Made in Ireland: A Few Irish Etsy Artists

Top of the morning to you!

Like most Americans, I love learning about my heritage and ancestry. My ancestry hails from England, Scotland, and Ireland, with a teensy bit of Italian and an even teensier bit of Norwegian. Of them all, Scottish is the dominant force in my DNA – but it is St. Patrick’s Day so of course I am super Irish today! I have a whole day of shenanigans planned for Wyatt, and we started off the day with Leprechaun bread (pistachio pudding bread), which was delicious.

When I think of Ireland, I think of creativity, artistry, beauty. I think of magic and whimsy and fairy tales. Of poetry and literature. And today I wanted share a few really cool artists that I found while browsing Etsy! All are living in Ireland or from Ireland, and today seemed like an appropriate day to share them here.

This post does contain affiliate links. If you were to purchase something at no extra cost to you, I would make a small commission.

Cotton and Moonstone is the first shop I want to mention. The artist also does framed crystal work, but it is these macrame pieces I want to talk about! They are simply gorgeous, and the artist, Cathy according to her Etsy page, has a lot of Celtic inspired pieces but also boho and botanical inspired ones as well. The wall hanging here is her Irish Blessing Celtic Knot.

This next shop had so many pieces I was in love with that I had a really hard time deciding on which to share! Karen Pleass is a textile artist, and her work is so detailed and make me think of little vignettes, just looking out into the Irish countryside through a window. They are just so lovely and each and every one made me smile! This one is called Stargazing and I love the idea of these sleepy sheep enjoying the night sky.

Ok, Erin, step away from the textile artists for a minute! Let’s look over here…

… at PannaDraws! Panna Zsamba is a Dublin based artist, whose artwork is simply stunning. Her work includes nature inspired paintings and prints of birds and other animals, and peeking out from the hawks and robins are dragons and unicorns and other fantasy creatures. I am in LOVE with her unicorn. It is so majestic and the look in its eye! I am adding it to my hopefully one day I will buy it list. (I did not include a picture of it here on the blog per her copyright info, but bounce over to the shop if you want to check out her stunning art!)

Susan Meaney’s shop is full of the cuteness we all need in our lives! Sweet bunnies and adorable foxes, badgers, flowers, fairies – all available on cards and on tote bags, and even on notebooks, like the one pictured above. Her shop is Burren Flower Fairies and if you like whimsical woodland creatures then you need to check out her store!

Last but certainly not least is this Irish Wolfhound linocut by Wild Creature Cuts. I am a big fan of lino art work, and of Irish Wolfhounds. We have a teeny house or I would totally get one. I have loved them since learning of them in high school, when I read Finn MacCool by Morgan Llewelyn. Man do I love her books! This lino I think is so full of movement and intent, and maybe if I can’t have an actual wolfhound I could have a picture of one? Wild Creature Cuts features other animals as well, but this was my favorite of the bunch (pack?)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! Make some music, write some poetry, paint a picture, create something beautiful today!


A Cute Little Cottagecore Autumn Halloween

I love all of these new aesthetics -cottagecore, dark academia, green academia – to name a few of my favorites. I have to admit I feel like I was into the dark academia vibe before it was a thing, all the way back in the early 90s. All those books that fit that genre are books I loved as a youth. But, this is a cottagecore post – an aesthetic I really associate more with spring and summer – its all rural and pastoral and quaint and cute. However, it lends itself to Halloween and fall better than you might expect! I was browsing Etsy, as I am known to do, especially while Wyatt is in therapy and I am just sitting in the waiting room, well, waiting for him, and I found the cutest things! It is just so fun and happy to look at!

(links do contain Etsy affiliate links)

L-R: Orange Ghost and Flowers || Ghost and Roses || Collage of Cute Halloween Things That Make me Think of Doodling in my Notebooks

These mugs are so adorable! Those sweet little ghosts! I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Well, ok maybe. That middle one is calling my name. And we all know a good mug is absolutely essential to a proper fall for drinking all the tea and cocoa.

L-R : Fox Beret || Ghost sweatshirt || Black Cat Knitted Tea Cozy

I mentioned the other day I was considering a beret. I don’t think I could wear this everyday but maybe on Halloween, taking Wyatt trick or treating I could! Or if I chicken out, that sweatshirt is cute and appropriate for the season – and me! And that tea cozy is perfect for a Halloween poetry tea time, which I do with Wyatt every year.

