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2023 is just motoring along over here. It was one of those weeks where it is just full of everyday stuff – getting groceries, homeschooling, making meals, cleaning – you know those weeks. Just pretty ordinary which isn’t bad. We DID have a Fast Food French Fry Showdown at my brother’s last night. My niece and Billy have had a running “argument” over who has the best fries. Mermaid Girl is a die hard McDonald’s fan, while Billy insists the winner is Rally’s. So, we got fries to share from six different fast food restaurants – Rally’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, White Castle, and Burger King (usually my favorite). The results were varied and interesting.

Read Last Week:

I was so excited to read this! I really enjoyed it but Stevie sort of annoyed me this time around. I did like the English Manor house mystery and murder storyline though! Review coming soon.

Reading This Week:

I just recently saw this one someone’s blog (and I apologize, I can’t remember whose!) and I knew I needed to read it ASAP. I can’t resist a book about faeries, and this even involves academia, also a favorite theme of mine. This cover is also absolutely gorgeous!

Posted Last Week:

MIgardener Seed Haul

Thursday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Book Review: Outfoxed by Melinda Metz

10 on the 10th – January

Watching and Listening:

We binged out on Wednesday this week, and I absolutely loved it. I have always loved The Addams Family and this version was fantastic, and had that special Burton style to it as well.

After finishing Wednesday, we watched Ghosts, Grantchester, and started Willow, the television series.

We are hoping to watch a movie tonight – White Noise. We had intended to watch it last night but went to my brother’s for the French Fry Showdown instead.

And phew, super short post this week! What is going on in your world?


36 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. The French fry showdown sounds delightful. I’d like to do something similar with pizza. We are always arguing about which pizza is best.

    Encyclopaedia of Faeries sounds wonderful. I hope to see what you think about it soon.

    We hope to get to White Noise this week. I wonder if watching it will inspire me to pick up the book.

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    1. Hmm. We wanted to do another version, maybe we will do cheese bread! (the kids don’t like pizza but will go to town on cheese bread)

      I love anything fairie related. I was that kid. Always. Lol.

      We didn’t get to White Noise last night, but we watched three episodes of Willow lol. I am loving it.


  2. That French Fry showdown sounds awesome! Now I have to think about where my favorite fries are from… and ooh Willow! I hope you like it. I started it a few weeks ago but am only a few episodes in… got distracted by something else ha ha

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  3. I’d like to start doing challenges with different types of food with my two sons and daughter in law. I think the best fries are from KFC. Arby’s crinkle cut were really good when they first started selling them but now they barely add any salt at all. But…their Bronco Berry sauce is amazing and they need to start selling it in stores!

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    1. Oo we didn’t do KFC! Hmm. I feel like we missed out on that one now!!

      Arby’s curly fries were the ones we had, and we had such high hopes for them. They were practically inedible in my opinion, and I couldn’t take more than two bites. They were very oniony tasting which threw me off. Bronco Berry sauce – I do not know what this is! Now I need to find out!


  4. Literary Feline

    I love that you had a Fast Food French Fry Showdown. That sounds fun. I am glad you enjoyed Nine Liars–it does sound really good. I hope to read Encyclopaedia of Faeries and hope you are enjoy it! Isn’t Wednesday good? I loved it. I hope you have a great week!

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    1. I hope you’re enjoying or enjoyed Emily Wilde’s Encyclopedia… It’s such a cool story. And I love that you had a competition to decide the best fries. We should do that some time. Hope you had a wonderful week!


  5. My computer is misbehaving so my comment may show up twice! I love the idea of a French Fry contest! My personal favorites are any that are crinkle cut and fresh! McDonald’s comes in a close second! We loved Wednesday…I can’t wait for another season! Did you know Jenna Ortega learned how to play the cello for this role? I watched a YouTuber talk about her fingering and whether or not she was really playing. We are now watching Emily in Paris! Have a fabulous week!

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    1. We had a lot of fun with our challenge. Lol. McDonald’s seems to be the fry of choice for most people! It definitely was in our challenge.

      I loved it too!!! And no, I didn’t!! That is amazing! We wondered if she was actually playing it or not, so that is cool to know she actually did! She did an amazing job.


    1. It was pretty fun! And tasty. Lol. McDonald’s was the clear winner, with all the votes except one.

      We loved it! Burton meets The Addams Family is a perfect match. I was dragging my feet about watching it then I loved it. I knew I would though.


  6. Sometimes you just need those quiet weeks, though a Fast Food French Fry Showdown sounds like a lot of fun.
    I saw the Faries book on Tessa’s blog – I was really tempted by that one too so I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it.


  7. The fry showdown sounds fun! I’m a Arby’s curly fry fan myself though I do love 5 Guys fries as well. I really want to watch Ghosts and Wednesday looks so good. I do love the Tim Burton styling. Have a great week!

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