February Book Tallies

I started this in January and liked it so much I am keeping it going! I’ve got a few ideas cooking about how to do this post, but for this month, I am keeping it simple.

Let’s start with what I read!

Like last month, I read six books. I read Around the World in 80 Trees a few pages a day for the whole month, and it was really cool. I learned so much about different trees! Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts was one of my favorites this year so far, and I enjoyed diving back into this Eva Gates series. The Willow Tree Hall books were happy little reads, and I loved The Hands-On Home so much I bought my own copy, since I had checked it out from the library.

Wyatt and I also read about the same amount of books as last month, 27 books. I posted about our Valentine reading, and I am planning a February post soon hopefully.

Our money saved by using the library was still pretty amazing, ending up at $610.35. Combined with last month’s total of $656.10, I am at $1266.45 for the year so far!! However, I did buy a few books for myself this month, spending $29.88 on a few of the books mentioned above. The library continues to be one of our favorite places, and I love how it is the same library I used to go to. Lisa at Boondock Ramblings also posted this month about visiting her new-old library. I love reading about everyone’s library memories!

I posted two book review posts, and finished two nonfiction books as well, for my nonfiction reading challenge! I am feeling pretty happy about that – although I still need to do those reviews…

And that’s it for this month’s tallies!


11 thoughts on “February Book Tallies

  1. Hey! that’s a pretty good list! I finished the first book in the Willow Tree Hall series. I may start the second one today, but I’m working on another book, which is sort of a re-read. I will ramble about that tomorrow in my Sunday Bookends post. And thanks for the shout-out! I hope your March is a good reading month too.

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