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Happy Pi Day everyone! I have an apple pie baking in the oven this morning, to celebrate with pie for breakfast. I had planned to get up early and get it started earlier, but daylight savings did me in. I always have a rough time adjusting (so does Wyatt) and I am thankful that we are homeschooling – that will make “springing forward” a little easier, I am guessing. At least for us! We had a pretty slow week, just kicked it around the house all week, homeschooling and working on projects, and getting in some sunshine as well. I did spend some time researching my ancestry this week as well, and finally found the names of my great-grandparent’s parents! I have been looking for a long time and was super excited about finding them. Duncan Bell and Mary Ann Galloway – and I always loved the name Duncan!

Read Last Week:

I checked out the folk tales book from the digital library and I think I may need to buy it; I am reading this slowly and I am going to start reading a tale or two out loud at night to Wyatt and Billy. I also finished Mission in Paris 1990. It was pretty interesting – I don’t read many books that are sort of political thrillers and it was a nice change. I will be posting my review later this week.

Reading This Week:

Spring always makes me want to read about farmers and farms and pastoral life. (and rabbits but I won’t reread Watership Down until April, like I do every year.) For the next week or two I will be reading The Farmer’s Daughter by Lisa R. Howeler, and Sheepish by Catherine Friend. Lisa also blogs over at Boondock Ramblings, and she posts excerpts from her books every week if you wanted to check her out!

Posted Last Week:

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Watched Last Week:

We have been all over the place with our television watching this week. Billy worked long hours, and by the time we got around to tv we were exhausted and wanted to sort of zone out. We watched the rest of Tudor Farm (a BBC show on Amazon) for most of the week, and Criminal Minds reruns on Netflix. Then we started Ginny and Georgia on Friday and it is so hard for me not to just binge it! It is so good! Then last night for movie night we watched the 2021 version of Blithe Spirits. It was ok, didn’t wow us too much, but I love all the actors in it, especially Dan Stevens and Leslie Mann, and the set and costumes were gorgeous. You can sell me on a movie by how pretty it is, and this was a pretty movie. We have never seen the original so I can’t compare it but I might need to check it out.

And that is about it from around these parts! What is going on in your neighborhood? I hope you all are dong well. Stay safe and have a good week!


26 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Yum to apple pie! Especially the kind you bake that surrounds you with delicious scents. Enjoy your week of reading and viewing. I also loved Ginny and Georgia.

    I am glad that I don’t have a lot of clocks to change nowadays! I used to have collections of them, and setting them was a dreaded task.

    Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

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  2. LOL! My son just told me Happy Pi Day!

    I did an AncestryDNA test and was surprised how much different it turned out than I thought it would.

    I’d like to read Animal Folk Tales, I love all things animal and Ireland! Sheepish is on my list to read as well as Hit by a Farm.

    I haven’t heard of Ginny and Georgia before, I’ll check it out.

    I hope you have a great week!

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  3. A pie sounds like a lovely way to start the day. I’m tempted to make one, too.

    I don’t mind falling back, but I hate springing forward. Why do we put ourselves through this?

    I haven’t heard about Blithe Spirits or Ginny and Georgia, so I’ll look for these.

    I have over 4,000 names in my family history file. I’ve been working on it since the 80s. I’m always fascinated with the stories of these lives.

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    1. Did you end up making pie? 🙂 Lol.

      Ugh me too! I love falling back actually. That extra hour of sleep. Yay!

      That is amazing!!!! I have been boring my husband with some of my findings lately – he doesn’t seem to excited to know that my 4th great grandpa was a coal miner in Wales, etc. And I just found a photo online of my 3rd great grandma in England, standing with a motorcycle. That, I definitely want to know more about!


  4. Mareli Thalwitzer

    Sheepish sounds like fun! I am going to take a look and Farmer’s Daughter too. Something different. And I like that she blogs as well.

    Hope you will have a good week and adapt quickly to the daylight saving hours!

    Elza Reads

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  5. I had no idea it was Pi day til I started blog hopping today lol. And the time change always does me in. I’m not sure why a simple one hour change weirds out my internal clock lol, but it does!

    I’ve been thinking of looking into genealogy too. My relatives have been doing a bit and I’d like to learn more.

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  6. Thank you for sharing my book and a link to the blog. This reminds me that I forgot to get the name of that farm show we watched for you — I’ll do that before I turn in.

    The other books sounded very interesting as well.

    I am hoping we adjust to the time change better than some years. This year I took Little Miss to bed an hour earlier to try to make up for the lost hour. Then I tried to go to sleep too. You would think with all the lack of sleep I had that I would have dropped right off. Instead I was up for another hour, but then I slept well and slept in so the lost hour wasn’t too bad. Well, later in the day I did feel pretty loopy so maybe I didn’t survive totally unscathed! Ha!

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