Friday Favorites, Artists Series: Potters!

I have a serious love of pottery – I love the sustainability, the artistry, the idea that I am actually using something that is not only functional but beautiful as well. Every Christmas there is a Potter’s Market that I love to explore and buy gifts at- I don’t know if it will happen this year unfortunately, so thank goodness for the internet and online shopping! I already have quite a few favorite artists and I am constantly shoving my phone in Billy’s face and exclaiming “Billy! Look at this! Isn’t this awesome?” while he sort of chuckles at my enthusiasm. He is used to me after over twenty years together. Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

I LOVE everything that Tara and Matt from Pitch Pine Pottery design. Their creations sell out so quickly online and I never seem to catch the restocks in time… maybe tonight I will get lucky since they are restocking TODAY at 8 pm EST in their Etsy store. If you are interested set an alarm, things go fast! They do have a high price tag but I think the price reflects the amount of work and love and artistry that goes into each piece. I am totally coveting these fox mugs!!

I also really love Lochbroom Pottery! This potter is from Scotland, and her designs reflect her love for her homeland and it’s wildlife. Highland cattle and rabbits and thistles and puffins – so perfect! I have a thistle tattoo in honor of my Scottish grandmother, and have her china tea set with a thistle pattern that I use for special occasions. I love this little thistle plate! You can find her store here.

Next up is Earth and Empathy Ceramics. I love nature and am a little boho eclectic and this shop is chock-full of items that I love. I love the minimalist style but also the wonderful designs – the moons and rainbows and the planter that says Mother Earth… love them all. But it is these little guys that really make me smile! You can find Earth and Empathy Ceramics here.

Callahan Ceramics is another that sells out before you can snap your fingers – and you can certainly see why if you scroll their Instagram feed. The colorways are simply gorgeous! I had such a difficult time deciding which photo to use on this post – everything is just so darn beautiful! And I love their slogan of “One of a kind pieces for everyday.” They have a range of products, from pins to watering cans to mugs to wall hangings and more. Their next restock is the 23rd so if you like their stuff, set a reminder! You can find their store here.

This next one is a local favorite, for over 100 years. Pewabic Pottery in Detroit is an historic landmark, and they do so much for the ceramic community. I love dropping in and picking up gifts for myself or others, and I also used to go to their special events, like the garden party. They weren’t able to have one in person this year, but hopefully next year will be better for us all! Find them here – they have so much to explore on their site! Also, shout out to Two James pictured below as well – they are a Detroit distillery that was extremely active in helping the city and community during the height of the pandemic in Detroit. Pre-Wyatt you could find Billy and I and friends gathered around their bar, enjoying a few cocktails on the weekends.

And I can’t end this without mentioning my own personal favorite, my talented mother-in-law. She makes amazing pieces and is so creative – and lucky for me, I am gifted with them all the time!


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