L-R: Pumpkin Stickers || Glow in the Dark Mushrooms || Gloomy Bookshop Print

I think these pumpkin stickers are practically perfect in every way. We always get more pumpkins then we want to actually carve and these would be great to use instead of carving but still making them festive. And these glow in the dark ghost mushrooms!! Why oh why must they be so cute? I am also in love with the gloomy bookshop print – it would be so cute in an office or library or really anywhere.

But this – this is the big daddy of cute.

It is seriously the sweetest, most joyful ghost I have ever seen. I think Wyatt needs it. Or I do. One of us does.


For the Love of Mushrooms

Fall is in the air my friends! And now that summer is starting to taper off into much cooler evenings, I am leaning in hard to autumn and all that comes with it. Including all things mushrooms (except the er, medicinal use sort) Then I learned yesterday that September is National Mushroom Month! Who knew mushrooms had a whole month of recognition? I didn’t, until my Alexa informed me yesterday. And seriously, mushrooms totally deserve recognition, let’s face it. I love mushrooms! They are so adorable, and I get so excited when I spot one in the wild. And they are so versatile, with a whole vintage and earth mother vibe, but also can get funky too, with the psychedelics and that woo-woo Alice in Wonderland stuff. And they are tasty in soup and on pizza.

I’ve always been a fan but I am happy to see them getting some recognition. Lately, I feel like their is a resurgence in mushroom decor that hasn’t been seen since the 1970s – and I’m not complaining! I went on Etsy the other day looking for some throw pillows for our bedroom, and found a bunch of neat things.

(Etsy product links are affiliate links)

First, those pillows that led me down the rabbit hole. Aren’t they adorable? We are doing our room with nature accents and I love all three! I don’t think our bed needs all three, but they are super cute. I could not tell you which is my favorite either, because I love snails, mushrooms, and moths. And then I stumbled into some t-shirts. I love the simplicity of the “be down to earth” embroidered t-shirt, as well as the message, but then the “Morels Are Calling” shirt is also really cool. Morel hunting in Michigan is on my bucket list too, so there is some truth to this shirt. I have heard that people literally fight over them in the woods though! I would probably go out with a guide and a group, as I know Northern Michigan has some guided hunts in the spring, I believe.

That toothbrush holder just makes me smile, which might be a good thing in the morning when I need a bit of a smile, as I am not a morning person. (unlike my child) Mushrooms are all cute, but the Amanita is the cutest. I have only spotted two while hiking before and I totally nerded out when I did. I also love the moody autumnal feel of the black and gold mug, while the mushroom tea cup is perfect for a cuppa while reading. I saw that they make mushroom coffee. Anyone ever try that? I would love to hear what you think of it if you did!

I also spotted these masks that are not only mushroom themed, but also bugs! Be still my little nature loving heart. I ordered Wyatt some science and nature themed masks from Piccolina and was so bummed they were sold out of the adult sizes, and when I saw these on Etsy I decided I will have to order them. They are just too cool. The pet tag caught my eye as well – first because I have a gecko named Luna ( who does not wear a collar of course) but I do have three cats. Hmm. But which cat to wear it?

I feel that I would be remiss to not mention some other mushroom favorites while I am at it! If you like podcasts, definitely listen to Alie Ward’s Mycology with Dr. Tom Volk pod on Ologies. And don’t miss Fantastic Fungi on Prime Video. I think it might also be on Netflix. It was sort of mind blowing and all the cinematography is amazing. And finally, one of my very favorite autumn soup, this Wild Rice and Mushroom soup from Gimme Some Oven. It is absolutely delicious, smells amazing when it is cooking, and is perfect for those chill fall evenings, especially if you have been outside all day. (or even an hour!)

So what about you? Mushrooms are so polarizing. People love them or hate them. Yay or nay?

Etsy Artists – AAPI Edition

Photo taken by Jackie Munyer

It’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! As the mother of a child with Hawaiian heritage, it is important to me to teach Wyatt about this aspect of his ancestry. My husband’s grandmother, Maleka Kane, was Hawaiian born and bred, and her family is Hawaiian all the way back. My mother-in-law is also a very talented artist; those are her hands pictured above as she works at her pottery. She is also a painter and has worked with textiles, and she has passed her talent for art down to her sons, who all excel at different mediums. I would link her store but she is currently not selling pieces online!

In celebration of the AAPI artist, like my mother-in-law, I found so many amazing pieces on Etsy. I was always an Etsy fan but since the pandemic I have turned to it as my go-to for unique items and gifts, as I want to support artists who may be struggling during this time. Hopefully this summer we will see a return of art fairs though!

