Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Hello my friends! I got a new to me laptop (Billy’s new within the last two years but old to him) and all my stuff looks weird now. Is this font different? Why? I need to do some investigating! (update – it’s not, I am just apparently crazy)

Let’s see, what has been happening since the last time I chatted? Well. We moved my mom to her new place last week and that sort of consumed the entire week, outside of school and appointments. We are still working out details of what she needs, what she wants to replace, etc. All that nesting type thing, decorating, so it is not completely done but this is the fun part at least.

Saturday we had a day without work, and it was awesome. We went to Greenfield Village to celebrate my dad’s birthday and it was hilarious at first, just pure chaos. We had no idea prior to arrival (at 10 am, mind you) that it was Thomas the Thank Engine day, where they make the train look like Thomas, and everyone on earth is there to visit. So there were virtually no parking spaces at all. Then after we all finally found a spot, my brother realized they had forgotten their stroller! So while they were making the long trek to the village from the lot they had to park in, Billy and my dad went into guest services and rented a wagon to put the baby and her car seat in. By this point, it had gotten super cloudy and it was absolutely freezing – and I only had on a thinnish t-shirt. So my stepmom and I went into the gift shop and my stepmom generously treated me to a warm and cozy sweatshirt. Phew. By this point it was now 10:45 and we could finally enter the actual village. The good part- all of the Thomas people were now inside and on the train at least. Lol.

We had a great day, hanging out with my dad and stepmom, and my brother, his wife, Mermaid Girl, and Tiny Bebe. We ate, we walked, we laughed, it was a good time. I have decided I need a version of Camp Mohwak in my yard to retreat to. Although I would like a better view than the house behind me – instead, it should be woods and a river or something, more of a view like the actual cabin pictured has.

Then Sunday I met my friends at the garden center for our annual flower shopping day!

We all had our specific goals, mine being to buy plants to spruce up the toad abode, to make it prettier and to give shade. I ended up buying a few ferns, a hosta, some tomatoes and basil and cucumbers for the garden, and then some petunias and snapdragons for fun. I also picked up a crazy foxtail fern, simply because it is called a foxtail fern. I have no idea where to put it but I love it so much. Lol. Our next garden task is to get more topsoil since we are still working on getting rid of that darn ivy our previous neighbors planted, and sprinkling wildflower seeds down. That will end up being in the area behind the toad abode and it will look so pretty when it is finally all done. But, that is gardening isn’t it? You can’t hurry it, it is something that requires you to slow down and take your time. Or at least, that is the way that I like to do it. My friend Kelly is my total opposite pretty much in all things (I call us Grace and Frankie on here all the time) and she powered through and had everything in place that she bought in like an hour and had her entire yard done in a few days. I am more of a meditative gardener, I guess. I like to think about where something is going, maybe change it, maybe do this… I am just very slow. Neither one of us does it better than the other, it’s just our ways.

Speaking of Kelly…she and her sweet daughter E. supplied the “toads” for our toad abode! Well, sort of. I have to raise them first. E. and Kelly went to a vernal pond near the railroad tracks near their house, and E. collected ten little tadpoles all by hand just for Wyatt!

They brought them over to us and hung out for a bit, and it was so fun. We exclaimed over the cute little tadpoles zooming around, E. enjoyed meeting all of our creatures, from the geckos to the isopods (although I think she liked Applejack the best). I was reminded of those summer nights when I was a kid, where time stood still for a while, the weather was perfect, the kids were laughing and playing, and it was just one of those perfect, everyday moments in time. We gave her an old praying mantis ooth to take home for her own nature collection, and for some reason it just really made me happy, tadpoles for an ooth.

So that is about it for me – I need a refill on this coffee, and I need to get ready for a big day of school with Wyatt. He is also getting a haircut, and hopefully we fit some time in for the library and then later tonight, time in the yard.

How are you all doing?


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. (update – it’s not, I am just apparently crazy) LOL, we all are sometimes 🙂

    Glad you got your mom mostly settled.

    Sounds like you all had a great time at Greenfield Village!

    I lived at a lake when I was a teenager and I loved it. Very peaceful. I loved the water in the summer and you could ice skate in the winter. One think I didn’t enjoy was fishing from our dock or yard.

    An annual flower shopping day with friends? That sounds amazing! I looked yesterday for some plants/flowers but couldn’t decide on what I wanted. I’ll think about it some more and then try again.

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    1. Lol! I was convinced in the editor area it looked different!

      Oh my gosh, that would be so amazing. Living in Michigan, lakes are so close all the time and we are a lake kind of people here. I love our trips away, I always try to get something on a lake. To just go sit in the morning and look at the water with some coffee is perfection. And as a teenager it would have been just so fun!

      I like too many! Lol. Then I bring them home and have to figure out where to put them. I love our annual shopping trip, it is a spring ritual for us!

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    1. It was really a good time. I have a few petunias and snapdragons to get in the ground, but I can’t figure out where to put them. Lol.

      They are so darn cute! They freak us out because they will just lay on the bottom sometimes and I worry they are dead but they aren’t. I will have to try to take a longer video!

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  2. Erin, I think you and I have a similar gardening style. I like to do it a bit at a time, especially when planting perennials. I always worry whether I’ve left enough room for them to spread. And I can’t go to the garden center without getting something unexpected. Ha! It look like you had a great week.


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  3. Your day sounds completely and totally wonderful! I love garden shops, but they are dangerous! I find so much I want…I have to remember I don’t have that much space to plant anymore, but there’s always room for a fern, right?

    Your toad abode is going to be such a fantastic spot to just relax and to learn and to, I don’t know, live! How fun to watch the tadpoles grow up! Someday, I will have to tell the story about the jumping African frogs we got at school.

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    1. They are so dangerous!! And there is always room, somewhere…. lol.

      I am super excited about our crazy little toad abode. We are watching our little tadopoles grow and look forward to releasing them outside into their new home. 🙂

      Yes! I would love to hear that story!


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