Wyatt’s Birthday

So if you read here regularly then you probably knew this post was coming… how could I not blog about my baby’s birthday? For us, this birthday brought us full circle for a pandemic year. His birthday party last year was a blessing, as it was the last time we saw our family because a week later, we were all locked down. And here we are a year later – a trying year to be sure, with some tough events and the loss of my uncle, but we are back where we started and dare I say, things are starting to look a little better!

This year, we celebrated with just the three of us, with a day full of driveway visits and video chats. All day people who love Wyatt were stopping by or calling to watching him open their gifts, and Wyatt was not feeling neglected, that is for sure.

But before we got to this fun stuff, the morning started with a little excitement.

Not dandruff, not lice, but fluffy kinetic snow. Which completely bonded to his hair. He thought he was just playing in the snow I guess, and rolled around in it. When I tried to brush it out with my hand, it didn’t budge. So I tried a comb. Then a brush. And none of them worked. I started to panic, thinking I was going to have to shave his head, but first I called my hairstylist sister-in-law who like a genius suggested Dawn dish soap, which WORKED! So if this happens to a kid in your life, now you know. Dawn dish soap to the rescue.

Anyway, after a day of presents and family visits from afar, and chicken strips and fries and rainbow cake, kiddo was tired, and so was I. But we had decided to keep the party rolling all week, a sort of slow moving celebration.

We spent a day playing with his gifts, including a trip down memory lane with this Easy Bake Oven he got.

Then Friday Billy took the day off and we headed to the zoo, the choice of our birthday boy. We saw a few different animals this time – the wolves still eluded us but we had fun with all the peacocks strolling about! We love having a membership, since we can spend as much time or as little time there as we want.

I think despite having a different sort of birthday this year, my little guy still had quite the week! And I can’t believe he is 6! Time sure flies.


16 thoughts on “Wyatt’s Birthday

    1. Thanks! When I put them all together I had to laugh – for some reason I had no idea I had put him in some sort of red plaid on all but one birthday! So I had to dress him like that again. Lol. Who knows, it might be the last year he lets me!


  1. I’ve come to realize that every birthday is a bit different because we are a bit different. We’re smarter, our interests may have changed, we ‘know’ more than in the year before. We are growing up. He’s old enough to remember now and over time will add this wonderful day to all the other celebrations in life. Happy birthday to him.

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    1. You are so right! And these changes are really so evident in Wyatt particularly this year – his speech has taken off like crazy so now we know so much more of what he is thinking. After wondering for so many years, it is so nice to hear his thoughts. Although sometimes when those are a big NO Mom, I have to remind myself of that.. lolol.

      We did have a good time this year! And thank you.


  2. It looks like a great birthday despite of the lockdown! And lucky you got the tip using dish soap before shaving off all his hair (couldn’t help chuckling at that story, even if I’m sure it must have been terrible in the situation). The Zoo trip sounds fun as well. 😊


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