(this section contains Etsy affiliate links)

As a reader, these pieces immediately called to me! I am in love with the Book Scout and Literary Kitty Brass Bookmarks (I’m thinking ahead to Christmas book club gifts already!) and I will be honest, I added a bunch of stuff from this shop! (Justinegilbuena) That flour sack towel from KeiaandMolly is also super adorable!! This is another shop I pretty much loved everything listed.

The vintage carved plant stand pictured is also something on my wish list. We are getting ready to redo our bedroom over the summer, and I am pretty sure I need this planter in my life. And, speaking of plants, I am also in love with this cute turtle trellis!! The shop PineandSprout also has little rainbow shelves that I considered – I could probably do a post just on rainbow products, I am a fan. And finally, this little ceramic coffee scoop! I have been wanting a coffee scoop for a while now, and this one from Mammothandminnow seems pretty perfect.

I have inherited my father’s love of blank books and feel like I can never have too many. I am considering getting these two for him as part of his Father’s day gift – my dad is horribly difficult to buy for and I feel like notebooks are the one thing I can really get him, especially unique ones like these two from the shop Cynla. She also has a lot of really neat greeting cards too!

Isn’t that little crochet dragon the sweetest little thing? I save so many crochet patterns and I don’t know why, since I absolutely can not crochet. But look how cute!!! AllaboutAmi had so many squishlicious stuffed animal patterns. Now if only I knew someone to make them!

And rainbows happened. I saw this Hawaiian lei rainbow t-shirt and squealed – I have to get one for my rainbow loving Hawaiian kiddo. Unfortunately they are all out of his size right now so I will have to keep checking back, but I am on Etsy all the time poking around and looking at stuff so, no worries there!

Just as I make sure to educate Wyatt on his diverse heritage, I also want to encourage his love of art. One of his favorite things to do is paint! In fact, we are getting ready for a painting session after lunch today.

Have a great day everyone, and make something lovely this weekend!

Etsy Artists – For the Love of Rabbits

Spring is here! That might be a bit optimistic of me to say, as we had snow all day yesterday, just flurries, but it is bone cold. However, it is spring. I am going to keep saying it until it is real. And if you have hung around here long enough, you might remember that I reread Watership Down every spring. And that I love rabbits. And that I would love to add a rabbit to our family but I don’t because cats. So I enjoy the rabbits I see outside (I still get so excited every time I spot one!), and also, add them into our house in different ways…mainly through art and books and jewelry.. and I love the work that these Etsy artists have created!

(Contains Etsy Affiliate Links)

Rabbit Art Print by artist FainaLorah – I am having a having a hard time deciding on which print to get for the office! I have found so many I love, including this one. I just recently purchased a fox print from this same artist, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with this one as well – her work is just so rich in color and whimsical, that it makes me happy to just look at her pieces.

Watership Down by RivuletPaperCompany – But then, this one is pretty amazing too. And Watership Down is my favorite book of all time. I am thinking maybe both? This one is smaller and would work on my bookshelves..and I am pretty sure I just solved my problem!

Rabbit Lover Watercolor by Alanna Cahill – I love the simplicity of this painting, and the story behind it is beautiful as well, about how animals help people to heal. This one shows life returning to the woman as she holds the rabbit, and is intended to convey comfort and healing and love.

Six Rabbit Notecards from Alex Boon Art: From his Lapine Botanica series. These are gorgeous! They are notecards but would look beautiful all framed together, either as three or five. And then save a few to use, if you can part with them. (also available from this store are downloadable coloring pages from the same series, which I thought was cool)

Bunny Earrings from SeedandSky– I don’t normally wear a lot of jewelry but these earrings are just so pretty! I love how springtime and little and delicate they are.

Fern and Rabbit Terrarium Necklace by Ragana Handcraft – I love this unique piece that combines both rabbits and plants – two things I adore! Wyatt actually really likes this one too- he is sitting next to me today as I type and he commented oo mama when this was up on the screen. I have to agree Wyatt. It is very ooo!

Listen to the Moon pendant from Silver Wishes – I actually have this piece, Wyatt and Billy gave it to me last Mother’s Day and I am completely in love with it. I haven’t taken it off since I opened it up. Billy had it engraved to say “My son needs me” on the back – he said the rabbit’s alert posture made him think of me. I wanted to include it since I love it so much.

