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Last week was such a great week – we went on a mini-vacation to Holland, MI for Wyatt’s fifth birthday, and we really needed the time away. It was pretty perfect! We had some good food, visited some new trails and nature center, and did some shopping. If only vacations could last longer right?

Read Last Week:

So I received Girl Can’t Help It from the author and started it last week – and I am loving it!! I hope to finish it up soon.

I can’t get into The Starless Sea – I have tried and failed and when you start avoiding reading because you really aren’t interested in the book you have, then you know it is time to quit. I am not going to quit forever on this book though – I am going to try again in the fall. Sometimes I do better with books depending on the season. So – I am just putting this on hold for a bit.

Reading This Week:

I’m going to finish up Girl Can’t Help It, then I have a few books on my nightstand and Kindle calling my name. I will probably start at least two of these three this week.

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library – I love a book that has offbeat and quirky characters!

Booked for Trouble – I enjoyed By Book or by Crook so much I need to keep reading! (Amazon..)

Wild Thoughts from Wild Places – I am doing pretty good reading nonfiction. I am slow but sure! Lol.

Posted Last Week:

Our Family UK Dinner

A Family Mini-Trip

Currently… March


We are still watching Doc Martin. We finished up Locke and Key, which for me was a slow start but then I ended up loving it. We are also watching Frankie Drake and Hometown.


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your time away. It can be so refreshing to take a little trip.

    It’s funny that you can’t get into Starless Sea. It hasn’t come in for me at the library yet, but I remember how many times I tried to read Morgenstern’s first book before I finally got into it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Starless Sea is the same for me.

    I’m really interested in Wild Thoughts. I wish it was at my public library.

    Have a great week!

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  2. I absolutely agree on setting books aside that don’t light your fire!! Glad to read your review of the Starless Sea. I put it on the summaries we voted from for our March book but it didn’t win. We voted for The German Girl. Have you read it?

    I have waaaaay too many books going now for the slow reader that I am. Need to concentrate on finishing up one or two so I can concentrate and give each one the attention it deserves.

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  3. Ooh Holland- how fun! I like strolling down Eighth Street – kind of the main drag downtown. Glad you guys had fun! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the Starless sea. And I’m super curious about Locke and Key although I don’t really know what it’s about, but I gather it’s kind of spooky?

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    1. We always love visiting that side of the state! We were joking that we just need to move out that way. Lol. We became “regulars” at a bakery while we were there already!

      I loved Locke and Key! It is sort of spooky, but not too bad. It’s probably skewed a little younger that way, but I thought it was really well done and left us guessing and wanting to know more.


  4. I usually know whether or not a book is an instant DNF or if it’s one I can’t get into RIGHT NOW. For instance, Middlesex. I knew that book was going to be great, and it was, but it took me three attempts before I could get going with it.

    I love Doc Martin!!!!!

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  5. For sure when you are avoiding reading because of the book its time to put it aside. Some books just aren’t for us so moving on and the ones you have planned all look like they’ll draw you in.


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