Hello, March!

I am so excited for March! We are starting it out right too – this morning is Wyatt’s fifth birthday and we went on a little mini-vacation as a family. It’s been almost a year since we traveled anywhere and this little house we are staying in is so charming! Wyatt loves that there is a piano…

Today we plan on doing some hiking and visiting some new nature centers, then following it up with ice cream and dinner out. A great way to begin the month of the worm moon!

Then next weekend we have Wyatt’s family party, which should also be a blast, fingers crossed. And then of course, St. Patrick’s Day too! Our family is super Irish and St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse to get together and eat food again.

This month is such a hopeful month for me usually – the beginning of spring, and so called the worm moon because this is the month that the little worms in the ground start wiggling their way up to the surface. We are going to start a worm composting farm this month, something I am not super excited about but Billy is. Lol. But it means spring really is on the way, soon we can be outside gardening, and in the sun, enjoying spring blooms after a winter of cold and gray. The birds will all be back, singing and chattering away in the mornings, and we will see the sunshine more. I am going to start all my seeds pretty soon, hopefully when we get home, and see their happy little faces popping up.

We also have a fun month ahead of us in Exploring Nature with Children – we have birds and their nests, spring ponds, spring equinox, and snails all ahead of us this month, and I love all of these things! Wyatt and I jump started our bird week last week, reading about and even making a few birds nests together! We had a blast. Snails should be particularly fun, at least for us, since we do have our own little snail, Sampson.

We have a pretty simple month ahead, but one full of promise of spring. But for now, I am going to go celebrate with my big time five year old!


7 thoughts on “Hello, March!

  1. Happy fifth birthday to Wyatt! You have fun things ahead…I love the idea of the cottage and that beautiful piano.

    I adore St. Patrick’s Day events…my ex-husband’s Irish family had lots of fun during the celebrations.

    Enjoy! I also love those blossoms at the top of the post.


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