Teeny Tiny Bunny Knitting Pattern from Dot Pebbles Knits- What is this cuteness! It makes me wish I could knit but I lack the concentration, patience, and coordination. This is just so adorable!

Geometric Rabbit Etched Glass by Ausome Printing – Maybe I should start a collection of animal etched glasses, since we bought otter glasses for Valentine’s Day. If so, these are next on the list!

Hare Notepad by JoJo Stockdale – This is a definite for sure on my wish list. I think I need it to take on our spring and summer picnics!

Hare Cup by JadeFlower – I think these are so adorable! I might have to get one for the kiddo. He would love it; he says he loves rabbits too. But then the fox and owl are so cute too…

And wow that list got long fast! I didn’t include everything on my rabbits and foxes Etsy Favorites list, but if you are interested you can check that out here.

Do any of you have favorite animals? Or something you collect? I would love to hear!

Friday Favorites, Artists Series: Potters!

I have a serious love of pottery – I love the sustainability, the artistry, the idea that I am actually using something that is not only functional but beautiful as well. Every Christmas there is a Potter’s Market that I love to explore and buy gifts at- I don’t know if it will happen this year unfortunately, so thank goodness for the internet and online shopping! I already have quite a few favorite artists and I am constantly shoving my phone in Billy’s face and exclaiming “Billy! Look at this! Isn’t this awesome?” while he sort of chuckles at my enthusiasm. He is used to me after over twenty years together. Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

I LOVE everything that Tara and Matt from Pitch Pine Pottery design. Their creations sell out so quickly online and I never seem to catch the restocks in time… maybe tonight I will get lucky since they are restocking TODAY at 8 pm EST in their Etsy store. If you are interested set an alarm, things go fast! They do have a high price tag but I think the price reflects the amount of work and love and artistry that goes into each piece. I am totally coveting these fox mugs!!

I also really love Lochbroom Pottery! This potter is from Scotland, and her designs reflect her love for her homeland and it’s wildlife. Highland cattle and rabbits and thistles and puffins – so perfect! I have a thistle tattoo in honor of my Scottish grandmother, and have her china tea set with a thistle pattern that I use for special occasions. I love this little thistle plate! You can find her store here.

Next up is Earth and Empathy Ceramics. I love nature and am a little boho eclectic and this shop is chock-full of items that I love. I love the minimalist style but also the wonderful designs – the moons and rainbows and the planter that says Mother Earth… love them all. But it is these little guys that really make me smile! You can find Earth and Empathy Ceramics here.

Callahan Ceramics is another that sells out before you can snap your fingers – and you can certainly see why if you scroll their Instagram feed. The colorways are simply gorgeous! I had such a difficult time deciding which photo to use on this post – everything is just so darn beautiful! And I love their slogan of “One of a kind pieces for everyday.” They have a range of products, from pins to watering cans to mugs to wall hangings and more. Their next restock is the 23rd so if you like their stuff, set a reminder! You can find their store here.

This next one is a local favorite, for over 100 years. Pewabic Pottery in Detroit is an historic landmark, and they do so much for the ceramic community. I love dropping in and picking up gifts for myself or others, and I also used to go to their special events, like the garden party. They weren’t able to have one in person this year, but hopefully next year will be better for us all! Find them here – they have so much to explore on their site! Also, shout out to Two James pictured below as well – they are a Detroit distillery that was extremely active in helping the city and community during the height of the pandemic in Detroit. Pre-Wyatt you could find Billy and I and friends gathered around their bar, enjoying a few cocktails on the weekends.

And I can’t end this without mentioning my own personal favorite, my talented mother-in-law. She makes amazing pieces and is so creative – and lucky for me, I am gifted with them all the time!

Friday Favorites: Etsy Artists

It’s summer. Things are crazy busy with planning for the school year and with Wyatt and enjoying the season to the fullest… sometimes too busy for my introverted self. I recharge with quiet time, and right now I don’t get too much of that, with no babysitters or school or..anything. So when I do get a few minutes to myself and there is not quite enough time to read, I browse the interwebs – mostly Instagram and Etsy. And I have found some really great artists this way! I even have a few Christmas gifts planned – and in one case, ordered! I also really miss art fairs – walking from stall to stall, talking with the artists, buying special things for special people. Covid has really made it difficult for artists to get their work out there this year, and online is one of their only avenues right now.

