WIP: Office Redo

I am sure you are all maybe sick of hearing me talk about this darn office. It’s been such a process and our month long project, and it has taken up almost all of our free time. Well, Billy’s at least. He’s a good guy, the best really.

When Billy and I met, we were in high school. Once we were graduated, Billy started as an apprentice carpenter, following in the footsteps of his older brother. Billy is seriously the most talented person I have ever met. Sometimes I feel like he can do or make anything. He can sew and cook and bake and draw and paint and build things and fix computers and that is just a starting point. He’s pretty amazing really and all this is in addition to being an awesome dad to Wyatt.

Anyway, after a month of Saturdays, Billy finished with the main construction points – painting, hanging trim, caulking, and wallpapering. He worked hard and listened to a lot of audiobooks.

I think he did an amazing job. I actually just asked him to paint and picked the paint color (Valspar, Swiss Coffee). It was all his idea to add the wallpaper, which is perfect, and upgrade the trim. I am in love with his choices and I am so glad he made me slow down enough to let him follow his vision.

I was chomping at the bit to get in there as it slowly came together. My stuff was strewn all about the house, plus, it was looking so pretty! I wanted to put in my new things, my plants, my carpet, and mainly Dash to get him away from Maggie. Although, she is still obsessed.

This room has become a room everyone, including the cats, gravitates to. There is something so comfortable about it, even minus any furniture to sit on except for my desk chair. Wyatt loves to be in there, which I love. I have been slowly decorating and adding in my own things.

The only thing I am not super happy with is the cat litter cabinet. So that was not a great buy. I am going to move it into the basement eventually but for now it can sit there and hold some books. Billy is going to build some shelves to hang on the wall near the desk, and then on the wall where the cabinet is, he is going to build a floating bookcase for all my treasures and books and plants. Above that will be a gallery wall of all the art that I have collected over the years. Right now I have the wall hanging about the wild heart, which I picked up on my trip to Texas two years ago. Dash is against the wallpapered wall, on my mom’s old sewing table, and he is happy there. And, Billy is going to build a new desk as well! This one is just temporary and it does the job well. I am going to keep the design simple, sort of similar to the table honestly. I think the design works with the room very well. We still need to hang the curtains, so maybe this week sometime.

And that is where we are for now! I feel so blessed to have Billy in my life – and not just for all the things he can do, but because he is a good man, a caring one, and my best friend, co-conspirator, and fellow adventurer in this world, especially as we navigate life with this little guy.


25 thoughts on “WIP: Office Redo

  1. I never get tired of hearing about and seeing your various journeys through your interiors. My favorite thing is changing things around, although I would love to do more. Can’t do much here except to rearrange stuff.

    You have some great photos that show the process and the finishing touches.

    Your husband is awesome for sure! And so are you, since the two of you sound perfect together.

    Have a great day and week!

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