The Spring of Cary Grant: Operation Petticoat

So when Lisa at Boondock Ramblings told me she was going to do a Spring of Cary Grant, I knew I wanted in on it. She introduced me to the legend that is Grant last fall, and I am woefully behind on his films. So I am tagging along on her journey, posting along with her as well.

I have done absolutely terrible at posting my thoughts on these movies – things have been a bit crazy around here for weeks. Months even. I am hoping I am entering into a quieter and easier season. However, I have been watching!

Last week’s feature: Operation Petticoat (1959)

I have to admit, when I first looked this movie up to stream I looked up Petticoat Junction and was SUPER confused. Lol. Then I realized my mistake. Then I thought, I am not going to like this movie. I am not usually into military themed movies as a general rule. Then about ten minutes in I was hooked. Or maybe after Tony Curtis first stepped onto the screen, because wow what a looker! I don’t think I have ever watched a movie with him in it before and he was quite the good looking guy. I can see the resemblance between him and his daughter Jamie Lee as well – and I totally had no idea she was his daughter until I googled him.

Basically, for those of you who haven’t seen this movie, Cary Grant plays a navy officer who has become an Admiral. The movie starts with him returning to an old submarine he spent some crazy times on, and he is reminiscing about that time as he waits for the next officer to come and take the Sea Tiger away. The old Sea Tiger’s time is up, and is about to be scuttled but is having a last journey out before being retired.

Anyway, that time on board the ship – I think the date was Dec. 10, 1941 that Grant, or Admiral Sherman, is looking back on and the time that follows. The ship needs heavy repairs after being destroyed in an air raid, but finding parts was very hard and difficult. Enter Tony Curtis, or Nick Holden. His appearance on the scene draws some laughs from the rest of the men, as he arrives all in white like the “Good Humor Man” and expecting more of a luxury cruise than active duty on a sub. However, they all soon learn just how useful Holden really is. He can talk his way in or out of anything, and is quite good at his job of finding what the ship needs – no matter how he gets it, which is mainly through scavenging or theft. It is quite humorous honestly, what they say he and the men are managing to scavenge!

They get the sub mobile again and things are seemingly a bit back to normal although a bit untraditional in areas. And then things become very untraditional, when a contingent of Army nurses are evacuated from their situation and brought aboard by Holden. And all the jokes and hijinks and overtly sexualized gags that you can imagine begin, from ladies undergarments to showering situations to women in the engine room, to the men pretending to be ill so that they can get nursed by the women. Of course, while all this is going on, there is still a war happening out there! Grant is a Lieutenant Commander at the time, and he tries valiantly to keep things sane and normal onboard his sub, and tries like heck to get the women to a safe port. But no one will take them. Later Holden even adds more women and children from an island they stop at, who need to get to safety as their island is a heavy target, just adding to the confusion and crazy onboard. It was a silly funny movie, and the ending made us both smile. It was complete, that ending.

Overall, this movie was lighthearted and funny and we both really enjoyed it. We had a long difficult week and it was perfect. It is definitely one of those movies that would be hard to remake now, I would think, but we had a laugh while watching it. We also tried to recast the movie, but not for now, but for the 1980-early 90s. We decided Harrison Ford could have played Grant’s role, or maybe Michael Douglas which would have been cool since Kirk Douglas had a very small itsy bitsy role in it. Holden’s role could have been played by Rob Lowe. The Prophet character who was a singer maybe could have been Sean Penn, and Melanie Griffith as Lt. Crandall, maybe?

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Next up is Suspicion- and I have my fingers crossed I get my post up Thursday!!

To see Lisa’s post, look here! To see Katja’s post, check here!


13 thoughts on “The Spring of Cary Grant: Operation Petticoat

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  2. I love Suspicion! Grant at his most sinister. I had to laugh about the Operation Petticoat/Petticoat Junction. I always have to correct myself because I do the same thing and they are VERY different. I saw an interview with Tony Curtis (who I adore) saying that one of his favorite movies was another movie involving Grant on a submarine and his big dream was to work with Grant. When he got famous enough he kind of made it happen.

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  3. At first, I was thinking of the old show, Petticoat Junction! Then, I realized I was completely wrong! I really need to write down all of these movies for when we finish the eternally lasting (feels that way to me) Star Trek: Discovery! I love Tony Curtis…he was so handsome. And, even though he was old enough to be my dad, I kept hoping he’d magically show up at my house and whisk me away! You should watch “Some Like It Hot” with him, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe…true Hollywood magic!

    My great-nephew is a submariner and is over 6′ tall! He lives in the Pacific Northwest. I haven’t had a chance to ever sit down with him and talk about what it’s like to be underwater and know you can’t get out! That would make my claustrophobic brain explode!

    Have a fabulous week, Erin!

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    1. Lol just like I did!!! It’s the word petticoat I am sure of it! And oy, some of those Star Treks do feel like forever.

      He was very swoon worthy, that Tony Curtis. And lol!!! That is hilarious! But I can totally see dreaming that because he is very good looking. And I will watch it! We stayed at that Hotel, the Hotel del Coronado so it would be cool to see the movie that was filmed there.

      That is Billy’s uncle! He is so tall, like 6 feet, and was career military on a nuclear submarine his whole career. I would die. I can’t even imagine.


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  5. I’m very claustrophobic and usually I wouldn’t be able to watch a submarine movie at all. I think it really says something about the humor and the way the characters interact with one another that I never had a problem watching Operation Petticoat … and I’ve watched it very often as it seems to be a favorite rerun here on German TV 😉

    One of my favorite scenes is how Cary Grant gives away all of Tony Curtis’ stuff to make up for the stolen pig. The look on Curtis’s face!


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