Right now one of my absolute favorites is The Bee Tree Shop on Etsy. Her work and designs just call to my nature and creature loving heart! I love the message, the sustainability, and the beauty of these pieces. And, I just placed an order for a few Christmas gifts! I guess I am starting super early this year! You can find her store here, and Instagram here. She is super nice and also answers your messages really quickly as well, just an FYI.

This next artist is another favorite. I am redoing my office this fall and I feel like one or two of her pieces will be gracing the walls, even if they freak Billy out. Lol. I am thinking maybe two since I can’t decide between The Country Squire and The Botanist. You can find OhHelloCrow on Etsy here and Instagram here.

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The Country Squire

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So, seeing all of these favorites together, I am sensing a theme. I might be obsessed with anthropomorphism. But this badger!!! This, this, my husband would love. I haven’t shown him because maybe it will end up under our tree this year. (and if you read this Billy just forget I wrote that!) Our little family loves foxes and owls and rabbits and badgers. And apparently I love British artists as well as British tv. Anyway you can find Jimbob Art here on Instagram and here on Etsy.

This next artist paints the most wonderful nature inspired watercolors – and I am in love with her camping playing card set! I need to order them – I guess Billy and I could play poker together until we get to use them with more than just the two of us. I might buy them with an eye toward using them hopefully next summer up north with my family. You can find Jennie Kilcup here and here.

And last but certainly not least is Katie Daisy! I have loved her work for years and years, and own multiple pieces by her, including her book How to be a Wildflower. Her work is so whimsical and colorful and inspiring – and now she has a larger product line, including t-shirts for kids and adults! You can find Katie Daisy on Instagram here and on Etsy here.

So what about you? Any artists out there whose work you are loving lately?

It’s Freezing!

Oh Michigan, it is definitely winter now. Temps below zero or hovering right above are keeping this little family in the house!

We have been spared thus far though the more severe winter weather that other parts of the country are experiencing however. Not sure how that happened but comparatively, it could be worse! Usually on cold days I am so industrious, bustling about, making bread, or baking something in the oven, or cleaning and organizing places in the house that I usually bypass due to time constraints. Today though, I am being a bit lazy. A little bit dreamy. I want to woolgather in my wooly socks. I want to huddle under blankets with my family and books and multiple cups of tea and coffee and hot chocolate. It is a cold that has made me snuggly.

This year, a year I plan on being more mindful and paying more attention to my own inner needs, I am going to go with that feeling.

If I want to blog and not clean up the last of the detritus from Christmas, I will.

If I want to play around on Pinterest, without planning on making anything from it, I will.

If I want to sit around in my yoga pants and super warm cabin socks, drinking from my fat round belly mug, I will.

And yeah, there are the things I will need to do. Like entertain my almost two year old when he gets up from his nap. Feed him. Feed me. Feed my husband. The husband actually made us all a breakfast of delicious French toast this morning, so I will reciprocate with dinner. I am thinking soup, but then in the winter, I pretty much always think soup, it’s my favorite food group. Tonight I foresee a bubbling pot of tortellini white bean soup on the stove, with a loaf of crusty bread unmade by me, and perhaps a glass of wine, all in my future. Until then, I plan on just hanging out here, letting the day slowly unwind itself and me along with it.

Not everyone stays inside on snow days. In fact, before Punk we used to snow hike all the time. Now we mostly stay in, especially on super cold days like today. Maybe when he gets a little bigger I won’t be so worried, but he is still just so little. My friend Kelly is not afraid of the snow either. In fact, he rather relishes it, tromping about the early hours taking photos of the winter kissed landscaped, or whiles away afternoons in the snow taking some gorgeous photos. 

Here are two of my favorites, with two very different subjects, but still both absolutely stunning.

I love this photo so much. The composition, the focus, the bright colors, the vivid white, and even the echo of brown and texture from her hood to the nest. It’s stunning.
I love this one too. The stillness yet the awareness, the energy you feel lurking beneath the calm, and the calm itself. The colors again, are perfect echoes from the horse to the trees to the snowy landscape.

Kelly’s photos run the gamut from sweet little baby photo shoots to sweeping landscapes to urban gritty photos to photos of the human form. You can check his photos out here. Please note that some photos include nudes, tastefully done. If you like what you see, he also has a GoFundMe right now to replace his equipment. Kelly is the consummate artist, and chooses not to sell his photos for large amounts of money, but rather sells them for whatever people want to offer him, in an effort to put art in the hands of more people. You can check out an article about that endeavor here, if you are interested.

So what about you? What do you do on cold, wintry days?