Lol.

And then it was time to go home! I am sure we will be back there soon though!

11 thoughts on “Tigers and Lizards and Wolves, Oh My!

  1. What a lovely day even though the frog events were kind of a flop. I wonder what happened as zoos are usually the best at planning these kinds of things. I love the otters, too! They just always look like they’re smiling and having the best of times!

    Wyatt looks like he had a blast!

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  2. The otters are among my favorites when we go to the little zoo near us too. I enjoy the giraffes too and could watch them for — well, not hours but an hour at least. Those otters are so cute, though.

    Looks like it was tons of fun either way.

    That python?? Totally printing that photo out and taping it up in the bathroom in the morning to make my husband scream. Waahahahaha!

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  4. Stefanie

    I guess they were trying for a STEM theme? I haven’t been to the zoo for years, since my youngest was in 2nd grade; oh boy would I get exhausted after her field trips; her year of kids always had so much energy and were all over the place.


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