Friday Favorites..

I am so behind this week. Wyatt didn’t have school Monday or Tuesday, due to his teacher being sick and no sub (if you are a teacher who needs a job, move to Michigan! Huge shortage), then snow days the rest of the week! We are also going on a short trip to the west side of Michigan next week so I am getting ready for our family vacation. It’s been nuts!

I did find some neat stuff during the time I was able to be online though!

I was most excited about this discovery – free Imagination passes to Dollywood for pre-k children born in 2015 and 2016. I signed Wyatt up for one right away! You don’t have to make reservations or commit to a certain time either, it’s good for the year. We have been talking about going (I love Dolly and Wyatt loves country music and Billy loves us so..) and this might be the year! I am thinking maybe fall. If you are interested, you have until March 15 to reserve your free pass! Also if anyone has gone and has trip hints and tricks let me know!

I have begun watching a few YouTube channels lately, mostly on in the background when I am cleaning or folding clothes, and one I am really enjoying is Northern Heart. It’s all about Maria and her life in the Swedish countryside, but also some of her struggles that brought her there to that slower paced life. It is such a cozy, warm vlog with definite hygge goals.

Since Wyatt was off this week, we had a lot of time to work on Exploring Nature with Children! We combined this week’s curriculum with next week’s – birds and a field trip to a new nature center, hiking spot, etc. We will do our field trip while on vacation, so this week we focused on birds and their nests. I hope to do a post next week, but this face can’t wait..

This book review post over at Superfluous Reading about The Year Without Summer by Guinevere Glasfurd. I have always been interested in this period in history, ever since I learned that it influenced so many writers and artists – including Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein that summer..

I am also loving this Instagram account!! Who else loves Wes Anderson, raise their hands? I find his work so visually appealing, and this Instagram is so fun!

View this post on Instagram

_____________________ Herring Era Museum | Siglufjörður, Iceland | c. 1996 • For 50 years, the town of Siglufjörður, was at the center of a herring boom that swept Iceland and transformed its economy. Thousands of workers flocked to this tiny hamlet to find work in what was dubbed the “Atlantic Klondike.” Though the industry collapsed in 1969, the Herring Era Museum remains to tell the tale of the boom years of Iceland’s Herring Adventure • In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, fishing technology made great leaps, and Norwegian vessel owners began fishing the open waters with great success. Herring towns soon sprang up, and hundreds of icelanders found employment processing the catch, until domination of the industry eventually changed from Norwegian to Icelandic hands • Salted herring was a staple food of many European countries, particularly vital during the two world wars. The industry was so crucial to Iceland’s economy that it accounted for between 25-45% of the country's export earnings at its height • One of the most important ports in Iceland, Siglufjörður (aka Sigló) was the site of the first processing plant, and had twenty-three salting stations and five reducing factories. Because the fish spoiled quickly, hundreds of “Herring Girls” were employed to process the catch as it came in. They lived in boarding houses and were paid by the barrel. An entire genre of Iclandic pop music is dedicated to them • When the herring failed to appear in 1969, the industry completely collapsed. Sigló and other port towns suffered a severe depression • Twenty years later, a group of local volunteers banded together to renovate the Roaldsbrakki–an old Norwegian salting station from 1907, and turn it into a museum remembering the Herring Era. The government-backed project opened in 1996 and has 5 exhibits, including a boathouse, slipway, boarding house, and even salting demonstrations • Know more? Please comment below! • 📸: @amypresleyart ✍: @elalalaney 📰: @wikipedia + @atlasobscura + • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Archigram #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vscotravel #herring #Pursuewhatislovely #lcelandTravel #VisitIceland #iceland🇮🇸

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And this is my cue to stop….

What about you all? What social media are you imbibing? What are some neat things you have found this week?


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites..

  1. oooh, I love all things Scandi! Will be checking out Northern Heart… And I still love Wyatt’s glasses!
    Dolly….my Dad and I danced to ‘Here You Come Again’ my entire childhood–and at my wedding. There will always, always be a place in my heart for Dolly! Glad there’s a kindred spirit out there 🙂
    I know you and Wyatt do some awesome crafty things. If you pop by sometime, check the link on my 2/27 post for the BEST paper book ever. You could very well find yourself in a little piece of heaven there (for less than $12–it’s CRAZY). My youngest was home this week, too, and that book was all we needed! I have a feeling it could become a go-to birthday gift for our friends & family. Happy Weekend to you and yours, and happy trails!!

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  2. I’m definitely on IG a lot. I can’t help it. I’ve posted a lot lately. I tried to podcast before surgery but wasn’t satisfied with it so I’m waiting til I’m healed as I talk like my grandmother when she doesn’t have her dentures in, LOL.


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