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Fixing: I am so ready for spring! I am so over all my favorite soups and stews so we are playing with different recipes and meals. Lately we are loving a Mediterranean Tuna Salad I found on Pinterest, and also some nights, we are just enjoying a charcuterie board of sorts, with meats and cheese and fruits and veggies – and of course delicious bread too!

Hearing: The birds singing in the morning!! This has been a wonderful spirit lifter – I love hearing their chatter and calls and chirps. All their lovely conversation telling me that spring is on the way.

Borrowing: This month we are borrowing a lot of books from the library about ponds, birds, snails (my favorite!), and worms for our Exploring Nature with Children curriculum we do for some enrichment, and also as part of the Kid’s Moon Club. This month is the Worm moon, one of my favorites last year! It is named for the worm because this is the month usually that the little worms start wiggling their way to the earth’s surface, digging out of winter- kind of like how I feel this time of year too!

Feeling: All sorts of things! Spring fever for sure. A bit reminiscent as my son turned 5 on the second. A bit of anxiety about some of the news (coronavirus is sort of freaking me out). Excited for all the fun things this month holds. By the time this is posted we will have celebrated Wyatt’s birthday, just our little family, on a small family vacation, and will be getting ready for his big party. Frustration at not having the time to finish some of our home projects. But mostly I am feeling hopeful, content, and happy.

Recommending: British Cozy Mystery television shows. Nature walks. Reading The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving, and Natural Homekeeping. I am so in love with this book! I am also now a huge fan of ordering from Azure Standard as well. I love that they will deliver for a fraction of a cost to a drop location near you! I have my cart already started for April’s drop. And if you don’t want to wait for the drop, you can always choose to have your order shipped.

What about you all? How are you feeling these days? What is going on in your world?


31 thoughts on “Currently..March

  1. Charcuterie boards are one of our favorites, Erin! Panzanella is another favorite as the weather warms up. Any time I put bread on the grill it’s a happy meal πŸ™‚ Good luck with the big party. Always a lot of work, I know–but once it starts, I always forget the list of things I didn’t get to!

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    1. I’m with you, spring is not high on my list – actually near the bottom, but this year I am so ready. Winter was a bummer this year, mostly rain! So I am ready to move on. Lol. I am so looking forward to sitting outside as well! My son and I like to have little picnics on the lawn and I am excited to get back out there.


  2. It’s so funny to hear yiu mention all those British shows when over hear people can’t seem to get enough of American series like Breaking Bad. Foyles War is one of my favourites. Have you seen Midsomer Murders yet?

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    1. Haha I wondered what this would sound like to someone who lived in England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales! We are so obsessed. And can you believe we have never watched Breaking Bad? Lol. My dad LOVES Foyles War and has told me to watch it – same with Midsomer Murders. I will have to check them out!


  3. I saw that box of seeds and I got so happy. I know some of those brands. I just started my seeds in indoors for the first time ever and I’m just so excited to see how everything does. Thanks for stopping by ACAC.

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  4. Rebecca Jo

    Last night I went to shut our garage door & stopped & told my husband – LISTEN!!! It was birds chirping – it made my heart just SOAR!!!! SPRING IS COMING!!!

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  5. Jennifer

    British mysteries are the absolutely best! They are on repeat at our house:) And I totally agree about the birds. They – and their singing – have just been delightful!!

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  6. Susanne

    You do have spring fever, when you can be happy about worms rising in the ground. I love both Brit TV and cozy mysteries. Off to check out that link as well.

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  7. As a woman living alone, I’m a big fan of charcuterie boards and smaller meals in general! Also, somewhat related, I used the word charcuterie at work the other day and not a single person knew what I was talking about! I had to Google it just to make sure I didn’t make it up! So very happy to see it here πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to Wyatt!

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