What Wyatt’s Reading – March Edition

It was another fun month of reading here! I am trying to remember to post our favorites at the end of the month – I like being able to look back and see what we read together!

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We read a fun mix of books this month!

What Can You Do with a Rock and The Big Book of Bugs are both amazing nature reads. The Big Book of Bugs contains engaging, colorful illustrations alongside informational text about, well, bugs. Praying mantis, crickets, grasshoppers, and a favorite around here, snails!

What Can You Do with a Rock was equally charming and so full of imagination! A rock is not as boring as you may think, and you might look at them a bit differently after reading this book. We loved both of these so much that I am definitely buying them for our home library. (all of the books listed here were checked out from our local library)

I also LOVED Dancing with Daddy, and so did Wyatt! It was so refreshing to read a book with a disabled main character that was not just explaining the disability to the reader or about someone “overcoming” their disability. Wyatt loved seeing a character in a wheelchair just living life and having fun, as did I.

Looking for a Jumbie is a fantastic read as well! It has a Going on a Bear Hunt vibe, but with the magic of supernatural creatures and the darkness and the moon.. everything about it was super fun. I think we might go “looking for a Jumbie” one night this summer, despite not living in the Carribean. I mean, you never know right?

Wyatt automatically picks up every book that has a moon on it. Nigel and the Moon was so much more though….it is about a little boy who tells his dreams to the moon because he is too shy to share them with others. Throughout the story he gains confidence in himself and where he comes from as well. I loved this one a bit more than Wyatt.

Crowbar was a great story, but phew, it is long! It is based on a true story which made Wyatt and I wish we had a crow too, that we could go on picnics with. However, the book ends with an explanation on how to be respectful of nature and that the main character was able to have a crow because his mom had a wildlife rehab license. I thought it was a really good way to end the book, since I am sure most people read it and would like a crow too!

If You Were Night was a simple story, taking us on a ride through the night, posing questions that we had fun answering together. Wyatt liked the raccoons and thought sifting through garbage sounded fun. I did not agree. Lol. I was more about swimming with the otters at night – that was much more my speed. The illustrations were also very cool too, little paper dioramas that made me start thinking about a future art project…

Finally, It Fell From the Sky and Snail Brings the Mail. It Fell From the Sky was actually a request of my husband’s! He saw it somewhere and it caught his eye. I am so glad that it did because it was beautiful and reminded me a little of James and the Giant Peach. It is really a story about art and community and it was really a good book.

And..Snail Brings the Mail. How did I not guess that this would be a favorite of Wyatt’s – mail and snails? Does the world get much better than that?

Have you read any of these? Any new picture book favorites out there?


10 thoughts on “What Wyatt’s Reading – March Edition

  1. Thank you for sharing all of these delicious books. Will request them from the library. I am trying to read my way through the Texas Bluebonnet Award nominees for 2022. And I always like to read the Caldecotts, too. You might check out the Texas 2X2 award nominees for Wyatt, too.


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