Friday Favorites: Etsy Artists

It’s summer. Things are crazy busy with planning for the school year and with Wyatt and enjoying the season to the fullest… sometimes too busy for my introverted self. I recharge with quiet time, and right now I don’t get too much of that, with no babysitters or school or..anything. So when I do get a few minutes to myself and there is not quite enough time to read, I browse the interwebs – mostly Instagram and Etsy. And I have found some really great artists this way! I even have a few Christmas gifts planned – and in one case, ordered! I also really miss art fairs – walking from stall to stall, talking with the artists, buying special things for special people. Covid has really made it difficult for artists to get their work out there this year, and online is one of their only avenues right now.

Right now one of my absolute favorites is The Bee Tree Shop on Etsy. Her work and designs just call to my nature and creature loving heart! I love the message, the sustainability, and the beauty of these pieces. And, I just placed an order for a few Christmas gifts! I guess I am starting super early this year! You can find her store here, and Instagram here. She is super nice and also answers your messages really quickly as well, just an FYI.

This next artist is another favorite. I am redoing my office this fall and I feel like one or two of her pieces will be gracing the walls, even if they freak Billy out. Lol. I am thinking maybe two since I can’t decide between The Country Squire and The Botanist. You can find OhHelloCrow on Etsy here and Instagram here.

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The Country Squire

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So, seeing all of these favorites together, I am sensing a theme. I might be obsessed with anthropomorphism. But this badger!!! This, this, my husband would love. I haven’t shown him because maybe it will end up under our tree this year. (and if you read this Billy just forget I wrote that!) Our little family loves foxes and owls and rabbits and badgers. And apparently I love British artists as well as British tv. Anyway you can find Jimbob Art here on Instagram and here on Etsy.

This next artist paints the most wonderful nature inspired watercolors – and I am in love with her camping playing card set! I need to order them – I guess Billy and I could play poker together until we get to use them with more than just the two of us. I might buy them with an eye toward using them hopefully next summer up north with my family. You can find Jennie Kilcup here and here.

And last but certainly not least is Katie Daisy! I have loved her work for years and years, and own multiple pieces by her, including her book How to be a Wildflower. Her work is so whimsical and colorful and inspiring – and now she has a larger product line, including t-shirts for kids and adults! You can find Katie Daisy on Instagram here and on Etsy here.

So what about you? Any artists out there whose work you are loving lately?


11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Etsy Artists

  1. I love whimsical art! One of my favorites from years back is Mary Engelbreit, whose home decorations bring those aspects out big time. Katie Daisy looks like fun!

    I also love owls.

    It’s great that you can find these things online. Enjoy!

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    1. I remember Mary Englebreit! My mom had a bunch of her stuff as well! It was very whimsical and colorful! I love Katie Daisy – I am pretty sure I will eventually order myself and Wyatt a t-shirt. (I’ve got my eye on that Moon shirt for him, he loves the moon)

      It’s not the same as perusing an art fair but it will do until the day we can do that again!

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