Vintage, Whimsical, Creative YouTube Channels I Love

So sometimes when I want to just sit and veg to recharge my batteries, I enjoy watching YouTube. I am an endlessly curious person (nosy) and I love reading blogs and watching YouTube and following people on Instagram because I am always interested in what other people are doing and how they are living. I don’t envy their lives but I do usually learn about new things from them and sometimes I am just plain entertained.

I watch booktubers, homesteaders, and then just people who defy a category in my mind. They share their whimsy, their creativity, their vintage style, and I love just putting my feet up for a minute or two, drinking some coffee or wine, and tuning out to them.

Let’s start with..hmm.. Rachel Maksy. I may have mentioned her here before, I don’t remember, but I love her videos and what she shares. She makes the coolest stuff, and isn’t afraid to try things – like a vintage Creature from the Black Lagoon lady costume. She describes her style as grandpa, she has great vintage hair styling videos, and she is quirky and talented. My favorite video – her recreation of Evie from The Mummy.

The next YouTube channel is one that I just started watching, Dainty Diaries. She just does the cutest little cottagey things, and I enjoy watching her gardening content, which is different than the gardening content I watch on the homestead channels. This one has an aesthetic to it, rather than planting food to eat, which is also something I am interested in. This is more…I’m growing things and doing it in a pretty way. I haven’t watched too many yet, but the one I have liked the most so far is her video about making a hedgehog door in her garden gate.

Sage Lilleyman is an Australian woman who posts uploads that are vintage living related – sewing, housewife stuff, etc. I used to watch this British show where a family would have their house turned into a different decade and they would live like that for a week, and it fascinated me. I will never get over the woman who had to get fully dressed up and scrub her front stairs. Anyway, Lilleyman’s YouTube reminds me of that show, just on a smaller scale.

With Love, Kristina is another vintage living type channel. She uploads about books, slow living, body positivity and vintage style. She is another newish one that I watch so I haven’t seen too many but I have enjoyed the ones I have watched. My favorite is her video on living the perfect hobbit day. I would love to have a hobbit day! (Hmmm… maybe we will….)

And finally, Darling Desi. She is a whimsical watch for sure. She is just always so happy and romanticizes everything, loves to read (particularly Jane Austen) and has such an enthusiasm for everything. I love to watch her seasonal videos and book reviews in particular. I can relate to the seasonal type stuff she does, as I like to live that way as well – although with less style and frolicking.

If you need an escape or just want to see some vintage styles, check these ladies out. I would never dress this way, too time consuming for me. A Get Ready With Me Post would be like ten minutes. I never wear makeup, have wash and go hair, and am super happy in my super casual clothes that I can get dirty in outside with my kid or while painting or whatever, but I still like to dream about some alternate universe me who maybe does do this.

Have you watched any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know!