The PrettyLitter Review No One Asked For

I mentioned I have become like a lunatic telling everyone I know about this litter. I have senior cats and I have to have at least one litter box on our main level – and we only have one level, then a basement in our 900 square foot house. So the litter box ends up in someone’s space. There is just no way around it. But since I was redoing the office and wanted Wyatt to be able to play in there I knew I had to do something about the litter situation.

I had been using a clay based litter for my cats’ boxes, which was ok. However, they are slobs and track it all over, plus the dust was insane. I was forever cleaning up and scooping and it was tolerable but not a room where I wanted Wyatt to hang out. Or me either really, for long periods of time. So I thought I would experiment with PrettyLitter. I ordered one bag to start and used one box dedicated to it. I have three cats, and they recommend at least three boxes and three bags but since I was just trying it, I didn’t want to go all in, since it is more expensive then our normal stuff. My friends all have multiple cats, and issues as well – one friend has a box in her husband’s home office, where he spends a lot of time and another has a problem kitty who likes to avoid the box in general. (More on that kitty later) They were interested in my experiences and wanted updates because we are nerds like that. So this is my report to them basically, but I thought other people might be interested as well.

The first week it was like magic. No tracking, no smell except for when they do some real business, then it dissipates quickly. I also noticed my cats were preferring it to the other box of their normal litter. So, I ordered another bag and set up another box, and very quickly just switched over to all PrettyLitter. After two weeks, still no tracking, no smell, but I did notice the litter itself was discoloring a bit, but PrettyLitter said that would happen, so no worries there. The third week I did notice there was a little more mess outside the box, from them scratching in it but still everything was going really well! Finally, this is the fourth week and I am noticing a small faint odor when I am in the room near the box, but nothing overwhelming. I have noticed a bit more tracking as well, but still not anything outside of the room. I am due for more any day and while the situation is not grim it is ready to be renewed, if you will.

My routine is pretty simple: I vacuum everyday and scoop twice a day, which has become something that takes just a few minutes, as you only scoop “solids” with this new litter, as liquids evaporate and don’t form hard bits in there. (trying to be delicate here lol) I am using less than the recommended amount still, two boxes, two bags for three cats, instead of the recommended three bags, three boxes for three cats,so there could be oversaturation issues which is why I am noticing a little odor – I am going to three boxes next so I will see.

My friends each set up one box as well – so far, so good. My one friend has noticed a difference in her husband’s office, while the other – well, we all had a chat to discuss her kitty. We decided that perhaps her cat had sensitive feet, so she bought a few bags of sensitive feet litter from a different manufacturer, Dr. Elsey’s, and also set up a box of PrettyLitter, since that same cat also has asthma and she wanted to reduce dust. Since she has switched, she has noticed less box avoidance, but we can’t say for sure if it is because of the PrettyLitter as she also has multiple boxes with different litter. She did comment on the no dust though, which she felt was a bonus from the PrettyLitter.

Overall, my experience with my cats using it has been pretty positive. The only drawback I see is that I do have to spend twenty more dollars a month on it over what I used to spend. Right now we have extra in our budget due to our stay at home, eat at home lifestyle, so once things hopefully change in the coming months, I will have to make sure to allot for that difference. The only other negative for me is the anxiety it gave me at first, running to check constantly to see if there was any indication that my cats had any health issues, as it does analyze and report health monitoring by turning different colors for different issues. However there is the added bonus that the bags themselves are very light! I carried in the box with three bags inside with no problem at. So far I am pretty darn pleased with everything!

Note: This is not a sponsored or paid ad from PrettyLitter. However, I did sign up to be an affiliate and have a link if you are interested. Using it with the code HAPPY20 will give you 20% off and a free toy. I do make a small commission off of this link if you make a purchase. I don’t usually do this sort of thing on here, but honestly I was already running around telling everyone in the world about it so I figured why not? I promise not to do too many of these type of posts though, and if I do, it is because I honestly love what I am talking about.


16 thoughts on “The PrettyLitter Review No One Asked For

    1. Yeah that would be unsustainable!! My friend has 6 cats, and who knows how many boxes, and my SIL has 5 boxes – my friend did one box, the one in the upstairs with the office near their bedrooms, and then my SIL did one only PL and the rest the Dr. Elsey’s Sensitive Paws. I think that her cat did have sensitive paws that needed the special litter.


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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We will be getting a new cat this year and I think I will check this out. We keep our cat pan in the bathroom closet, and I had a shower curtain on a tension rod across the shelving to keep the litter dust out. Periodically the rod would fall down when I was trying to haul our big first-aid kit out. πŸ˜› This would be much easier. Have you tried one of those no track mats that catch the litter as the cats get out of the box? I was thinking about buying one of those, too. 🐾

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    1. That is a good idea, to use a curtain! This is pretty easy, and it is so lightweight – another bonus. I did try that before, and one of my cats didn’t like the feeling and started avoiding the box. Cats are so picky! LOL. And yay for adopting a new kitty this year!!!

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