Etsy Artists – AAPI Edition

Photo taken by Jackie Munyer

It’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! As the mother of a child with Hawaiian heritage, it is important to me to teach Wyatt about this aspect of his ancestry. My husband’s grandmother, Maleka Kane, was Hawaiian born and bred, and her family is Hawaiian all the way back. My mother-in-law is also a very talented artist; those are her hands pictured above as she works at her pottery. She is also a painter and has worked with textiles, and she has passed her talent for art down to her sons, who all excel at different mediums. I would link her store but she is currently not selling pieces online!

In celebration of the AAPI artist, like my mother-in-law, I found so many amazing pieces on Etsy. I was always an Etsy fan but since the pandemic I have turned to it as my go-to for unique items and gifts, as I want to support artists who may be struggling during this time. Hopefully this summer we will see a return of art fairs though!

(this section contains Etsy affiliate links)

As a reader, these pieces immediately called to me! I am in love with the Book Scout and Literary Kitty Brass Bookmarks (I’m thinking ahead to Christmas book club gifts already!) and I will be honest, I added a bunch of stuff from this shop! (Justinegilbuena) That flour sack towel from KeiaandMolly is also super adorable!! This is another shop I pretty much loved everything listed.

The vintage carved plant stand pictured is also something on my wish list. We are getting ready to redo our bedroom over the summer, and I am pretty sure I need this planter in my life. And, speaking of plants, I am also in love with this cute turtle trellis!! The shop PineandSprout also has little rainbow shelves that I considered – I could probably do a post just on rainbow products, I am a fan. And finally, this little ceramic coffee scoop! I have been wanting a coffee scoop for a while now, and this one from Mammothandminnow seems pretty perfect.

I have inherited my father’s love of blank books and feel like I can never have too many. I am considering getting these two for him as part of his Father’s day gift – my dad is horribly difficult to buy for and I feel like notebooks are the one thing I can really get him, especially unique ones like these two from the shop Cynla. She also has a lot of really neat greeting cards too!

Isn’t that little crochet dragon the sweetest little thing? I save so many crochet patterns and I don’t know why, since I absolutely can not crochet. But look how cute!!! AllaboutAmi had so many squishlicious stuffed animal patterns. Now if only I knew someone to make them!

And rainbows happened. I saw this Hawaiian lei rainbow t-shirt and squealed – I have to get one for my rainbow loving Hawaiian kiddo. Unfortunately they are all out of his size right now so I will have to keep checking back, but I am on Etsy all the time poking around and looking at stuff so, no worries there!

Just as I make sure to educate Wyatt on his diverse heritage, I also want to encourage his love of art. One of his favorite things to do is paint! In fact, we are getting ready for a painting session after lunch today.

Have a great day everyone, and make something lovely this weekend!


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