10 on the 10th – June

Hosted by Marsha and Lesley!

This month’s 10 on the 10th is all about vacations! This is very timely for me as we are actually going on vacation next week!

Let’s begin shall we?

1.  Are you planning to take a vacation anytime soon?  Please share!

We are!! We are leaving next week for a combined family trip with my brother, SIL, niece, mom, and my SIL’s mom. We all rented a house together in northern “up north” Michigan, and it has it’s own little private beach which the kids will love! We hope to make it an annual trip and create wonderful memories for the kids.

2.  Have you recently gone on vacation?  Tell us all about it!

Sadly, no. The last trip we took was last August.

3.  What is your favorite way to travel?

I don’t know if I have a favorite way. I don’t mind road trips because I like to take a lot of stuff with us now that we have Wyatt, but flying sometimes would be nice too. I’ve taken the train to Chicago a few times, and a longer trip would be really cool too. Billy and I daydream a lot about getting a camper and traveling that way, and while I hate boats, I would try a river cruise or a smaller cruise like that. I could never do an ocean voyage. They freak me out! Probably because in a past life I was a ship’s captain that went down with his ship, according to a street fortune teller in New Orleans.

4.  If money were no object, where would you go and why?

Oh man. This changes so frequently for me!! Hmmm. I would love to see Ireland, England, and Scotland and the places my grandparents came from. And Italy is a huge dream trip for me as well.

5.  Who would be your favorite person (living or dead) to take on vacation?

My family.

6.  What do you absolutely have to pack when you go on vacation?

Other than absolute necessities for life (my meds and Wyatt’s meds) – journals and books. I always have special books and vacation journals, and my nerdy list of our itinerary, reservation details, etc.

7.  What are your memories of your all time favorite vacation?

Our trip to Shenandoah National Park with my brother and SIL is one of my favorite vacations I have taken as an adult. There was this night where we spent the evening in the pub attached to the lodge, drinking and singing. The pub had sing a longs every night that were so fun, and we stayed a good while. When we left it was dark, that in the mountains type of dark, the stars were shining out all around us, and we could look down over the valley from where we stood. It was just a wonderful night.

I don’t know if I have an all time favorite vacation! I have loved them all. From the trips up north with family, to Disney, to Niagara Falls Savannah and Chicago and California and New Orleans, Gettysburg, the East Coast and so many others.

8.  Where would you never ever go on vacation and why?

Probably a tropical island. I am not a beach person.

9.  What is the worst thing you ever experienced on vacation?

I guess my brother getting an eye ulcer once on a trip to New Orleans? I mean it was worse for him but he had to have eye drops around the clock for 24 hours starting at like 10 minutes apart or something like that. It was the week before Katrina, which was being talked about, and there was talk that if his eye didn’t respond to the eye drops he would have to have eye surgery – which would have resulted in us probably maybe being in NOLA during the hurricane.

10.  What is the best thing that ever happened to you on vacation?

Introducing Wyatt to new places and experiences!

What about you?


13 thoughts on “10 on the 10th – June

  1. Your vacation plans sound wonderful! I can’t remember the last vacation I took, but I guess it might have been to the beach in 2017 for my daughter’s wedding. We stayed in a hotel on the beach.

    Before that, I loved going to Sedona, way back in 2008, and later that year to a book festival in LA.


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  2. rawsonjl

    Your whole family vacation sounds like so much fun! We often try to incorporate other family with us on our family vacations too! Glad you made it home safely and didn’t get stuck in New Orleans with Katrina.

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  3. Erin, so many good things here! I love northern Michigan and hope you post some pictures (I’ll understand if you don’t)! I would like to do a cruise down the Mississippi, I think. But, I agree the idea of being on the ocean and not seeing land…oooohhh! Your trip where you sang in the pub sounds like oodles of fun! And, seeing places through the eyes of a child is amazing!!


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  5. Ha, in reading your answers, I realized I didn’t answer question number 8. Hmmm. Freudian slip? As I can’t really think of anywhere, I would just refuse to go. Well, that’s not true. Not terribly interested in China or Vietnam or Korea.
    What a nightmare for your brother in New Orleans. I cannot imagine. Thank goodness his eye got better and you guys were able to high tail it out of NOLA.
    Your plans for this summer sound delightful. A private beach. Yes, please. And if you can make this an annual trek, Wyatt will have lifelong happy memories from his childhood summer vacations.

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