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Hello everyone! It’s a bright and sunny Sunday, although still very cold here. I am just trying to enjoy the light! Last week was a huge catch up week – trying to restore order to our house that had been uprooted for a month due to different projects. We did our basic curriculum without a special added theme and had a few fun days in there too, with a trip to the zoo and a day where Wyatt and I just played with his new stuff.

Read Last Week:

Oo I loved this book! I always love the Rockton books though, honestly. I think this is such a unique series and I love reading about this fictional community hidden away in the far north of Canada.

Reading This Week:

I will be finishing up Mission In Paris 1990 this week – so far it is very interesting! And I will also be starting Animal Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland. I will probably read this one a little every week, not straight through, but I am looking forward to reading it. Plus that cover is beautiful!

Posted Last Week:

Chit Chat Coffee Time Post – this has become my Saturday post, just a fun way to wind up our week.

Currently… March


We started Tudor Monastic Farm, because we are such addicts of these BBC historical farm shows. We also watched Discovery of Witches, Criminal Minds reruns, and we also watched The Cecil Hotel on Netflix. That Elisa Lam story is so sad and confusing. That hotel really has quite a history though! Crazy.

My friend sent me this SNL skit the other day with a message that this was us and I had to laugh – it really is! Not cannibals, although this makes it look like I am saying that, but women who watch murder shows. And listen to the podcasts. Lol.

And that is about it from around these parts. Stay safe and have a good week everyone!


29 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. If it has to be cold, I’m glad it also is sunny. And it’s nice that you were able to work in a trip to the zoo and time for your son to play. Kids do not get enough time to simply play. That’s one thing I love about the recent movement for STEM in schools…much of it is just playing around with concrete things and seeing what happens. A lot of these are available for checkout in libraries now, too.

    Animal Folk Tales has a great cover. I bought an ebook of fairy tales last year when it was available for 1.99, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

    Tudor Monastic Farm is new-to-me, and we tend to like most things from the BBC, so I’ll see if I can find it.

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    1. It’s like c’mon Michigan, even ten more degrees would be nice here? Lol.

      I will have to look for those in libraries. Wyatt definitely learns so much better when presented with tangible, physical learning or learning through play!

      I love that cover. I think I want to buy the book just for that. LOL.

      And all the farm shows like that are on Amazon I think! Tudor Monastic, Victorian Farm, and Edwardian. I think the only one that might not be in Wartime Farm, which is also excellent. I think they are so fun, especially this time of year.


  2. I’m sort of that way with “murder shows,” but I watch the fictional shows, Criminal Minds, CSI, after my wife goes to work. She works nights so that’s my time to watch the shows she doesn’t want to watch. She likes the baking shows too, but also the documentaries, including, yes, “murder shows.” Me? I want fiction almost exclusively. I don’t need to watch documentaries to know that people are well…screwed up IRL. On cannibals…I did like Silence of the Lambs and Fried Green Tomatoes. But reality? Um, no thank you.

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    1. Criminal Minds is so good! We didn’t watch it the first time around but are enjoying it on Netflix. I do love a good baking show too though. I cracked up at the end, that is totally my sister-in-law.
      I don’t know why I watch them. I do not watch certain topics, like anything with kids is a big no for me.

      And yeah, just say no to cannabalism.


  3. Glad you’re finally able to get your house put back together and organized… makes everything else easier! I love the cover of Animal Folk Tales and would pick it up based on that alone. Tudor Monastic Farm has me curious… off to look it up. Have a good week and I hope it warms up soon.

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  4. Literary Feline

    We are planning a trip to the zoo the end of this month. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the zoo. I am glad you enjoyed A Stranger in Town. I really need to give that series at try! I love that SNL skit you shared. LOL That’s like me and my supernatural/fantasy shows. I do like crime shows quite a bit too, but haven’t seen too many as of late. I hope you have a great week! Happy Reading!

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    1. We had a nice time at the zoo! It was great to be out and about doing something again, if that makes sense. There weren’t many people and everyone was masked but it felt so much closer to normal. 🙂

      That skit cracked me up!!! Thanks, you too!!


  5. I haven’t watched the Netflix documentary but I’ve seen quite a bit about the Lam case and it’s absolutely bizarre. I watched another true crime documentary that Netflix did and thought they did a really good job. I really need to read Kelley Armstrong. She’s been on my TBR for years but I’ve yet to actually pick anything up by her. Have a great week!

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    1. It really is!! Such a creepy hotel, I definitely would never stay there. So much scary stuff happened there!

      And the Night Stalker freaks me out! I remember I tried to read a book about him a long time ago and it scared me so badly I had to put the book in the car at night. LOL


  6. Victoria Hamel

    I like true crime,esp fraud–a good podcast for that is Scam Goddess she is great. I also like the podcast Small Town Murder. Which is pretty self explanatory 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

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