Vintage, Whimsical, Creative YouTube Channels I Love

So sometimes when I want to just sit and veg to recharge my batteries, I enjoy watching YouTube. I am an endlessly curious person (nosy) and I love reading blogs and watching YouTube and following people on Instagram because I am always interested in what other people are doing and how they are living. I don’t envy their lives but I do usually learn about new things from them and sometimes I am just plain entertained.

I watch booktubers, homesteaders, and then just people who defy a category in my mind. They share their whimsy, their creativity, their vintage style, and I love just putting my feet up for a minute or two, drinking some coffee or wine, and tuning out to them.

Let’s start with..hmm.. Rachel Maksy. I may have mentioned her here before, I don’t remember, but I love her videos and what she shares. She makes the coolest stuff, and isn’t afraid to try things – like a vintage Creature from the Black Lagoon lady costume. She describes her style as grandpa, she has great vintage hair styling videos, and she is quirky and talented. My favorite video – her recreation of Evie from The Mummy.

The next YouTube channel is one that I just started watching, Dainty Diaries. She just does the cutest little cottagey things, and I enjoy watching her gardening content, which is different than the gardening content I watch on the homestead channels. This one has an aesthetic to it, rather than planting food to eat, which is also something I am interested in. This is more…I’m growing things and doing it in a pretty way. I haven’t watched too many yet, but the one I have liked the most so far is her video about making a hedgehog door in her garden gate.

Sage Lilleyman is an Australian woman who posts uploads that are vintage living related – sewing, housewife stuff, etc. I used to watch this British show where a family would have their house turned into a different decade and they would live like that for a week, and it fascinated me. I will never get over the woman who had to get fully dressed up and scrub her front stairs. Anyway, Lilleyman’s YouTube reminds me of that show, just on a smaller scale.

With Love, Kristina is another vintage living type channel. She uploads about books, slow living, body positivity and vintage style. She is another newish one that I watch so I haven’t seen too many but I have enjoyed the ones I have watched. My favorite is her video on living the perfect hobbit day. I would love to have a hobbit day! (Hmmm… maybe we will….)

And finally, Darling Desi. She is a whimsical watch for sure. She is just always so happy and romanticizes everything, loves to read (particularly Jane Austen) and has such an enthusiasm for everything. I love to watch her seasonal videos and book reviews in particular. I can relate to the seasonal type stuff she does, as I like to live that way as well – although with less style and frolicking.

If you need an escape or just want to see some vintage styles, check these ladies out. I would never dress this way, too time consuming for me. A Get Ready With Me Post would be like ten minutes. I never wear makeup, have wash and go hair, and am super happy in my super casual clothes that I can get dirty in outside with my kid or while painting or whatever, but I still like to dream about some alternate universe me who maybe does do this.

Have you watched any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know!


16 thoughts on “Vintage, Whimsical, Creative YouTube Channels I Love

  1. Stefanie

    The crafty Youtube podcasts I watch tend to be ones by knitters and I’ve added some cross stitching ones as well. I got smart and bring my laptop to sit on top of a man-table so I can park my butt on the couch and watch while I knit or cross stitch, LOL!

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  2. I will have to check these out. I love to watch YouTube as I’m getting ready (which may or may not be around 1:00pm). They take my mind off of the possibility of a hot flash!!! I love Nadi at the PopLuxe, Bob the Drag Queen, Arne & Carlos, and all kinds of history channels.

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  3. Oooh! Some new ones from you. You know I already watch Desi and like her more each time (even though I joke around about her frolicking barefoot in the flowers and fields 😉). I thought a lot about these type of channels last year and realized I really do like the escape of them and I think that’s what it is for the creators too – an escape from the parts of life they need to escape from.

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      1. Same thing about the ticks. She laid in the grass in one video and her hair was hanging all down and I was like “noooo! Get up! There could be ticks all over!!”

        Sigh. I take the fun out of everything 😂


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  5. I’ve seen some of the Sage Lillyman videos (and love her!) but the others are new to me. All of them sound great but I’m especially intrigued by With Love, Kristina. Living like a hobbit sounds pretty great!

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  6. Thank you for sharing these. I am going to check them out. Especially the 50s day one and the cottage core. My granddaughter talks about cottage core all the time. And has used elements of cottage core in revamping her bedroom. I am a vintage 50s gal so would enjoy watching that youtube channel. I remember my mom wearing dresses all of the time, ironing everything, watching Donna Reed, grinding meat to make her own ground beef, having milk delivered in glass bottles. Oh, the good old days!!

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