Chit Chat Coffee Time Post

I’m really enjoying these quick little snippet posts! I think Bella from Over the Teacups had a good idea with her posts that are conversational, like she is having tea with you, and I feel kind of like that is what these posts have become, a little catch up of our week over coffee. So grab a cup and feel free to share with me in the comments about your own week!

I am typing today from my office! Billy got it basically done, enough for me to use, and I am in love with it. And so is Wyatt – I didn’t anticipate him wanting to be in here all the time too, but that is ok. I am glad that he is enjoying the new space as well, and I have always been a person who feels there is no room a child can’t be in and play in and feel like it is their room as well. So there is a basket of notebooks and crayons, a toy or two, and then the other day he wanted to do his school work in here. So we did! I will do a post about the office after I get the curtains hung and some of the art as well; the totally empty white wall over Dash’s tank bothers me. We are hanging shelving on the wall behind the desk – which for now is an old table until Billy gets a chance to build a desk for me. He is getting a big break for now though!

This week was also Wyatt’s birthday week! It turned into a week long slow celebration. Tuesday was his actual birthday, and he had video chat and driveway visits from loved ones, and a big day of opening gifts. Lots of surprises and goodies for this kiddo! We had another day where we just played with his toys and read his books, then Friday Billy took a day off and we went out for a family day. We asked Wyatt what he wanted to do, and he requested the zoo again, so off we went.

My cousin gave Wyatt this Edgar Allen Poe doll. It cracks me up!

My mom also temporarily moved into my uncle’s condo – she is much closer now, like a ten minute drive instead of 30, and we can start getting her house ready to sell without her being in there. It just makes things so much easier for everyone, and we are so grateful to my cousin for allowing us that opportunity. My mom is also double vaccinated now so yay! I am going to pop over tomorrow morning (masked) and help her set up an area for my niece to use as her homeschool space. My mom has been pretty isolated for so long now, with the exception of her bubble of my brother, his wife, and my niece, that we are trying to get her used to what is our new normal slowly – like getting used to people being in masks, etc. It will be good to spend some time with her. So now, my mom, dad, stepmom, Billy’s parents, two aunts, and an uncle are all double vaccinated. My sister-in-law got her first one on Thursday, and three of my cousins have either one vaccine or are done. Billy, my brother Devin, and I are in the next phase so that should be coming up pretty quickly.

And if we were really at coffee together, I would probably be sharing about my plants and lizards, so here is my new plant baby, a raven ZZ. I have wanted one for a long time so I finally went for it. I got it from Amazon actually, and I am pretty happy with Amazon’s plants so far. This one arrived in great shape, and I sent one as a surprise to my friend in PA, who was tired of seeing so much snow, and hers arrived in good shape as well. (I sent her a rattlesnake plant, part of the prayer plant family because I love them)

And then Harry being all dramatic, just because..

How about you all? How was your week?


14 thoughts on “Chit Chat Coffee Time Post

  1. I adore the photo of Harry. I want several reptiles so badly but I have the smartest cat ever and I know it would be a constant struggle trying to keep her from killing them. I will live vicariously through you. Glad to hear about yer ma. And Happy Birthday to Wyatt!
    x The Captain

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    1. Harry is so dramatic. I love him. Well, I love them both. Lol. Two of my cats leave my lizards alone, but my tuxedo – she is something else. She figured out how to open the tank so I had to devise some sort of work around so nothing happened to Dash! She leaves Harry alone, but Dash is small and flits around the tank. So I put it on a table where there is not a lot of room for her to get up there, then ringed the edges with pinecones. A pinecone moat. So now she just sits on the floor and stares at him. Lol.


  2. Love this coffee chat! I can’t wait to see everything you do with the office. I am smiling about the Edgar Allen Poe doll. And Harry!

    Enjoy your week and your get-togethers, now that people have been vaccinated. And, of course, everyone will continue with the masks for a while.

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    1. Thanks Laurel-Rain! That Edgar doll is hysterical.

      I am excited to go see my mom today. It will be my first visit with her, in person, in her house, in a year. First real in person visit since October. And if I have to wear a mask, and she does too, that is an ok tradeoff. 🙂


  3. Happy birthday to Wyatt! That Poe doll had me laughing. How fantastic. I’m glad to hear your mom has been vaccinated! The more people who are vaccinated the happier I am. Love your office and how sweet that Wyatt has been enjoying it too. We are in the midst of redoing the school room so we are doing school in my office and I’ve really enjoyed sharing the space.

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    1. That Poe doll cracks me up!! He also gave him a few Edgar picture books, about a raven. They are so cute. And yes, me too!!

      It is so nice to share my space with him. I set my desk up so that I could see out into the room so I can look out and see him, so it was kind of what I wanted deep down anyway. And I would love a room just for school!


  4. Love the photos of Harry and the Poe doll.

    I finally was able to see the plant at night and during the day. It really is a cool plant and has given me some green as we still have snow on the ground! The snow all should melt this week when the temps warm up, thankfully!

    Enjoy your new office space! Sounds like it will be a nice little space for you!

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