Today I am linking up with Anne In Residence for her monthly Currently.. linkup. It’s always a fun way to think about what is happening in my world right now. And for now, our world is very small feeling. We have been close to home, venturing out a wee bit more but not really. This time at home or outside has strengthened our connection with the little creatures that share our small square of land. I feel like we are spotting insects and toads and birds so much more often. And for some reason we have millions of grasshoppers in our yard! I am reminded of that summer in the Little House books, the one where the grasshoppers destroyed Plum Creek. When we walk through the yard, we are proceeded by the hops of grasshoppers moving out of our way with every step. Ours aren’t destructive, just everywhere.

Anyway.. here we go!

Choosing: Our curriculum for the year. We have decided that I am going to homeschool Wyatt this year and he is not a kid who will benefit from online distance learning, so I am plunging in on my own. I have done weeks of research and am very excited to start with our choices. We are also choosing paint colors – the big paint begins around here very soon. With all this time and heading into fall we are going to get started on freshening up some of our rooms, and I am so excited! We have made some unconventional choices for our room layouts (turning our dining room into a den and our living room into a dining room/family room) but now we want to change the colors.

Consuming: Cider! It is the summer of cider around here. I am not sure what that is about but I am enjoying all the different summery ciders. Michigan has two wonderful orchards that produce them and while I like Blake’s Rose a lot, the Virtue Ciders are the ones I usually order. I am also enjoying homemade London Fog Lattes! My neighbor surprised me with the mix from Aldi’s and while I wanted to drink it all in one day, I have been good and spaced it out.

Enjoying: So much time with my little family. And I have even been able to enjoy some socially distanced social time with my girl friends, and my family, which has been wonderful. We have been soaking up nature, going on lazy picnics in the park where we set up under a shade tree, take snacks, and read and draw until little man gets tired of it. I am also enjoying watching the few things I managed to plant grow – my pumpkins especially!

Ordering: Umm.. what am I not ordering now? Lol. Recently aside from everyday essentials, I am ordering art supplies, books for Wyatt and I, birthday gifts, and even a few Christmas gifts from one of my favorite artists. I’ve linked a few standout favorites here!

Arteza Finger Paint Set || Leo the Lightning Bug || The Creative Family Manifesto || Adventuring Together (Amazon Affiliate links)

Remembering: Summer vacations up north, festivals, art fairs, summertime date nights….

Stay safe and kind everyone!


25 thoughts on “Currently…August

  1. Lauren Becker

    Sigh, I do miss all the fun summer events that have been cancelled or that I just don’t feel comfortable taking part in. I do have some plans coming up that will allow for social distancing, etc. so I’m excited about that. I’m a planner – it makes me feel good and it helps with mental health, but it’s tough when all I’m planning is doctor’s andddd…that’s it. LOL

    Good luck homeschooling Wyatt! Sounds like a great decision for your little one, and I hope it proves to be enjoyable for you both. πŸ™‚


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    1. I am such a huge planner! I think that my decision to homeschool is really helping me too, with that part of my personality. I have weeks and weeks to plan for now, with school things. It gives me purpose and a goal and things to do and buy and prepare for. So it will be good for both of us!


  2. Okay, those are big decisions… school curriculum and paint colors, not sure which is harder πŸ˜‰ But I’m happy to hear that you are finding excitement with your selection there. It’s hard to make the decision to plunge into the homeschooling world, I’m sure, but hopefully at least having a decision and proceeding based on it is helpful. Over here, we’re still in the deciding phase, now that the school district has finally released its plans, which are made up of 2 rather terrible options. Gah.

    And oooh I love Virtue Cider too! We love bike riding out that way – their farm is so cute. Ah, maybe next summer. Meanwhile, we can pick it up with our curbside grocery pickups. The rose cider is my fave.

    Keep hanging in there, and enjoying your family!

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    1. Lol!! So true!!! I have changed my mind 5 times about the office color – as the swatches there will attest. I think I have finally decided though. Lol.

      Ugh, school is so tough right now. Our district presented some pretty awful choices as well. 😦

      Oh my goodness!! That would be so fun! I would love actually visit there – next summer, as you say. We do curbside, and they were recently doing free shipping to your home! I love the Rose, but right now the Michigan Cherry is my favorite.

      Thank you, and you too!


  3. Carolyn

    What a lucky student you have this fall! Ever since I found your blog, I have felt like you’re a natural! Funny enough, we did the exact same room swapβ€”and it feels so right. I hope you bask in the energy of your paint refresh. Don’t you just love what that ignites?!

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    1. Aw thank you so much!!! Fingers crossed that it all goes well… but I think it will. I am really excited about it.

      That is so funny!!! I woke up one morning and I was like, we need to do this. And it made such a huge difference, and a such a good one. And yes to fresh paint being a total game changer!


  4. Susanne

    Picnics in the park sound pandemic perfect. I remember when my kids where little, just taking a blanket out onto our property (we live on several acres) with lunch or a snack seemed like such a treat. Those were the days.

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  5. Jennifer

    Ah – I remember festivals, fairs…and summer vacations! And I really miss them!! Hoping your school year will be a wonderful one – choosing the curriculum sounds fun!!

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  6. That curriculum looks sensational. I will pin it in case we wind up having to home school Lucia. I pulled out all of my old elementary library lessons and crafts to make with Lucia when it looked like she would be home this fall. But her daycare and preK has reopened so might not need it after all.

    I think we have all been remembering summers past. Ugh.

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    1. It is so hard remembering all those fun summertime activities! 😦

      I am so in love with the Blossom and Root curriculum. I am supplementing with a different math unit and a little extra Language Arts but not because Blossom and Root is lacking but because I think my son needs just a little extra. πŸ™‚


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  8. I love what you’re doing with Wyatt and love how you have this option to keep his cuteness home. My brother and SIL have to send their youngest back to preschool otherwise there is no guarantee there’ll be a spot for him later on. *fingers crossed on health safety*

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  9. That sounds exciting to be choosing homeschool curriculum, although I’m sure it’s overwhelming in a lot of ways as well. I feel like I’ve done a lot of ordering lately as well! That Adventuring book sounds good!

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    1. Oh my gosh it really was overwhelming as well. I spent a month just researching and reading and attending online conferences before I decided. I also bought some supplemental stuff just in case what I bought wasn’t enough.

      It was so good – the author really encourages you to get out of your comfort zone, and makes it accessible to all different comfort levels. πŸ™‚


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