Today I am linking up with Anne In Residence for her monthly Currently.. linkup. It’s always a fun way to think about what is happening in my world right now. And for now, our world is very small feeling. We have been close to home, venturing out a wee bit more but not really. This time at home or outside has strengthened our connection with the little creatures that share our small square of land. I feel like we are spotting insects and toads and birds so much more often. And for some reason we have millions of grasshoppers in our yard! I am reminded of that summer in the Little House books, the one where the grasshoppers destroyed Plum Creek. When we walk through the yard, we are proceeded by the hops of grasshoppers moving out of our way with every step. Ours aren’t destructive, just everywhere.

Anyway.. here we go!

Choosing: Our curriculum for the year. We have decided that I am going to homeschool Wyatt this year and he is not a kid who will benefit from online distance learning, so I am plunging in on my own. I have done weeks of research and am very excited to start with our choices. We are also choosing paint colors – the big paint begins around here very soon. With all this time and heading into fall we are going to get started on freshening up some of our rooms, and I am so excited! We have made some unconventional choices for our room layouts (turning our dining room into a den and our living room into a dining room/family room) but now we want to change the colors.

Consuming: Cider! It is the summer of cider around here. I am not sure what that is about but I am enjoying all the different summery ciders. Michigan has two wonderful orchards that produce them and while I like Blake’s Rose a lot, the Virtue Ciders are the ones I usually order. I am also enjoying homemade London Fog Lattes! My neighbor surprised me with the mix from Aldi’s and while I wanted to drink it all in one day, I have been good and spaced it out.

Enjoying: So much time with my little family. And I have even been able to enjoy some socially distanced social time with my girl friends, and my family, which has been wonderful. We have been soaking up nature, going on lazy picnics in the park where we set up under a shade tree, take snacks, and read and draw until little man gets tired of it. I am also enjoying watching the few things I managed to plant grow – my pumpkins especially!

Ordering: Umm.. what am I not ordering now? Lol. Recently aside from everyday essentials, I am ordering art supplies, books for Wyatt and I, birthday gifts, and even a few Christmas gifts from one of my favorite artists. I’ve linked a few standout favorites here!

Arteza Finger Paint Set || Leo the Lightning Bug || The Creative Family Manifesto || Adventuring Together (Amazon Affiliate links)

Remembering: Summer vacations up north, festivals, art fairs, summertime date nights….

Stay safe and kind everyone!

My Sunday-Monday Post!

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We have had a very French-centric week around our house, with Wyatt’s new unit of study. It’s been fun! I also had TWO social distancing social dates (outdoors only), both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night with my tribe of ladies and it was a much needed night for all of us, then Saturday we went to my brother’s house and just sat around and chatted for really the first time since February. I have missed that so much! We stayed apart but were able to talk together and it felt so normal and nice. I missed hugging my little niece but I could at least talk to her in person. These moments will get us through! We are also super obsessed with our gecko that we added into the family last weekend, and have really been playing around with her enclosure, decorating. (we are fairly certain Harry is a girl)

Read Last Week:

I had hoped to finish up The Masterpiece but I am still working away on it. It is good, but I am in a nonfiction mood these past few weeks so I am having a difficult time sticking with it. I’ll finish it though, before the month is through! (maybe..)

Reading this Week:

I am super excited to start 100 Things to do in a Forest. We stay out of our favorite woods this time of year, too many mosquitoes and they love my husband, but we will be venturing back in again in the fall.

Posted Last Week:

Book Review: Adventuring Together

Homeschooling, Summer Edition: France Part 1


This week we have been watching Father Brown, Cursed, and Picard. Then for our movie nights we watched The Suspiscions of Mr. Whicher on Friday, then Radioactive Saturday. (both on Amazon) Radioactive was amazing. The movie was so well done honestly, I definitely recommend it.


To a lot of true crime podcasts. I am doing way more listening than reading these days. I have been making my way through Redhanded and Crime Files – I actually committed to being a Patron of Redhanded lol. I love that podcast, it is so good! (Thank you What’s Nonfiction for that suggestion way back in November)

And that is about it from our little burrow. Stay safe everyone!